8 health benefits for pregnant women eating lotus seeds during pregnancy

thanh phan dinh duong hat sen
Lotus seeds are not only a very nutritious food, but also known as a folk medicine with many effects such as nourishing the body, sedating, nursing… Therefore, when pregnant, eating lotus seeds will bring There are many benefits for pregnant women. There are many benefits to the health of the mother and the development of the baby.
For a long time, in Oriental medicine, lotus seeds have been used in medicines to help calm and improve health. In addition, lotus seeds are also used to make many delicious dishes and are loved by many people. However, is it safe for pregnant women to eat lotus seeds? Follow thucphamkho.vn to follow the following shares to understand more about the health benefits of eating lotus seeds during pregnancy.

Can pregnant women eat lotus seeds?

The answer is yes because lotus seeds contain a lot of good nutrients for pregnant women. Lotus seeds are rich in nutrients. Contains calcium, B vitamins, amino acids, iron, phosphorus, manganese, potassium and antioxidants. These nutrients are very good for pregnant women. Especially pregnant women are at high risk of high blood pressure and gestational diabetes.

Nutritional composition of lotus seeds

In 100g of lotus seeds will provide the body with about 332 calories, 17-18g protein, 63-68g carbohydrate, 1.9-2.5g fat. The rest are other ingredients like water (14%) and healthy minerals. Mainly calcium, phosphorus, manganese, sodium, potassium. In addition, lotus seeds also contain large amounts of B vitamins, especially thiamine (vitamin B1).

thanh phan dinh duong hat sen
Nutritional composition of lotus seeds

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8 health benefits when pregnant women eat lotus seeds

For pregnant women, lotus seeds are considered a safe, healthy food with many health benefits such as:

1. Benefits of Lotus Seeds: Treatment of Insomnia

During pregnancy, many pregnant women have difficulty sleeping due to changes in factors such as hormones, eating habits, and physique. Long-term insomnia will affect pregnant women such as feeling tired, exhausted, lack of vitality. It even affects the physical and brain development of the fetus. Lotus seeds, especially unopened lotus seeds with green sprouts in the middle, can help pregnant women “fly away” this worry because they contain mild sedatives, helping pregnant women sleep better and deeper.

2. Benefits of Lotus Seeds: Prevents Diarrhea

Diarrhea during pregnancy is common. However this problem can be easily solved with the help of lotus seeds. Many pregnant women experience diarrhea due to hormonal changes. Pregnant women who eat lotus seeds in the early stages of pregnancy can improve the health of the digestive system, less likely to have diarrhea and other digestive diseases.

3. Benefits of lotus seeds: Pregnant women eat lotus seeds to help control blood pressure

If you are having problems with blood pressure, then lotus seeds can help you overcome this problem. You should eat lotus seeds without leaving the mind because the lotus heart can help control blood flow. In addition, lotus heart also contains isquinquinoline, which has the effect of clearing body heat.

4. Benefits of lotus seeds: Relieves sore gums

During pregnancy, most pregnant women have to deal with inflamed gums, painful swelling and bleeding gums. The reason is hormonal changes in the body. Pregnant women eating this nut can help supplement vitamin B, iron to help clean and reduce swelling and sore gums.

5. Benefits of lotus seeds: Moisturize skin by eating lotus seeds

Lotus seeds also have a moisturizing effect on the skin of pregnant women. Many pregnant women face dry, flaky, painful skin when rubbing against hard surfaces. Lotus seeds have the effect of cooling the body. Therefore, pregnant women eating lotus seeds can help bright skin, less acne, reduce wrinkles and stretch marks.

loi ich cua hat sen
Benefits of lotus seeds

6. Benefits of lotus seeds: Weight control

Weight gain is an obsession of women during pregnancy. However, if you gain weight too quickly and uncontrollably, it can easily lead to dangerous complications that are common in pregnancy. Lotus seed is a very good food for pregnant women because it has a low glycemic index, helps you feel full for a long time, thereby limiting weight gain.

7. Benefits of lotus seeds: Pregnant women eat lotus seeds to help fight fatigue

Fatigue is a common feeling in pregnant women. If you want to reduce this feeling, eat more lotus seeds because lotus seeds contain a lot of nutrients that help provide energy for the body such as zinc, potassium, magnesium, protein and vitamins.

8. Benefits of lotus seeds: Good for the development of the fetus

The large amount of protein in lotus seeds has the ability to support the development of the fetus. Pregnant women eating lotus seeds during pregnancy will be very good for the brain and nervous development of the fetus. Therefore, if you want your child to be born healthy and smart, add lotus seeds to your diet today.

Is it healthy for pregnant women to eat too many lotus seeds?

Pregnant women can eat lotus seeds no longer depending on the amount used. Although lotus seeds bring many health benefits, every day pregnant women should only eat 2-3 pinch of lotus seeds. Overeating can lead to:
  • Flatulence, constipation and indigestion.
  • If you have diabetes, you should avoid overeating because lotus seeds tend to lower blood sugar levels.
  • Allergic to nuts. If after eating, you feel uncomfortable. Stop eating and see a doctor immediately.

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The dishes made from lotus seeds are very good for pregnant women

1. Lotus seed chicken soup

1 evil chicken
2 slices of ginger
Dried or fresh lotus seeds
Continuity of paragraphs
Seasoning: seasoning, salt, sugar, monosodium glutamate…
canh ga hat sen
How to cook lotus seed chicken soup


  • Step 1: Clean chicken, blanch in boiling water for about 4 minutes and then rinse with cold water to clean. Then cut the chicken into bite-sized pieces.
  • Step 2: Put the chicken in a pot, cover with water and cook until cooked.
  • Step 3: Put lotus seeds, pink silk string in turn and pierce the passage into the cloth bag. Cook with water for about half an hour and then pour into the pot of chicken broth. Then add lotus seeds and ginger and cook for about 3 hours. Tasting spices to taste.

2. Lotus seed tea

If you are a follower of lotus seeds, pregnant women should not ignore this dish. Because lotus seed tea not only clears heat and detoxifies but also is very nutritious for pregnant women.
100g fresh or dried lotus seeds
10g goji berries
10g snow mushrooms
A little salt
150g rock sugar
che hat sen bo mat
Refreshing lotus seed tea
  • Process materials:
If using dried lotus seeds, they need to be soaked in warm water to soften.
Soft soaked snow mushrooms, squeeze, wash, cut fibers to taste.
Washed goji berries
  • Cooking tea
Put the lotus seeds in a pot of water, cook on high heat until the water boils, then reduce the heat to medium so as not to spill out.
When the lotus seeds are almost cooked, add the snow mushrooms and goji berries and cook until the lotus seeds are soft, then add the rock sugar. Boil 3 minutes. Turn off the stove.
Ladle the tea into a bowl and enjoy. Add ice or refrigerate as it tastes better cold.
In general, pregnant women who eat lotus seeds can get a lot of health benefits. However, although good, eating too much will also lead to some unwanted risks. Therefore, you need to be careful when eating lotus seeds to be able to get all the best nutrients that lotus seeds bring.

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