Top 20 most delicious types of rice on the market today.

các loại gạo trên thị trường

Vietnam is a country with a long-standing wet rice civilization. In recent years, Vietnam has always ranked first in the world in terms of rice exports. Therefore, the Vietnamese rice market is always vibrant and interested by consumers. Here, will help you list the best types of rice on the Vietnamese market today.

Rice 504

Rice 504 is harvested from the IR50404 rice variety. This type of rice is grown mainly in the Mekong Delta and is quite famous for its delicious taste.

các loại gạo trên thị trường

Rice 504 has an oval shape, milky white color, and silver belly. When cooking the rice swells, it is spongy, dry and does not stick to your hands.
The average grain length is about   6.74 mm. The weight of 1000 seeds falls between 22 – 23 grams.

A red dust

A red dust – you must think it’s very strange to hear the name, right? Red bush rice is a native rice variety, planted around August of the solar calendar.

gạo một bụi đỏ

This type of rice is quite firm and even, not broken when milling. The shape of the seeds is slightly elongated, with both ends tapering. The average length of a rice grain is about 6.8mm. The average width of the seeds is about 2.15mm.
When cooked, the rice is white in color, soft and delicious, with a natural and characteristic mild fragrance.

Rice 5451

Rice 5452 is a pure rice variety, selected from a hybrid combination of Jasmine 85/OM2490.
Rice 5452 belongs to the line of fragrant rice, elongated, clear grain and less white belly.
The average length of rice grains is about 6.95 mm, the average weight of 1000 rice grains is about 25-26g.
The advantage of this type of rice is quite easy to cook. The rice is both soft and flexible, with a mild aroma and delicious sweetness.

Rice 6976

Rice 6976 is produced from purebred rice variety OM 6976, known as the export queen of Vietnam.
The rice grain is very clear, not too white, and the version is long. When cooked, the rice is quite flexible and soft, spongy. When cooled, the rice does not dry and harden like other poor quality rice on the market.

Aroma 8

The rice variety Dai Thom 8 was selected from a hybrid between the mother variety BVN and the father variety OM4900.
The fragrant Taiwanese rice grains are elongated, not opaque, not white in color, pure white.

gạo đài thơm 8

Rice cooked with fragrant Taiwanese rice is glossy white, flexible and drained, with a characteristic mild fragrance.
Not only that, this variety of fragrant radio 8 even if left to the end of the crop and milled, the rice is still very delicious, not smelly or awkward when cooked.

Rice 4900

Rice variety 4900 is the result of traditional hybridization method combining father variety Jasmine 85 and mother variety C53.
4900 rice grains are milky white in color, elongated in shape, with a light fragrance that is easy to recognize. The average length of rice grain is about 7.0 – 7.3 mm. The average weight of 1000 seeds ranges from 27-28g.
When cooking rice is very flexible and soft, suitable for office, home or restaurant use.

Rice Resources

Resource Rice is considered to be the most delicious of the spongy rice varieties. This is a favorite choice for those who like to eat spongy, fluffy, soft rice. In particular, Tai Nguyen rice is very suitable for making fried rice dishes.

các loại gạo trên thị trường

Resource rice grains have a slightly rounded shape, not as long as others. The rice color is milky white, the belly is slightly silver, the flavor is natural.
When cooked, the rice is quite dry, airy, spongy, soft, sweet rice, light aroma, rich taste. Even after cooling, the rice is still very tasty.

Ham Chau

Ham Chau rice is a short-day rice variety. Their growth period is about 90 days. So, if you cultivate Ham Chau rice, you can cultivate up to 3 crops/year. According to statistics, the average yield of this type of rice is about 6 tons/ha.
Ham Chau rice has a slightly round shape, silver belly. The average length is about 5.74mm, the average weight of 1000 seeds is about 20g.
When cooked, the rice is also very fresh and spongy.

Fragrant Taiwan

True to its name, this fragrant rice originates from Taiwan, grown mainly in the rice region of the Mekong Delta.
The grain of rice is quite small and short. Depending on the drying temperature, the color will be clear white or milky white.
The rice is very fragrant and soft, the taste is sweet, the aroma is characteristic.


Jasmine is a fragrant, flexible rice with a short growing period, so it is also known as short-term rice. The International Rice Research Institute (IRRI)  has re-selected the Jasmine 85 rice variety (IR 841-85 Hybrid Line).

gạo Jasmine

Jasmine rice grains are quite long, clear, and not white. This is also the type of rice that is exported to many countries around the world.
When cooked, rice gives beautiful white rice, soft, delicious rice.

Flower girl

Lady Hoa 9 is the 9th line created by engineer Le Hung Lan between Jasmine 85 and AS996.
Nang Hoa rice is a famous specialty in the Southwest region. The rice grain is elongated, beautiful ivory white color of Jasmine 85’s mother, less silver in the belly. The average length is about 6.8 – 7mm.
The rice cooked from the lady Hoa rice is soft, sweet and delicious.

Eight fragrant Hai Hau

Tam Hai Hau rice brand is now famous everywhere. This is a type of rice harvested from growing rice in small fields in Hai Hau land.
The eight fragrant rice grains have a small, long, slender shape, ivory white, and are naturally delicious.
When cooked, rice is quickly cooked, greenish white in color, soft and flexible. Strong aroma, quick to eat. Not only that, the nutrient content is much higher than other types of rice.

ST 25

ST25 rice belongs to the ST fragrant rice line. This rice line consists of different varieties developed and improved by engineer Ho Quang Cua (Ho Quang Tri Enterprise, Soc Trang) over the past 20 years.

gạo st25

ST25 is one of the premium rice varieties on the rice market today. Long grain rice, clear white, no white belly, strong aroma.
Rice when cooked is flexible, fragrant, and has a particularly attractive sweet taste.

Brown rice

For those on a diet, brown rice is a great choice. The nutritional content in brown rice is extremely high, but it does not cause obesity and weight gain when used.
The rice grain still retains the bran layer inside, so when cooking rice or porridge, it is very delicious, the taste is excellent.
Among the brown rice on the market, dragon blood brown rice is the most famous. With outstanding features such as long rice grains, strange reddish-brown color and high nutritional content, starch is not much. Therefore, dragon blood brown rice is a great choice for dieters.

Glutinous rice with yellow flower

One of the specialty rice of the Northern provinces is yellow flower sticky rice.
With the characteristics of large round, fat, beautiful ivory-white rice grains, this rice is used to make traditional cakes such as banh chung, sticky rice cakes, sticky rice, etc. Sticky, fragrant and very delicious.

gạo nếp cái hoa vàng

Eight oval rice

Eight Xoan rice is a type of rice with a special aroma. Rice grains have a small and long shape, the size of the grains are quite uniform.
The special thing that makes the eight oval rice so precious and sought after is its scarcity. The reason is that this rice variety can only grow and harvest one crop a year.

Organic rice

Organic rice is rice produced according to the standards of clean organic farming practices.
From harvesting to packaging, everything is done carefully and strictly, meeting strict standards.
For those who are practicing, looking for clean and quality rice, organic rice is a choice that should not be missed.

Rice ST24

ST24 rice has pure white long grain, flexible, fragrant aroma of pineapple.
This is the type of rice that is popular with many consumers. For many years, it is the best rice in provincial and regional competitions.

Bac Huong Rice

Bac Huong rice is a specialty rice of Nam Dinh people. Rice grains are characterized by small length, white color, high stickiness and plasticity.
When cooked, the rice has a fragrant aroma, even when cooled, the rice still retains its inherent plasticity and aroma.

các loại gạo trên thị trường

Above are the delicious rice varieties on the market today. Hopefully with this information, you can choose the type of rice that suits your family’s needs and preferences.

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