What are the seeds used for? How to process doi seeds?


What are doi seeds used for is a question that many women are interested in. Doi seeds are a specialty spice of the Northwest. Regardless of the dishes of the people here, doi seeds are the main ingredients that cannot be replaced. Therefore, doi seeds are known as “Northwest black gold seeds”. So do you know what the seeds are used for? Follow Dung Ha Dry Food together to learn about this spice!

1. What is a nut?

The doi nut is the seed of the doi tree, the scientific name is Michelia Tonkinensis A. The doi tree is a tall and tall tree that grows completely naturally in the mountainous areas of the Northwest. In addition to being used as a culinary spice, doi seeds are also used to treat diseases related to the digestive system such as bloating, indigestion, etc. With their warm, hot, and mildly spicy properties, they are the main product. Help your digestive system a lot. 


Currently, doi trees are grown a lot in mountainous areas of our country. Doi seeds of each locality will have its own characteristic aroma and taste. Therefore, doi tree is also called with some names based on its origin such as Hoa Binh doi, Tay Nguyen doi, …
Doi trees are divided by people into two main types: Doi Glutinous and Doi Dua. Dumpling is a tree that is mainly used as a tree for timber. The taste is very dull and is not used as a culinary seasoning. Doi Tieu has a natural scent from the mountains. This species is exploited for the main purpose of cooking. Currently, the number of doi tree populations is decreasing markedly because of overexploitation. In many localities, only timber remains to serve the afforestation and reforestation.

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2. What are doi seeds used for?

It is a special seasoning for cooking. Therefore, in baked, fried or boiled dishes, mac Khen seeds are indispensable. With doi seeds, your dishes will become more diverse, unique and delicious.

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2.1 Use as a seasoning for dipping sauces

Dipping sauces for boiled, grilled, and fried dishes are especially suitable when served with doi seeds.

  • Cross occipital spice: This is a kind of dipping sauce that makes the brand name of doi seeds. With the main ingredients such as mac Khen seeds, doi seeds, spices, paprika, fresh chili, garlic, ginger and optional herbs. All will be chopped and mixed together. Squeeze a little lemon juice and stir it up and then dip it with boiled pork, fried chicken,… it’s all over. This is a somewhat sophisticated cross-occipital recipe from the Black Thai community.
  • Occipital spice: With this spice, the ingredients used are usually very simple and unfussy. Occipital will include: Doi seeds + Mac Khen seeds + Soup powder +
  • Fresh chili. All these ingredients will be minced and then mixed and used. This is a delicious, simple but still extremely high quality octopus recipe of the people of the Northwest.
  • Salt mixed with doi seeds: Doi seeds will be baked on a charcoal stove. It is then crushed and ground into a fine powder. Fine salt will also be roasted until golden and finely ground. Then mix these two ingredients together. A very simple recipe but still ensures quality, taste and aroma.

2.2 Served with blood pudding

If the pork blood soup, duck blood soup, swan blood soup, … will make us feel afraid after eating, we will meet apple, when eaten with doi seeds will make these symptoms. Yours rarely appear. With warm properties, doi seeds will help people feel warm stomach. Prevention of intestinal diseases such as diarrhea, indigestion is extremely good.
Doi seeds will sharply increase the toxicity in this fresh dish. Help the diners warm their stomach and worry less about this “horror” dish. If you do not have doi seeds, you can completely enjoy these fresh dishes with ground pepper which is also extremely good.
However, blood pudding is a dish that the Ministry of Health recommends that people should limit its use. In the blood system of animals, it is easy to exist bacteria that cause infectious diseases to humans. If the dish is not cooked, the risk of our blood system being infected with bacteria is very high.

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2.3 Seasoning for grilled dishes

Doi seeds are not only delicious, but also good for health. This tree also brings people a lot of great economic value. Doi tree has helped people in highland areas get out of poverty to rise strongly thanks to the special gifts God has bestowed on them. In addition to being used as a seasoning, doi seeds are also an excellent marinade for baked and fried dishes.

  • Grilled meat / grilled fish: Northwest grilled meat and fish are always indispensable dishes without doi seeds. The taste and aroma of doi seeds are very fragrant, making visitors enjoy this dish once in a lifetime. In addition, to increase the deliciousness and spicyness, you can add a little more mac Khen seeds.


  • Kitchen buffalo meat: This is a famous and specialty dish of the people here. With the main ingredients are mac Khen seeds, doi seeds and a little salt. There are only ingredients nearby, but it is a dish that brings great economic value. Its economic value lies not in the macadamia nut and doi nut. The process of smoking cooked buffalo meat with wood stove smoke is a big special feature in this dish. The buffalo meat is thick, juicy, not dry, and extremely tough. Accompanied by dot with diagonal spices always make diners fall in love.

2.4 Used as a medicinal wine

Besides being used as a culinary condiment. The seeds contain a lot of phytochemicals that are beneficial to health. In recent years, many people have begun to spread the word about the effective use of guava seeds to relieve pain. The way to soak doi seed wine is very simple. You just need to put in a bottle of wine and then soak the wine for 6 months to be able to use it. Use doi seed alcohol, rub on the swelling, bruise and then massage the bruised area with your hands, they will be relieved very quickly.

3. How to process doi seeds?

Doi seeds used to where you should use there. Use 1,3,5 beads each time is best. The remaining seeds should be stored in a cool, dry place.
The way to process doi seeds is that you bring them toast on a charcoal stove. Roasting the seeds in a pan will not cause the seeds to expand and release the aroma. After baking is complete, you bring the seeds to a fine powder and finely ground. Then, you put it in a glass jar and store it and use it gradually. That is the easiest way to make doi seeds. Doi seeds after grinding into a powder, you can sprinkle more on dishes or sauces to increase the deliciousness of that dish.

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4. Conclusion

Above is the entire article sharing the most detailed information about the question of what the doi seeds are used for for readers. Doi seeds are famous specialties of the Northwest. All dishes here can not be without doi seeds. Therefore, doi seeds are extremely important nuts in Northwest cuisine. With such popularity, doi seeds are being sold in extremely large quantities. People’s demand to buy doi seeds has been increasing rapidly recently. Doi seeds can be purchased at dry goods stores and supermarkets nationwide. Add doi seeds to delicious dishes to make your meal menu more attractive.


Hopefully, with the information shared above will bring many benefits to readers. Thank you for reading our article. Always accompany Dry Food to have a lot of other useful culinary information!

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