Handy dried green vegetables that should be in the house


Dried green vegetables contain many nutrients, rich in fiber and antioxidants that are very good for health. Currently, on the market there are many dried green vegetables available for sale in supermarkets, department stores, ..you can buy and use.

1. Convenient and nutritious dried green vegetables for all ages

Dried vegetables are made from fresh vegetables. They are curly in shape, chewy and softer than fresh vegetables. While this may not be the top choice on your daily menu, these methods of drying vegetables are a safe bet. Dried vegetables will provide enough nutrients, are safe for health , low in fat and can be preserved for a long time without using preservatives. In particular, in dried vegetables, the nutritional content is almost completely retained compared to fresh vegetables , you can be completely assured of their use value.

Regarding the calorie content of dried vegetables, they are 100% retained and only take up half the volume of fresh vegetables, so you can easily take them anywhere easily.

With modern technology drying method is the best method today to not lose nutrients in the drying process. In vegetables, there are vitamins that are very sensitive to temperature and light, if dried by manual methods such as outdoor drying, it will lose a lot of important vitamins.

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2. Summary of some dried green vegetables that should be in your home

2.1. Dried bitter melon

Bitter gourd is a bitter, cold, non-toxic fruit. Function to help detoxify, clear body heat. 

Bitter gourd has many health benefits, especially for people with diabetes. Studies have shown that bitter melon contains at least 3 active ingredients: Polypeptide-p, Vicine and Charatin. They have the ability to prevent diabetes, reduce blood sugar in the body. In addition, bitter melon also contains lectine that helps reduce blood glucose levels. Therefore, bitter melon supports effective prevention and treatment of diabetes.

Not only that, bitter melon also helps reduce obesity. Bitter melon contains nutrients twice as much as carotene – beta found in broccoli , twice as much calcium in spinach, twice as potassium in bananas , and vitamins B1 B2 B3 C, phosphorus and fiber. Weight loss is very effective and scientific. 

  • How to use bitter melon:

+ You can use dried bitter melon to make tea, this is the most convenient and time-saving way.

+ You can use bitter melon to dry pepper, vegetarian stock, pickled sweet and sour vinegar, …

tra kho qua

2.2 Dried Lettuce

Lettuce is an herb with a spicy taste, a fishy smell, a bit cold and cool, spreading when, spreading stasis. Since ancient times, lettuce has been used a lot in eating as a spice to help the body clear heat, detoxify, stimulate digestion, benefit…

Not only is it a cooling drink, lettuce can also be used to create extremely easy-to-apply medicinal remedies that bring very high efficiency. Some remedies from lettuce such as: pain and swelling on the body can be used with lettuce + star fruit + wild cabbage + black pot + squash + soap flower chain + cucumber + river bone + brown tuber, all crushed, add water and squeeze to drink. Applying to the swelling will quickly relieve pain and heal quickly.

Diếp cá khô

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2.3. Dried gotu kola

Gotu kola  is a vegetable that is both nutritious and has many medicinal properties that are very good for health. People often use gotu kola as a medicine and a cool vegetable for summer meals. Gotu kola is used as a medicine to treat infections, viral infections, urinary tract infections, bacteria, parasites, cholera, syphilis, leprosy,  flu, tuberculosis and shingles. , common cold, schistosomiasis.

Dried gotu kola can help the body reduce fever quickly, especially in young children. When your child shows signs of fever, you can boil dried gotu kola and give the child a few teaspoons of water to drink to reduce the fever. Once every 15 minutes, the fever will be reduced. In addition, you can research dried gotu kola powder to beautify the skin, take care of acne skin . And many other uses.

nuoc ep rau ma

2.4. Dried kohlrabi

Kohlrabi is a vegetable that grows in cold weather. During the main season, the amount of kohlrabi is also supplied to the market a lot, but at other times, kohlrabi is quite rare and the price is high. From time immemorial, the ancients created kohlrabi to dry to use in off-season. This is a way to store vegetables at the end of the season, save storage space and provide the body with necessary nutrients from vegetables.

Kohlrabi has many uses for the body such as:

  • Reduce the risk of cancer
  • Effective for sore throat, cold stomachache, dry mouth, lack of water, …
  • Improve digestive function, reduce bloating, indigestion, …
  • Build muscle, add potassium to the body, …


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3. Where is the most convenient, fast and best quality to buy dried green vegetables?

You can easily find dried vegetables anywhere at addresses such as markets, supermarkets, commercial centers, etc. However, not everyone can find a reputable place to buy to ensure quality. quantity. To buy  cheap and quality dried green vegetables in Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh, you can go to the prestigious address Dung Ha Agricultural Products. Here, with many years of experience in selling dry goods and clean foods, you will be able to buy safe , well-knowing and guaranteed dried green vegetables.

In addition, you can also buy online directly at Dung Ha Agricultural Products , or call the hotline for the best advice. Dung Ha Agricultural Products is committed to prestige, quality, ensuring the origin and origin of rice when it reaches all customers when buying rice products.

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