How to make dried fruit without using an oven.

hoa quả sấy khô

Dried fruit is a favorite snack of many people. Not only nutritious but also extremely delicious. Want to make this snack yourself for the whole family but don’t have enough tools like an oven or microwave? Please also follow the article below for a great tip on how to make dried fruit without using an oven.

Benefits of eating dried fruit

Although dried fruit has been processed, it still retains many nutritional values. Compared to a piece of fresh fruit, the content of nutrients in a piece of dried fruit is equivalent. Despite the smaller size, the dried fruit has been condensed.
Therefore, if considering the same weight, the amount of nutrients in dried fruit is more. According to research, the content of fiber, minerals and vitamins in dried fruit is 3.5 times higher than that of fresh fruit.
lợi ích khi ăn hoa quả sấy
Dried fruit is a nutritious and healthy snack
Thanks to such a high nutritional content, dried fruits have great health benefits. With a large amount of antioxidants and fiber, eating dried fruits regularly will help keep the digestive system healthy and prevent the aging process.
Not only that, it also helps the body to prevent many diseases. Polyphenols help stabilize blood circulation, improve cardiovascular diseases and blood pressure.
The amount of vitamins helps to increase resistance, beautify the skin and keep the body slim. From that, improved health and healthier.

How to make dried fruit without using an oven

To avoid buying poor quality dried fruit, you can make yourself and your family clean and safe pieces of dried fruit.
Here, Dry Food will show you how to make dried fruit at home without using an oven or microwave.

How to choose the right fruit to dry without using the oven

The choice of which fruit to dry is very important. Not all fruits can be dried, depending on the softness, flexibility, and size of the fruit.
The fruits you can dry are: banana, mango, dragon fruit, pineapple (pineapple), passion fruit, …
cách chọn trái cây để sấy khô
Choose fresh, medium-ripe fruits
When choosing, you also need to check the ripeness of the fruit. Should not choose the fruit that is still green or overripe, it will make processing difficult and the quality of the finished product is not satisfactory.
Should choose the fruit that is just ripe, not pest, crushed or damaged.

Fruit processing

After choosing the right fruits, you need to clean and prepare them.

The fruit is washed with water. Depending on the type of fruit that needs to be peeled.

cách làm hoa quả sấy không cần lò nướng
Cut the fruit into thin slices

Next, use a knife to cut the fruit into thin, bite-sized slices. Normally, most fruits are cut into slices about 3-6mm thick. For small fruits, you can leave the whole fruit or cut it in half to remove the seeds.

Proceed to make dried fruit without oven

Since we do not use ovens and microwaves, we will take advantage of the heat source from sunlight. This is a natural, simple but very effective method.
For the best quality and delicious product, you need to note the following:

About the weather

  • It is recommended to make dried fruit on a sunny day with a little more wind so that the fruit can dry faster. The ideal temperature is about 30 degrees Celsius. This is the minimum temperature for drying fruits in the sun. If the sun is bigger, it is also very good.
  • The drying of fruit by sunlight needs to be done regularly for 2-3 days so that each slice of fruit is dry enough and preserved for longer. Therefore, it is advisable to pay attention to the weather for many consecutive days. Avoid rain and high humidity.

About the drying position

  • You should dry fruits where the sun shines the most such as on the terrace, drying yard, … Should choose high positions, avoid dust.
  • In addition, do not dry fruit near roads, areas with high traffic or animals accessible. Because these are the places that will cause the fruit to be contaminated with dirt, or damaged by animals.

How to make dried fruit without oven

  • After preliminary processing, the pieces of fruit are arranged evenly on the tray. It is recommended to use a plastic tray or a tray that is not rusty so as not to affect the fruit.
  • The spacing of the pieces of fruit should be even. Do not stack the pieces on top of each other will cause the fruit slices to dry unevenly, causing mold and spoilage.
  • Place the tray in a high position, not on the ground. This helps the fruit tray to breathe and dry faster.
  • Use a thin, clean cloth to cover the fruit trays. Do not expose the product to direct sunlight and limit dust and impact from insects.
  • Do not dry fruit overnight. It is recommended to bring the tray indoors when it is dark to avoid the dew falling, causing the fruit to be moist again.
  • It is necessary to dry fruits for many days, when the slices of fruit are dry and flexible, it is okay.

How to use and store dried fruit

After completing the drying process, you can use the fruit directly. This is a very good snack for you to relax effectively.

cách làm hoa quả sấy không cần lò nướng
Dried fruit is used directly and preserved carefully
For more convenient storage and use, you put the dried fruits in sealed bags or boxes. Place them in a cool, dry place, away from direct sunlight and insects.
In addition, you can keep it in the refrigerator for better preservation. With this storage method, you can keep dried fruit for 9 to 12 months.

Where to buy dried fruit in Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh?

To save time and enjoy better quality and delicious pieces of dried fruit, you can buy this snack at big stores and supermarkets across the country.
Currently, at Dung Ha Agricultural Products, there are many types of clean and guaranteed dried fruits such as dried jackfruit, dried pineapple, mango, dragon fruit, American orange, …
hoa quả sấy dẻo tại NSDH
Dried fruit at Dung Ha Agricultural Products
The products are selected from quality fruits, dried according to modern technology to ensure the original nutritional value.
To buy dried fruit at NSDH, you can contact 1900986865
Above are a few information to guide you how to make dried fruit without oven simply. Hopefully, through this article, you will be able to make nutritious slices of dried fruit for the whole family. Good luck!

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