What is chrysanthemum (pinto bean)? Discover the health benefits of chrysanthemum.

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To have a healthy body, besides regular exercise, daily nutrition is also very important. In addition to fish, meat, starch, each of us needs to add vegetables and nutritious seeds to supplement the most complete substance. Recently, chrysanthemum beans are much sought after and considered a golden food for health. Let’s learn about the effects of chrysanthemum beans with Dry Food to know why this bean is so hot!

What is chrysanthemum?

Chrysanthemum beans, also known as pinto beans. This is a legume plant. The fruit has an elongated shape that resembles a cove bean. There are about 3-5 seeds in 1 fruit. The seeds are oval shaped like a kidney, with many colored spots on the shell, separated when the fruit is ripe and dried.
The first origin of pinto beans in the Americas. After decades, this bean is grown in many other parts of the world. And now, pinto beans in India are most loved by people because of their taste and high nutritional content.

Nutritional composition in chrysanthemum

According to nutrition experts, pinto beans have a high nutritional content, which is very good for health. In 100g of beans, there are up to 9.01g of protein, 9g of fiber.
Besides, the composition of beans contains many vitamins such as vitamins A, B1, B2, B3, B6, B9, group vitamins E, K, D, C. Minerals such as Iron, Potassium, Magnesium, Phosphorus, Potassium , Calcium, Zinc, Sodium are also high in content.

Health benefits of chrysanthemum

1.Effect of chrysanthemum in weight loss

For those of you who are looking to lose weight and regain a slim figure, chrysanthemum is an effective support food. The fat content in chrysanthemum is quite low. This helps to keep the weight under control. In addition, when using chrysanthemum, we will reduce cravings and feel full for longer.
Besides adding chrysanthemum beans to the daily menu, you should also work hard to lose weight successfully.

2. Regulate blood sugar

This is a safe and healthy food for people with diabetes. Many studies have shown a fairly low glycemic index in pinto beans (only 33).
Proper use of pinto beans will help stabilize blood sugar levels. Besides, it also works to reverse the risks of diseases such as dizziness, stroke, dizziness, …
You can substitute chrysanthemum for some foods like rice, honey, noodles and other ingredients that are high in sugar.


3. The skin beauty effect of chrysanthemum

As in the nutritional composition, it can be seen that B vitamins are abundant in chrysanthemum. To have smooth, young and beautiful skin, this is an indispensable nutrient. The B vitamins have the ability to lighten the skin, prevent the formation and development of acne. Not only that, the condition of dry skin, dermatitis will also be significantly improved.
Don’t just use chrysanthemum as a supplement in your daily meal. This seed is also used as a weekly mask. Twice a week, applying chrysanthemum powder and yogurt will help whiten, pink and youthful skin. This method is very popular with beauty believers because of its safety and effectiveness.

4. Good for pregnant women

This is also a good nut for pregnant women thanks to its diverse nutritional composition. With a very high amount of Vitamin B9, supplementing beans during pregnancy will help the fetus develop healthy.
Not only that, beans also help prevent the risk of birth defects or dangerous diseases for the baby.
Besides chrysanthemum, you can refer to other nutritious nuts that pregnant women should use in the article List of nutritious nuts good for pregnant women and babies that I shared.

5. Improves Constipation

Fiber is abundant in chickpeas. Eating beans regularly will help the digestive system work better. This is also a food that should be used when experiencing constipation. In addition, chrysanthemum also helps reduce belching, heartburn, poor digestion, …

6. Good for people with cardiovascular disease

If you are suffering from diseases related to heart and blood pressure, then immediately add pinto beans to your menu. Thanks to the fiber and iron content, chrysanthemum helps blood circulation better. The body will produce more red blood cells, preventing anemia.
Regular use of chrysanthemum will help the body stay healthy, limit the feeling of fatigue, symptoms related to cardiovascular disease.

7. The effect of preventing hair loss of chrysanthemum

One of the ingredients that help strengthen hair is the mineral potassium. And this mineral is abundant in the composition of chrysanthemum.
For healthy hair and scalp, you should add chrysanthemum in your daily meal to provide enough nutrients. Doing this regularly will help your hair reduce breakage and damage. The condition of split ends and breakage is improved.
Besides eating beans regularly, you can mix bean paste with warm water and wash your hair. This helps strengthen the hair roots from deep within.

What to cook with chrysanthemum beans?

An advantage of chrysanthemum that people like is that it is easy to prepare and cook a variety of dishes. To change the taste, you can make chrysanthemums into soups, stews or salads that are all delicious without getting bored.

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Fatty chrysanthemum tea blended with delicious coconut milk

Currently, chrysanthemum is most processed into 4 main dishes:

  • Chrysanthemum sticky rice
  • Chrysanthemum tea
  • Chrysanthemum soup
  • Chrysanthemum milk

These are all delicious dishes that are easy to make. You can see instructions on how to do it in the article Reveal how to cook delicious chrysanthemum for the family.

Where to buy chrysanthemum beans to ensure quality?

Currently, chrysanthemum beans are sold in many shops and supermarkets across the country. Please go to famous and reputable addresses to buy quality chrysanthemum beans.

This bean is also available at Dung Ha Agricultural Products. You can refer to the product of chrysanthemum 500g for more details and options.

Through this article, hope you have understood the effects of chrysanthemum beans. That’s why it is considered a golden food with health. Try now pinto beans with attractive dishes that the News section introduces to you.


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