Are Chinese Walnuts Good?

Óc chó Hartley

Are Chinese Walnuts Healthy? This is the question of many people when the walnut market is very diverse from brand to model. The following article Dry Food will provide information to help you answer this question.

Are Chinese Walnuts Really Good? What is the difference between Chinese walnut and American walnut?

In the composition of walnuts, there are many healthy nutrients such as calcium, phosphorus, iron, vitamin groups and extremely high omega 3 content. This is a great nutritious grain for pregnant women and children.

Depending on the weather and soil conditions, the nutritional content of walnuts varies. Here, let’s find out 3 popular types of walnuts on the market today: Vietnamese walnuts, American walnuts and Chinese walnuts.

Vietnamese walnuts

In Vietnam, walnuts are grown mainly in the northern mountainous provinces of Lao Cai, Ha Giang, Dien Bien and Cao Bang. This type of walnut is very recognizable compared to other walnuts on the market.

About the shape

  • Vietnamese walnuts are quite small in size, only half the size of other walnuts. Fruit shape is quite round.
  • The shell is not wrinkled much, quite smooth. Not only that, the shell is also quite hard and thick.
  • Uneven grain
quả óc chó Việt Nam
Vietnamese walnuts are quite small compared to other types

About quality and taste

  • In general, the quality of Vietnamese walnuts is quite low
  • There are not many multipliers
  • The nutritional content in the fruit is also not much
  • Normal taste, faint aroma. The eater does not see the inherent greasy taste.

About the price

  • Because the quality is not really high, the price of Vietnamese walnut is also low.
  • Compared to other types, the price of Vietnamese walnuts is quite cheap. The price usually ranges from 80,000 to 150,000 VND/kg

American Walnuts

The United States is the country that provides the largest amount of walnuts and the best quality today. Consumers have commented that American walnuts are more delicious and fragrant than other types of walnuts.
There are many types of American walnuts on the market today such as: Hartley, Vina, Chandler, Howard, Tulare,…
However, of the above types, Chandler and Hartley walnuts are the two most popular. The nutritional content and taste of the two are similar.
However, when buying American walnuts, it doesn’t matter which type to buy, we should pay more attention to the origin of the product, freshness, whether the seeds have a bad smell?

Two popular types of American walnuts today

  • Hartley walnut (also known as heart walnut). What is different from other types of walnuts is that the Hartley walnut can stand on a flat surface. The reason is its shape has a pointed end and a round end. The filling is heart-shaped, very delicious and rich in nutritional value.
Óc chó Hartley
Hartley Walnuts in the shape of a heart
  • Chandler Walnut has a nicer appearance. The two ends are round and the core is also round. The fatness and aroma are not inferior to Hartley’s. However, this variety has more cores and less shells, so the price is a bit higher.
When harvested from the farm, walnuts will have a darker color with black streaks. That’s because they still keep their natural state, have not been soaked through chemicals to bleach.
American walnuts are grown on farms with strict requirements to bring the best products to consumers.
Although the design is not as beautiful as the Chinese walnut, the quality of American walnut is always first and is good for the health of the user.

About the shape

  • The characteristic of American walnut is its elongated shape, not round like the Vietnamese walnut.
  • One end of the fruit is slightly pointed, the other end is quite flat.
  • Depending on the type, the walnut shell can be smooth or rough.

About quality and taste

  • This is the type of walnut with the highest nutrient content. The amount of Omega in American walnuts is many times higher than that of salmon.
  • The unique flavor of American walnut makes people unforgettable with a greasy taste with a bit of sweetness and bitterness to stimulate the taste buds.

About the price

  • Because of the market leading quality, the price of American walnut is much higher. On the market today, the price of American walnuts falls between 280,000-400,000 depending on the type.
  • However, to buy quality American walnut, guaranteed is not an easy thing. Many addresses sell American walnuts for a long time, causing the goods to become moldy, smelly and unusable.

American Red Walnut

Compared with yellow walnut, red walnut has 3 times higher nutritional value. And in the US, red walnut is only available in Northern California thanks to the crossbreeding method between English and Persian walnut.

quả óc chó đỏ
Red walnut contains very high nutritional content

With advanced modern hybridization technology, not only genetically modified, the red walnut taste is also much tastier and richer. That is why it is also quite expensive.


Chinese Walnut

When it comes to Chinese walnuts, there are two main types:

  • Snow Walnuts

This is a type of walnut that is widely grown in Yunnan, Hebei and Lijiang regions. The bark is quite rough and has many wrinkles. The size of this type of walnut is also quite small, the shell is thin and the kernel is white, not the usual brown color.

quả óc chó Trưng Quốc có tốt không
Chinese walnut is quite similar to American walnut

In China, people also call them by another name, wild walnut. Because this type of walnut is grown naturally, without spraying or chemical fertilizers, nor does it follow a certain growing technique.

  • Xinjiang Walnut

This is a Chinese walnut that has the same shape and characteristics as the American Chandler. However, we can still rely on some of the following characteristics to distinguish.

About the shape

  • The sizes of Chinese walnuts are quite varied. Some are as big as American walnuts, while others are as small as Vietnamese walnuts.
  • The pods are rough and quite thin. The ends are slightly rounded.
  • The color of the Chinese walnut is also much brighter than that of the American walnut. The reason is due to being soaked in chemicals to make the color brighter. Although doing so will make the fruit look more eye-catching, it is not guaranteed to the user’s health.

About quality and taste

  • The kernel of this type of walnut is quite dry, not as soft as the American walnut.
  • It also has a fragrant but not strong smell, the fleshy taste is also moderate.
  • The nutrients are also not as many as American walnuts.

About the price

  • The price of Chinese walnuts is also not high, only in the range of 100,000-160,000 VND/kg.
  • Because there are many characteristics similar to American walnuts, many sellers have imported Chinese goods at cheap prices and labeled American walnuts to sell to consumers. Therefore, people need to pay attention to buy from reputable addresses.

Are Chinese Walnuts Really Good?

With the above detailed information, surely you can answer the question “Are Chinese walnuts harmful?”.
As is known, Chinese walnuts also have the same effects as American walnuts. However, the efficiency will be lower.
That’s because China’s weather, climate and soil conditions are not as suitable for this plant as in the US. This makes the nutritional content in walnuts not high.
However, that is not the case that Chinese walnuts are not good. If you can buy Chinese domestic products, do not soak in chemicals, it is still very good for health.
This is a very good fruit for pregnant women. It enhances the mother’s health and the baby’s brain development. Therefore, choosing clean walnuts to use during pregnancy is also very important.

In addition, you can refer to other nutritious nuts that are good for pregnant women in the article List of nuts that are good for pregnant women and babies that Dry Food shared previously.

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Where to buy quality walnuts?

To avoid buying fake and imitation goods on the market, you should buy walnuts at reputable establishments and supermarkets.
If you are wondering to buy quality and genuine American walnuts, please contact Dung Ha Agricultural Products immediately for support. At NSDH, both American yellow walnut and American red walnut products are available.
Nhân óc chó tại Nông Sản Dũng Hà
Shelled American Walnuts at NSDH
All products are committed to quality, clear origin, no preservatives are used.
The above article has helped you clarify the question “is Chinese walnut good?“. Through this, hopefully you will know some more tips to distinguish the popular types of walnuts on the market and avoid buying poor quality products. Please always follow the News section for more updates but useful information.

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