100GR Green beans how many calories? Weight loss dishes from green beans?


How many calories in green beans is a question that many women really care about. Green beans are certainly not too strange to Vietnamese consumers anymore. In green beans contain extremely many beneficial nutritional values as well as can be processed into many delicious dishes. But have you ever wondered “how many calories in 100 grams of green beans”? In the following article, Dung Ha Dry Food will go with you to find a detailed explanation of how many calories in green beans? Food to lose weight, reduce belly fat from green beans. Let’s get started right away.

1. General overview of green beans?

1.1 What are green beans?

Green bean is a plant that provides seeds that are grown popularly all over the world. Chickpeas are a type of nutritious nut commonly used in cooking. This is also an important product for Vietnamese chefs. Green beans are like a friend, providing our body with a wealth of beneficial nutrients.


In particular, in the summer, green beans really become a selling-out fever that is hard to find. Green beans are a type of dry food, so they are easy to store for a long time and are convenient to use. The reason why green beans have become a craze is that many people buy and use green bean tea to cool down and cool their bodies before the hot summer sun.
Not only used to cook tea, green beans carry with them a lot of nutritional values necessary for humans. In particular, the elderly, young children and pregnant women are recommended to use green beans. So, what is the nutritional value of green beans?

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1.2 Nutritional value in green beans?

Green beans are an extremely nutrient-dense food and have a lot of health benefits. Here is some information about the nutritional value of green beans:
  • Protein: Green beans are an excellent source of protein. Protein content in green beans is much higher than that of other vegetables. In 100 grams of green beans, there are about 8 grams of protein
  • Carbohydrates: Green beans also contain a large amount of Carbohydrates. In particular, the amount of soluble and insoluble fiber, helps the body enhance digestive function and provide energy for the body.
  • Fat: Green beans contain a small amount of unsaturated fat. Unsaturated fats will help improve the quality of blood fats. At the same time, this substance will also help keep your heart health stable. Keep the beat
  • Vitamins and Minerals: Green beans are a rich source of Vitamins and minerals such as Vitamin C, Vitamin K, Thiamine, Riboflavin, Niacin, Potassium, Magnesium, Iron and Zinc.
In addition, green beans also work to lose weight, help reduce the risk of diabetes, lower blood cholesterol, enhance kidney function and have high anti-inflammatory properties.
With such great nutritional value. Do you know how many calories in green beans? The answer will be answered shortly!

2. How many calories in 100 grams of green beans? The best dish from green beans for weight loss?

How many calories in green beans? Does eating green beans cause weight gain? The best dish from green beans for weight loss? These are the things that many consumers are really interested in this nutritious grain. According to nutrition experts on green beans, in 100 grams of green beans contain:
  • 105 Calories
  • 8g Protein
  • 0.38g fat
  • 19.15g Carbohydrate
  • 7.6gr Fiber
  • 27mg Calcium
  • 1.4mg Iron
  • 48mg Magnesium
  • 99mg Phosphorus
  • 266mg Potassium
  • 2mg Sodium
  • Vitamins A, B6, C
  • Fat axit
  • Folate
  • Other Acids such as: Phenylalanine, Isoleucine, Valine, Leucine, Lysine, Arginine,…
Those are the nutritional ingredients with 100 grams of green beans. It can be seen that these are all important substances necessary for human health. In this nutritional composition we can also see that how many calories are in green beans?


100g green beans when cooked will contain 105 calories. This calorie count is only slightly lower than the calories of 1 cup of white rice. This is considered an average amount of calories, not exceeding the allowable threshold. You can completely use 120 – 150 grams of green beans in your diet.

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Due to the average calorie count, you can completely process green beans into safe weight loss dishes right below:

2.1 Green bean juice to lose weight quickly

Preparation materials:
  • 500g peeled green beans
  • 2 liters of purified water
  • 500ml warm water
Implementation steps:
Step 1: Wash green beans in a bowl of clean water to remove dust
Step 2: Put green beans in a clean bowl with 500ml of warm water. Soak green beans for 3-5 hours to cook green beans quickly
Step 3: Take out the green beans, put in the pot with 2 liters of pure water
Step 4: Proceed to boil the green beans for 1-2 hours until the green beans are cooked
Step 5: Squeeze the green bean juice to use. Can be stored in the refrigerator


Thus, in just 5 simple steps, you have immediately completed the weight loss drink from green beans that is extremely good and cools down the body great for summer days. In addition to using green bean juice, mung bean residue you can eat directly also helps the body to very well supplement that amount of fiber.

2.2 Green bean porridge to reduce belly fat

Preparation materials:
  • 300g glutinous rice
  • 250g green beans
  • 2 liters of purified water
Implementation steps:
Step 1: Wash glutinous rice under clean water about 2-3 times. Using your hands, pick up the grains and foreign bodies in the sticky rice. Wash glutinous rice, drain
Step 2: Rinse green beans under clean running water
Step 3: Soak green beans with 300ml of warm water for 2-3 hours to cook beans quickly. Pick up the beans, let them drain
Step 4: Put 2 liters of pure water in a pot and bring to a boil
Step 5: Boil water, put glutinous rice + green beans in a pot and cook these 2 ingredients for 2-3 hours.
Step 6: Stir well so that the glutinous rice and green beans are cooked, without burning the pot
Step 7: Glutinous rice and green beans are cooked, turn off the stove. Lower the pot of green bean porridge to the ground, scoop the porridge into a bowl and enjoy while the porridge is still warm


Thus, with 7 simple steps, you have immediately completed a safe, fast and convenient belly fat loss green bean porridge right at home. Congratulation you are successful.

2.3 Pineapple green bean milk beautifies skin

Preparation materials:
Implementation steps:
Step 1: Clean fresh pandan leaves. Cut leaves into small pieces
Step 2: Put pandan leaves in a blender along with 2 cups of warm water. Proceed to puree the pandan leaves
Step 3: Filter pandan leaves through a sieve to collect a clear pineapple juice mixture, without residue. Pour into a bowl
Step 4: Wash green beans. Soak green beans for 2-3 hours with warm water. Pick up the beans, let them drain
Step 5: Put 1 liter of purified water into the pot along with 200gr of green beans. Proceed to cook green beans for 3 hours
Step 6: Green beans are ripe, remove the bean residue
Step 7: Put 300ml of fresh milk + pandan leaf juice into the pot of green bean juice that is boiling on the stove
Step 8: Put 1 tablespoon of white sugar in a pot of boiling green bean milk on the stove
Step 9: Stir well to dissolve all ingredients together
Step 10: Season with milk to fit your mouth
Step 11: Turn off the stove, put the pot of pandan green bean milk on the ground and let it cool down and enjoy


So you have completed another delicious dish from green beans to cool down and lose weight, which is extremely good for this summer. Congratulation you are successful.

3. Does eating green beans cause weight gain?

The calories in green beans you just learned above. So, did you know that eating green beans causes weight gain? To know if green beans cause weight gain, you need to calculate how many calories in a meal. Calculating the calories in a meal is very simple, you can do the following:
  • Calories that the body needs for 1 meal: On average, an adult will need to load about 2000 calories into the body / day. This amount of calories will be divided equally into 3 meals (breakfast – lunch and dinner). So calculated, each meal, you will consume about 667 calories.
  • Additional calories from green beans: If you use beans for 1 main meal and do not eat any other dishes. To be full and your body to fully absorb nutrients, you will need to consume about 300 grams of green beans per day. Equivalent to the amount of calories you now load into the body is 315 Calories.
In short, the calories in chickpeas are much lower than the calories in a meal. Therefore, it can be concluded that eating green beans does not cause weight gain. In contrast, green beans are a safe, great weight loss food. For green beans to bring the best weight loss effect, you should only use:
  • green beans in the morning and evening
  • don’t eat too many green beans. You should only eat green beans about 2 times a week
  • combine eating green beans with some exercises to burn calories and excess fat
In addition, see more types of dried beans at: https://thucphamkho.vn/do-kho/

4. Conclude

Above is the entire detailed article that answers the question of how many calories in green beans that Dry Food has shared with readers. Hopefully, with the useful information shared above will bring you a lot of useful information. In particular, weight loss from green beans is very good if you are persistent, so it should be combined with the most suitable diet. Wish you have many delicious dishes from green beans and lose weight most effectively. Good luck!
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