What is the wood ear taboo? What foods “in conflict” with wood ear?


What is the wood ear taboo? This is probably a question that many housewives are interested in. Wood ear is the most important culinary ingredient for food processing. Dishes such as spring rolls, spring rolls, sauteed wood ear with meat, … not only enhance the delicious taste of that dish but also help a lot for health. However, what wood ear taboo is not everyone knows. Below, you should follow Dung Ha Dry Food to find out what is wrong with wood ear and what foods are “incompatible” when eating with wood ear!

1. What is the wood ear taboo that you should know?

Everyone knows that wood ear is extremely beneficial for health. But like any product, they will still have certain limitations if you are subjective. Sometimes just a moment of inattention, not focusing and not researching carefully before processing will turn that dish into an extremely toxic dish for users.
Wood ear is also known by another name, cat fungus. This is a famous mushroom in the northern mountainous areas of our country. They grow completely in the wild without any care or influence from humans. Therefore, wood ear is both a culinary ingredient and a rare medicinal herb for health. To be able to own fresh and quality wood ear, we recommend you to buy it at places such as Sapa, Lao Cai, Dien Bien, Ha Giang,… grow naturally very huge and extremely high quality.


According to wood ear researchers said:

  • Wood ear contains many polysaccharides that help improve the body’s immune system. Helps strengthen the body’s defenses against bacteria and disease-causing microorganisms
  • Wood ear contains a lot of Vitamin E, Vitamin K, Calcium, Protein, Plant collagen, iron, antioxidants, …
  • Nutrients in wood ear also protect the lungs, helping the lungs clean and breathe regularly. Helps the body to purify the body, clean the intestines, lose weight and beautify the skin

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1.1 Wood ear cauliflower soaked in hot water

  • Many people have a habit of soaking cat mushrooms in hot water. The reason is because, when soaked in warm water, you will think that the mushrooms will be large, soft and easy to prepare. But this is the wrong way to do it. Soaked in hot water, wood ear will bloom quickly and not promptly kill pathogenic bacteria.
  • In the dried wood ear, there is still residual morpholine poison. If soaked in warm water, this substance cannot be dissolved with water. Instead, you should soak the wood ear with cold water so that the toxin can easily dissolve with the water.
  • When soaked with hot water, when processing wood ear, it will become soft, difficult to preserve and not retain its inherent toughness, crunchy texture.

Instead, you should soak the wood ear with cold water. After that, wash the wood ear fungus under the tap again and then take it for processing!

1.2 Do not use fresh wood ear mushrooms

  • “DO NOT EAT FRESH JOINT STOCK”. This is a strong and completely grounded statement of the Ministry of Health. Because when fresh, wood ear contains Morpholine, which is extremely sensitive to light. If the body is exposed to light after eating fresh wood ear fungus, it is likely that you will experience some problems such as: Skin itching, edema, swelling, … in severe cases, skin necrosis may occur. serious.
  • With dried wood ear, the photosensitizer naturally disappears. The toxicity of wood ear also disappears, when enjoyed, it will no longer be toxic.

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1.3 Do not soak wood ear mushrooms for too long in water

  • Dried wood ear should be soaked in cold water before using. And should only soak wood ear for about 30 minutes.
  • If you soak wood ear mushrooms for too long than the recommended time. Protein will be hydrolyzed, lose substance and easily attacked by pathogenic bacteria.
  • From there, it can cause a coma, even life-threatening
  • If the wood ear is soaked for too long, it will be a convenient way for pathogenic bacteria to grow and when used, it is easy to be poisoned. If mild, you will have nausea, abdominal pain and diarrhea, …
  • Wood ear only needs to soak for about 30 minutes to ensure it is safe to use. Then, wash and cut the legs before processing. With that, the new wood ear is delicious and no longer toxic.

2. Wood ear taboo – Food “conflict” when out of harmony?

Wood ear has many uses from being used as a delicious dish to being used as a medicine to improve health, so it is loved by many people. The same goes for dry food home customers. Whenever I cook something, I go to the store to buy dried wood ear. They said that eating my house fungus is extremely delicious and of good quality. She eats it all the time without getting bored.
Wood ear of Dung Ha Agricultural product is really delicious. But if you do not know how to combine, the wood ear will “poison” yourself. In addition, remember the “incompatibility” things when the dishes with wood ear are not matched!

2.1 Do not cook with snails with wood ear

  • What is the wood ear taboo? The first in this list of “incompatible” products is snails. The properties of these two flavors are solderability. If you do not know when combined at the same time, it will cause abdominal pain, digestive diseases, diarrhea, intestinal tract, stomach, …

2.2 Wood ear hates white radish

  • Any housewife who cooks white radish soup and adds wood ear is a big mistake. In radish contains a lot of enzymes, wood ear contains many biologically active substances. These two substances when combined can cause complex chemical reactions, causing skin inflammation. Especially for people with sensitive skin.


  • Therefore, to avoid this side effect, should not eat immediately, but should be eaten every 3-4 hours.

2.3 Do not eat duck with wood ear

  • Duck meat is an extremely incompatible ingredient with wood ear and you should not combine them together. Because duck meat cooked with wood ear is cold. Eating is not good for the digestive tract. It also affects the biological principles of the body.

2.4 If you have hemorrhoids, you should not eat wood ear with wild chicken

  • If you have hemorrhoids, you should not eat wood ear. According to some studies, wood ear has welding properties and is not good for anyone who is suffering from hemorrhoids. In particular, if cooking wild chicken with wood ear will cause bleeding, the disease becomes more severe.

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2.5 Do not drink cold drinks after eating wood ear mushrooms

  • The properties of wood ear are welding, adding yin. After eating wood ear and combined with drinking cold water, iced tea, … will make your body tired, dull abdominal pain, diarrhea, …

3. Conclusion

Above is the article that shares the most detailed information about the question of what kind of wood ear is that we want to give more valuable and useful information to our readers. These are all useful information that housewives need to know to both have a delicious dish and avoid unnecessary dangerous toxins. Changing the menu for your family is important.


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4. Wood ear taboo what? – Who should not use wood ear?

After learning the details of the dish “in conflict” with wood ear. You should also know who should not use wood ear. Here are some of those objects:

4.1 Pregnant women

  • Although black fungus has the effect of supplementing the spleen, it also has the side effect of activating blood and stasis. It is not conducive to the development and stability of the fetus, so it should not be eaten.

4.2 People with poor digestive system

  • If the body is flatulent, diarrhea should not use wood ear. Wood ear has welding properties. When eaten, the stomach will be cold, making the disease worse. In addition, if the body is infected with a cold or a cold, you should not use wood ear.

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4.3 People with blood loss

  • People with tooth extraction, surgery or nosebleeds should limit the use of cat mushrooms. Mushrooms stimulate circulation, prevent the formation of platelets, not good for people who have just lost blood.

4.4 People with a history of blood thinning disease

  • Many people know that myrrh is used to prevent blood clotting. Therefore, if you have bleeding or hemophilia, blood thinning, … should not use black fungus. In particular, people with cerebral hemorrhage should not be used in the first 3 months. Mushrooms are very dangerous for this group of people.
Although wood ear is a very nutritious, delicious and easy-to-eat food, you should know these things. Should not be combined with any ingredients, wood ear fungus affects health. Also, use natural, fresh, high-quality wood ear mushrooms.
Dung Ha Agricultural Products is a distributor of type 1 wood ear, 100% wood ear in the Northwest forest, not impregnated with chemicals, not mixed with impurities and extremely good for health. Wood ear is completely dried naturally in the sunlight, delicious to enjoy.

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