Areca nut soaked in wine: How to soak and use of areca nut wine???


Areca nut wine is a rare medicinal wine that is extremely good for health. The good thing about this wine is that it’s not meant to be drunk. Instead, areca nut wine is used as an extremely effective mouthwash and mouthwash to treat oral diseases. So, let’s explore the details of areca nut soaked in wine with Dry Food, how to soak it and the uses of this wine.

1. What is areca nut wine?

Areca nut wine is a medicinal alcohol made from pure areca nut. Spicy fruit and areca tree is a cultivar that is native to the Mediterranean region. Grown popularly all over the world for the purpose of being used as food, gifts, betel nut, etc.
Areca nut wine is usually bright yellow in color and has a very delicious taste. Alcohol content ranges from 18 to 25%. Areca nut wine is used as a medicinal wine to treat dental diseases, gingivitis, root inflammation, … Not only that, areca nut medicinal wine also has many uses that we have not known for a long time. never exploited. Let’s find out immediately the use of areca nut wine as well as how to soak areca nut wine.
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2. What are the uses of areca nut soaked in alcohol?

Areca nut has acrid taste, antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties are extremely high. When combined with alcohol, areca nut wine brings many other great uses such as:

  • Removes yellow stains on teeth
  • Treatment of toothache
  • Treat tooth decay
  • Make teeth strong
  • Sore throat treatment
  • Helps whiten teeth naturally
  • Treat bad breath, help you have fresh breath
  • Treatment of swollen gums, gingivitis


This is the whole use of areca nut wine. It can be seen that areca nut wine specializes in treating problems related to teeth. Areca nut is easy to find and easy to soak, so it is not difficult for you to have a toothache wine in your family.

3. How to soak areca nut in wine?

3.1 How to soak fresh areca nut wine?


  • 500g fresh areca nut
  • 2 liters of white wine
  • 250g white granulated sugar
  • 1 pitcher of wine

Implementation steps:

  1. Preliminary processing of areca nut: Wash fresh areca nut with water. Put in a pot with boiling water for 2-3 minutes to soften the areca nut. Then, take out the areca nut, put it in the basket to drain
  2. Prepare the pickled wine: Pour the wine into the glass jar
  3. Add sugar: Put sugar in the wine jar, stir well to dissolve the sugar in the wine jar
  4. Put the areca into the wine bottle: After the sugar is completely dissolved. Put the prepared areca nut into the wine bottle
  5. Seal the wine bottle: Cover the wine bottle, let it soak for at least 2-4 weeks. The longer you leave it, the areca nut will absorb the smell of alcohol
  6. Filter the wine: After soaking for enough time, filter the wine out of the areca nut by pouring it through a wine filter. The collected seeds continue to soak, and the wine can be drunk or gargled

Note: You need to use good wine to have a delicious wine taste when soaked. In addition, when soaking wine, the wine bottle needs to be placed in a cool place, away from direct sunlight.

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3.2 How to soak dried areca nut wine?


  • 500g dried areca nut
  • 2 liters of white wine
  • 250g white sugar
  • 1 glass bottle soaked in wine

Implementation steps:

  1. Preliminary processing of areca nut: Wash areca nut. Spread the areca nut on a clean mat, dry it in the sun for about 2 days to dry it.
  2. Prepare the dipping wine: Clean the wine cellar. Pour the wine into the soaking jar
  3. Add sugar: Put white sugar in a pitcher. Using chopsticks, stir the wine until the sugar dissolves
  4. Put the areca nut into the wine jar: After the sugar has dissolved, put the dried areca nut into the wine jar
  5. Seal the wine bottle: Cover the wine bottle, let the wine soak for about 3-5 weeks. The longer you leave it, the better the wine will be
  6. Filter wine: Wine soaked for enough time. Strain the wine through a sieve to collect the clear juice. Areca nut continues to turn and continue to soak


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3. Note when using alcohol soaked fish seeds should you know?

3.1 Is alcohol soaked areca nut drinkable?

The main use of areca nut wine is to help strengthen teeth, cure tooth decay and gingivitis. However, areca wine only has the effect of inhibiting bacteria, but not completely destroying the bacterial cells that are harmful to teeth. Problems with severe pulpitis, misaligned teeth, wisdom teeth, … areca nut wine cannot be treated. The best treatment is that you have to go to the dentist for treatment.
Therefore, alcohol soaked areca nut is not allowed to drink. This is a type of folk medicinal wine that is used as a mouthwash, not a drink. If you drink areca nut wine, you will be very susceptible to diarrhea, abdominal pain, vomiting, … more dangerous than directly affecting your life.

3.2 Can pregnant women use areca nut wine?

Pregnant women should not use areca nut alcohol because it will harm their health and the fetus. Specifically:

  • Areca nut wine contains a sugar Alkoxyl Glycoside, also known as Congelifructose. This is a liquid and sticky substance that is dangerous to the fetus, causing miscarriage
  • Areca nut wine contains a very high amount of sugar and calories. Using too much will cause weight gain
  • Alcohol also affects the digestive system. Users are very susceptible to diseases such as abdominal pain, diarrhea, nausea, …


In general, alcohol is a drink with a high alcohol content that is very dangerous to the health of all users. If used in moderation, alcohol brings many benefits. But if abused excessively, alcohol is a knife that endangers the user’s life.
Especially pay attention to women who are in the process of pregnancy, absolutely drink alcohol.
Above is the entire detailed article about areca nut soaked in wine that Dung Ha Dry Food wants to send to readers. Hopefully with the information above will bring readers more useful knowledge.

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