The effect of False ginseng for women?

Tác dụng của tam thất

 False ginseng known as an herb with many uses. It not only helps to improve health, good for women after giving birth, but also helps to beautify women. So what is the effect of tam ventricular for women? Let’s find out through the article “Effects of triple heart for women” below!

Features of the triangle

 False ginseng is a small, perennial grass. Leaves are round 3–4 leaves, stalk 3–6cm long, each petiole has 3–7 long lanceolate leaflets, small serrated margins. Flowers pale yellow green, inflorescences grow in a single canopy at the top of the stem. Berries, oblong globose. When ripe, the fruit is red, and the seeds are white. Flowering season is usually in May-July, and fruit season is in August-October.

Đặc điểm của tam thất
Features of the triangle

False ginseng is a herbaceous plant with shade-loving, cool-loving properties. Usually grows in mountainous areas with elevations above about 1,510m. In winter, the temperature drops below 0ºC but the rhizome of the plant still exists and develops. In Vietnam, this species is grown in small quantities in Ha Giang, Lang Son, Lai Chau, Lao Cai, Cao Bang…

Parts used for the three ventricles

The roots are the most commonly used organs, harvested before the plants flower. After harvesting, the roots are washed and dried or dried. Classified as tuberous roots, branch roots and rhizomes.

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The chemical composition of the fenugreek plant

The northern sage contains many groups of chemical components, mainly saponins (4.42–12%). Many ginsenosides such as Rd, Re, Rb1, Rb2, Rb3 Rc, Rg2-Rh1, Rg1. And ginsenoside glucose was also isolated from the whole plant.
The roots of the plant contain essential oils (including octadecan and α-guaien, β-guaien). There are also flavonoids, polysaccharides (arabinogalactan: sanchinan A), phytosterols (β-sitosterol, stigmasterol, daucosterol), inorganic salts.

What is the effect of sage on women?

Tam That is a tree belonging to the family of five family, small grass, long life. The characteristic is that the herb likes cool and humid places. All parts from roots, stems, leaves, flowers can be used. Bamboo shoots bring many benefits to women’s health such as:

Tác dụng của tam thất
The effect of the three ventricles

Complement blood, stop bleeding, dissolve blood clots.

Women who menstruate, after giving birth, have loss of blood. Blood is the supporting foundation of the human body. When the body loses too much blood or does not supply blood in time, not enough will easily lead to anemia.
According to traditional medicine, Tam ventricular has a mild bitter, slightly sweet taste, can, and has many different uses. In which, the three ventricles have the effect of nourishing yin, tonic blood, hemostasis, and thrombosis. Therefore, it is preferred to use for postpartum women to help quickly regain health.

Beauty care

It contains saponin panax notoginseng. These nutrients have the function of activating blood, circulating blood, whitening skin, removing freckles, …. Therefore, Tam ventricular powder is especially suitable for women to take care of their body and beauty. With completely natural ingredients, using tam ventricular is a natural and safe beauty method for women.
Contains antioxidants to help eliminate free radicals, boost immunity and anti-aging…

Remove damaged blood

Vaginal discharge is a factor that affects the beauty of women. Sufficient blood helps the skin to be smooth, ruddy and elastic. Women with blood loss will appear dizzy, insomnia, tinnitus, dry skin, forgetfulness, pale face. There are many wrinkles on the skin, menstrual disorders, hair loss, … affecting the beauty and health of women.
Melasma, freckles, blurred spots appearing on the skin are often a manifestation of inadequate blood qi. Therefore, using the three ventricles will help blood circulation, thereby eliminating spots and freckles.

Detoxification, body heat

Tam ventricular has neutral properties, does not cause internal heat, very suitable for detoxification, clearing heat …. However, you should be careful to drink enough. Do not use too much because when drinking will promote the body to detoxify quickly, which can cause acne.
In addition, women with a body temperature that is too hot or too cold should not use much because they are prone to rashes, allergies, acne …

How to use False ginseng to beautify?

Tam That is considered a nutritious dish, has many good effects for health and beauty. Therefore, you need to know how to use tam ventricular to promote its full effect and preserve beauty.
Every morning, after waking up, you can eat a spoonful of sage powder.
After each meal, mix a small spoonful of the powder with cow’s milk or mix it with warm water and drink. Oral powder is very effective for those who have dark circles under the eyes, bleeding gums, freckles, dull skin.
You can drink warm water combined with honey to help beautify your skin

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Some notes when using False ginseng for women

According to recommendations, every day should only use from 10 to 20g of tam ventricular. It is advisable to start with a small dose, then increase it slowly to allow the body to adapt.
To treat depression in the elderly and postpartum women, you can combine the following remedies: Use 12g of Tam ventricular + 20g of blood + 40g of main ginseng + 12g of side incense Grind the mixture into a fine powder, drink 20g per day. day.
Note, women during pregnancy are not allowed to use three ventricles.

Some remedies have fenugreek

How to use tam ventricular in folk remedies?

Bài thuốc tam thất
The remedy of the three ventricles

Treatment of heavy bleeding after delivery (hemorrhage)

The finely chopped herbs drink with water to wash rice, 8g each time.

Treatment of bleeding or swelling of internal organs, anemia caused by excessive blood loss or low red blood cells:

Drink 6-12g of Tam ventricular powder every day. Acute bleeding is twice as much, if with chronic disease, it lasts several days.

Treatment of anemia or bleeding problems after birth:

Tam ventricular is small, sharp drink 6g or bring frequency with young chickens to eat.

Cure bleeding when injured

Crushed leaves both drink and apply.

Treatment of physical weakness in the elderly and postpartum women:

Tam ventricular 12g; main ginseng and sample benefits, 40g each; auxiliaries 12g; Blood millet 20g, decoction 20g per day or can be decoction with appropriate dosage.

Treatment of severe acute hepatitis:

Tam ventricular 12g; astragalus 20g; Bare 40g; Ginseng, dandelion, emperor, Tianmen, heather, 12g each; bone marrow 8g. Sac drink day 1 ladder.

Treatment of blood vessels due to blood stasis:

Tam ventricular 4g; Cactus, ma li, wormwood, sea lake, each 12g; dan derma, dan ginseng, dong quai, cross-frame, 8g each; pine pine, five lingzhi, 4g each. Pick up a cup to drink every day.

Treatment of hematuria due to acute urinary tract infection:

Tam ventricular 4g; pot grass, honeysuckle, bamboo leaves, 16g each; Geography, draft resolution, licorice land, 12g each. Excellent drink every day a ladder.

Possible interactions with fenugreek

Tam That may cause interactions with certain medications, supplements, or other medications that you are taking. To ensure safety and effectiveness before using tam ventricular. You should consult your doctor, doctor before taking.

Is drinking fenugreek harmful?

For those who are too hot. If used for a long time, it can cause sensitization reactions, causing rashes, allergies or acne. You should use this medicinal herb with a dose depending on the location.
On the other hand, although the three ventricles have many uses, they should not be used in the following cases:
Use caution when giving it to children
When you have diarrhea because it can lead to death

The safety of medicinal herbs

There is not enough information about the use of sage flower during pregnancy and breast-feeding. You need to consult your doctor before taking this herb.
The above article of is for reference only, not a substitute for diagnosis or treatment. Please find out carefully before using tam ventricular!

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