Black garlic and great uses that you should know

công dụng của tỏi đen

Black garlic is a well-known food. However, not everyone understands all the benefits of black garlic. Is this type of garlic really as magical as people say? Join to refer to the article “Black garlic and great uses that you should know” below!

What is Black Garlic?

Black garlic is not a naturally available food. The source of black garlic is actually common white garlic. Thanks to the Maillard reaction, white garlic turns into black garlic. After white garlic undergoes slow fermentation at various temperatures and controlled humidity throughout for several weeks for the garlic to turn from white to black. When forming black garlic, the inherent pungent taste of garlic also disappears. On the contrary, garlic has a sweet taste like balsamic vinegar or tamarind, which is easy to eat. There is absolutely no feeling of eating garlic.

công dụng của tỏi đen
Uses of black garlic
Many researchers have proven that black garlic has a much higher amount of active ingredients than white garlic. Today, black garlic is no longer a strange name to many people. It is known as a food with many healthy nutrients. In Japan, black garlic is produced in large quantities. It is considered an effective and safe remedy.
The active ingredients in fermented garlic increased significantly such as fructose, polyphenols, S-allyl-L-cysteine (SAC) or organic sulfur compounds. Thanks to that, black garlic has many great uses for health.

What are the uses of black garlic?

Some of the prominent, healthy uses of this little food with the skin are on.

Strengthen the immune system, resistance by eating black garlic

White garlic also has many other uses. It has the function of preventing bacterial infection, anti-viral and fungal. Garlic after being fermented, those uses are even more upgraded. Because the activity of substances in black garlic is increased. In black garlic there is an amino acid called allicin. This acid has the ability to destroy many different types of bacteria and viruses.
When eating black garlic, the patient will quickly recover, regain energy and health. Especially effective for people who are immunocompromised due to using a lot of chemicals or using chemicals.

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Black garlic has the effect of preventing and supporting cancer treatment

One of the outstanding uses of black garlic is its ability to prevent and support the treatment of cancer. Black garlic contains a compound S-allylcysteine, which has the function of inhibiting some cancer cell lines such as rectal cancer, liver cancer, stomach cancer, colon cancer, breast cancer…
Not only effectively reduce the risk of cancer. Black garlic also works to prevent cancer cells from growing in the body.

The effect of reducing blood fat, lowering cholesterol of black garlic

Excess cholesterol in the blood is one of the main causes of cardiovascular diseases, high blood pressure, blood fat, diabetes… If you eat black garlic regularly and in the right dosage, it will reduce in a short time cholesterol in the blood, lower blood fats in the body and maintain them at a reasonable level, while increasing HDL – Cholesterol. Make the body healthier.
People with obesity, overweight and the elderly are very suitable to eat black garlic.

The use of free radical scavenging of black garlic

Free radicals are the cause of many different diseases. Therefore, to be able to prevent the risk of diseases, scavenging free radicals is an urgent job.

Tỏi đen rất nhiều dinh dưỡng
Black garlic is very nutritious

Eating black garlic is one of the effective remedies. Organic sulfur and tetrahydro carboline in black garlic have a radical scavenging effect on your body. At this time, your body is healthier, has more energy, lives and works more comfortably.

Black garlic has antioxidant effect

White garlic has antioxidant effects. Obviously, the upgraded version of white garlic will also be able to help the body with anti-oxidants. Not only that, the antioxidant capacity of black garlic is much higher than that of regular garlic. Thanks to black garlic, women no longer worry about aging and wrinkled skin. Black garlic is also very suitable for people with skin inflammation.
Black garlic provides abundant protein and vitamins. Antioxidants have the function of slowing down the aging process, smooth and shiny skin. Black garlic supports the treatment of some skin diseases such as tanning, age spots, melasma, wrinkled, less elastic skin… Therefore, you should use black garlic more to help your skin become healthy and firm.

Treatment of cardiovascular diseases with black garlic

Black garlic is one of the great medicinal herbs applied in the treatment of cardiovascular diseases. Black garlic has the effect of reducing cholesterol in the blood and has the function of protecting the vessel walls and promoting blood circulation. Therefore, black garlic contributes to the effective treatment of cardiovascular diseases. At the same time, minimize the occurrence of complications.

Black garlic has the effect of protecting liver cells

You can also eat black garlic to supplement nutrients for the liver. Eating garlic regularly and in the right dose will help your liver cells be effectively protected. For those who suffer from hepatitis and cirrhosis, this is a great food for them

Black garlic helps relieve joint pain, arthritis

Tell not yet the use of black garlic. Black garlic also has the effect of reducing pain, reducing swelling, and reducing inflammation. In addition, it is also involved in the process of promoting recovery and improving health after injury. Helps the body become stronger and more resilient.

Prevent wound infection thanks to black garlic

The compound S-allylcysteine present in black garlic is not only effective in preventing cancer. They also help the body absorb allicin. This compound has the ability to prevent the invasion and growth of harmful bacteria. When these bacteria enter the body, they will cause infection and inflammation of the skin. S-allylcysteine also works to heal wounds on the body quickly.

Black garlic is very good for pregnant women

Pregnant women often have to supplement a lot of nutrients. Then don’t ignore black garlic – this miracle food. Black garlic contains healthy ingredients, good for pregnant women. Support and reduce the risk of symptoms during pregnancy such as strengthening the immune system to help pregnant women avoid some coughs, fevers, colds, treating insomnia. Improves digestive function and reduces the risk of high blood pressure.
Black garlic has absolutely no pungent smell, difficult to eat like white garlic. On the contrary, black garlic has a sweet taste and is very easy to eat. You can incorporate black garlic into everyday dishes. However, to avoid side effects, pregnant women who want to eat black garlic should consult a doctor before using it. To ensure that black garlic brings the most effective effect for both mother and baby.

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Instructions to eat black garlic properly

To promote the full effect of black garlic, you need to pay attention to how to use it and how much to eat each time. Some popular ways to eat black garlic are as follows:

  • Eat black garlic directly: According to Japanese scientists, adults should eat 1-3 black garlic cloves per day to improve health. To get the most out of garlic, you should eat it separately. Alternatively, you can use 3 – 6g of black garlic pressed into pure garlic juice to drink every day.
  • Black garlic soaked with non-alcoholic glutinous wine: Should be used daily, 1 – 3 times a day, 50ml each time.
  • Black garlic soaked with honey: 125-150g of black garlic after peeling, soaked with pure honey in a glass jar. It can be used after 3 weeks. This method is very effective in treating fever, cold, sore throat, etc.
  • Even though the pungent odor is gone, the fermented garlic still has a bit of a strong flavor. If you find it difficult to eat too much, you can use black garlic as a spice, add it to your daily dishes. These also help improve the flavor of the dish.

Some notes when using black garlic for healing purposes

Despite its many uses, black garlic has some ingredients that are not suitable for the following people:
– People with hot body
– Pregnant women.
– People who are taking anticoagulants
– Allergic to garlic
People with diseases related to eyes, liver and kidneys should not eat too much.
– People with low blood pressure, people with diarrhea.
You should eat garlic during or immediately after a meal so that garlic can maximize its benefits. At that time, the body will easily absorb, secrete more gastric juice to help limit the negative effects on the stomach.

How to make black garlic with a simple rice cooker at home

Electric cooker
Silver paper
Cách làm tỏi đen
How to make black garlic

Recipe for making black garlic with rice cooker

Step 1
Garlic choice
Choosing fresh garlic largely determines whether your batch of black garlic will be successful or not! To make a quality batch of black garlic, you also need to choose quality garlic bulbs. Choose large, beautiful and even garlic bulbs, large and stretchy cloves. Wait for the garlic to dry and then peel the skin of the garlic to remove dirt. Be careful not to peel all the garlic.
Step 2
Let garlic infuse probiotics by soaking garlic with beer
After you have prepared fresh garlic, put the garlic in a plastic pot and water the beer. Fill the beer with garlic, making sure the beer is fully absorbed with the garlic. Soak the garlic for about 30 minutes to fully absorb the probiotics. Soak garlic and beer with a ratio of 1:1, for every 1kg of fresh garlic, soak with 1 can of beer. Any beer can be used to soak. Every 5 minutes, stir the garlic once so that the garlic can quickly absorb the yeast.
Step 3
Garlic incubation
Cover garlic with foil. Spread 1 sheet of foil just enough. After the garlic has absorbed the probiotics, take the garlic out and put it in foil. Garlic must be stacked immediately after taking it out of the beer to avoid damaging the garlic’s fermentation.
Wrap foil around the garlic while it is still wet. Remember to wrap tightly, do not leave it open, the fermentation process of garlic will be interrupted. The batch of black garlic will not be delicious and the black color is beautiful.
Wrap the garlic with foil to avoid direct contact with high heat.
Step 4
Incubate garlic with a rice cooker
Put the garlic wrap in the rice cooker. Turn on the warm button, keep warm for 2 weeks. Cover the rice cooker with plastic wrap to prevent heat from escaping.
Pro tip: In the summer, to save electricity and avoid damage to the pot. You can get the heat by taking the rice cooker out to dry in the sun. Around 4 pm, bring the pot to plug in the power again.
Check the garlic daily during garlic fermentation. You open the lid and close it right away. Do not leave for more than 5 minutes. After 2 weeks, the white garlic will gradually turn brown and finally black. Satisfactory garlic is garlic that has a slightly sour, slightly sweet taste, without a strong odor. Black garlic can be stored in the refrigerator for a long time.

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