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With the era of information technology developing rapidly like a storm. Besides, the market for dry donut business in Vietnam is very diverse with many products coming from many different places. Finding these products has become very easy. For young people, finding and buying dry goods online is very easy. But for the elderly, buying food online is a barrier. So that everyone knows how to buy online, please read along with Dung Ha Dry Food to learn about how to buy dry goods online quickly and conveniently at

1. What is dry food?

Dry food is also known as dry food. These foods include dried products such as wood ear, vermicelli, dried bamboo shoots, peanuts, wild shiitake mushrooms, etc. In general, fresh fruits or foods can be dried. Okay. The drying process is when you remove the water content of the product. Turn them from a fresh product to a dry product to extend their shelf life.


Dried food or fresh food both have their own good points. Depending on the preferences and purposes of each consumer, they choose to use dry or fresh food.

2. Advantages/Disadvantages of dry food?

To create dry food. We have many methods of drying food such as: Natural drying, manual heat drying and dryer drying. Each method has its own advantages and disadvantages. Specifically:

2.1 Natural drying method:

The natural drying method is certainly not too strange for many people. This is the least expensive way and also gives very high drying efficiency. With this method, you can apply it with most foods. The best conditions for natural drying are in the dry season (autumn) or sunny summer. The pros and cons of this drying method are:


  • Save drying time
  • Cost reduction
  • This can be done anywhere


  • Depends on the weather, no initiative
  • Food that needs to be dried cannot be dried

2.2 Manual heat drying method:

Manual heat drying is a method of drying by drying on a charcoal stove or indirectly by roasting on a pan with low heat. This drying method requires exposure to the sun to prevent erratic weather.


  • Dries faster than in the sun
  • Master your time
  • Flexible implementation day and night


  • Expensive and labor intensive
  • Cannot be dried in bulk like sun drying method

2.3 Drying method:

With this method, we have to use a dedicated food dryer to dry. With this drying method, you will fully utilize electricity and use the most advanced and modern drying technology. Using a dryer will help the product taste good, clean and ensure food safety.


  • Fast drying time, can dry many foods at the same time
  • Low cost and labor resources
  • Dried food ensures food hygiene and safety


  • Expensive investment to buy machinery
  • Consumes a lot of energy during the drying process
  • If the power goes out, it can’t be dried

3. Buying dry goods Online at home has never been so simple?

About 2 years ago, Vietnam had to buckle up against the Covid epidemic. It seemed that the ballots to go to the market only appeared in the subsidy period, but no, even in the era of stormy technology development, the votes to go to the market during the subsidy period appeared to control the purchase, sale and movement of people. people.
In such a complicated and stressful epidemic situation. Instead of having to hold votes to go to the market, now buying and selling has become much simpler. The trend of online shopping has become more and more popular because digital technology is becoming more and more modern. You can search, view and order products through Website


Now, women can freely buy spices, powders of all kinds, dry goods, fruits, fresh foods, … easier and more convenient than ever. With just one click, you can buy fresh products for family meals.
In the past, to go to the market, housewives needed to go to the market, supermarket, go to the store to sell the dry goods they wanted to buy and then bring home for processing. However, modern life, fast-paced like today. Going to the market in the traditional way has gradually been transformed into the online shopping style.
Grasping that, Dung Ha Dry Food has brought customers the convenience of going to the online market. Buy dry food online at home with all kinds of essential foods such as: vegetables, Northwest wine, …

4. Buy dry food Online – Various types of dry food, nutritious seeds?

Coming to Dung Ha, the categories of Dung Ha dry goods are very diverse. We have up to 1000+ diverse models of dry goods suitable for the use of customers.


Dung Ha’s dry goods such as: mushrooms for hot pot of all kinds, pre-packed vegetables, rice, spices,… are all vacuum packed. Especially, we can pack according to the quantity ordered by customers. The dry space is spacious, clean and shiny. Dung Ha dry food has a clear origin. Strictly tested according to the standards of the Ministry of Health. It is sure to conquer the most demanding customers.

Tips: The latest price of dry goods in 2022 of Dung Ha Dry Food

5. Buy dry goods Online – Tea of all kinds?

Not only specializes in the list of dry goods, nutritional seeds, … but at thucphamkhodungha you can buy online teas that you like. Here, you can buy online all kinds of Tet tea, weight loss fruit tea, flower tea, … delicious. No need to go far, at Dung Ha all types of tea are tested and served directly to consumers.
Of course, our tea products always guarantee the origin. For imported teas, there are import papers, certificates, etc., which are preserved and transported according to the correct procedures.

6. Advantages of ordering dry goods Online through Dung Ha channel?

  • Convenience: With the form of ordering dry goods online, customers only need one click on SmartPhone or computer. Consumers can easily order the dry food they want online without going out.
  • Save time: When you buy vegetables Online, fresh food Online, Northwest specialties Online,… you will save a lot of time. When people started, people prioritized work more. The form of buying dry food online will be very convenient for office workers.
  • Affordable: When you buy food online, you won’t have to worry about the price. At Dung Ha, the price is always listed according to the volume of purchase by customers.
  • Top quality: All products of herbal medicine, wine-soaked products, Northwest tea, Tet tea, … at Dung Ha are guaranteed quality. Dung Ha always puts the health of customers first. All products are sourced and tested strictly according to standards.
  • The customer care staff of Dung Ha Agricultural Products is very enthusiastic, dedicated to customers and to their work. 24/7 support to answer all your problems and questions.

7. How to order dry goods Online at Dung Ha?

Customers can order dry food online of Dung Ha through the following 3 methods:

  1. Contact the Company’s Hotline: 1900 986865 (24 hours support)
  2. Order through Website:
  3. Order through NowFresh:



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