Do orangutans lose weight? User manual


For people in the South, orangutan seeds have become a familiar medicine. Not only delicious, this is also a nutritious grain good for health. The following article will answer the question of whether orangutan seeds lose weight  as well as some effective ways to use them.

How many calories are in orangutans?

Like many other nuts, orangutan nuts are loved by many people. That’s because it has extremely high nutritional value and is extremely easy to eat.


Because of that, many people wonder whether eating a lot of orangutan nuts will gain weight or become fat? Before learning about whether eating orangutan nuts is fat, let’s learn about the nutritional composition and calorie content of this nut.

According to some studies, there is a certain amount of starch and fat in orangutan seeds. Besides, orangutan seeds also contain sugar, mucilage, tannins and bitter substances. In particular, scientists also discovered some important active ingredients such as: palmitic acid (23.57%), oleic acid (23.67%), bassorin, galactose, arabinose, pentose with medicinal uses, effective treatment of some diseases.

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Do orangutans lose weight?

The main cause of obesity and overweight is eating too many calories than needed. So if you balance the right amount of orangutan seeds. Besides, a reasonable diet will absolutely not cause obesity.

Thus, eating orangutan nuts with fat does not completely depend on the amount of nuts loaded into the body of each person. A suitable quantity of orangutan seeds will not cause the body to gain weight, but on the contrary will help the fat loss process to be more effective. 


In addition, with abundant nutritional value, eating orangutan nuts will suppress appetite. You will feel fuller for longer and snack less.

In particular, orangutan seeds have the ability to cool the liver, clear heat, and can be used to detoxify the liver during weight loss. At the same time, using orangutan seeds for a certain period of time will help you quickly regain your slim body and beautiful skin.

In addition to helping to beautify the skin and keep it in shape, orangutan seeds also have a number of other health benefits, including:

– Stops nosebleeds due to body heat in young children

– Purify the body, reduce acne significantly

– Improve the condition of constipation

– Pregnant women can use it to treat internal heat, heat, …

– Support the treatment of spine spines, …

Hopefully with this information, you can completely answer the question about the orangutan nut losing weight .

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How to use orangutan seeds to lose weight effectively?

To use orangutan seeds to lose weight effectively, you can refer to some of the following orangutan nut recipes.

Orangutan nutmeg longan tea


  • Basil seeds: 4 tablespoons
  • Orangutan: 30 seeds
  • Dried lotus seeds: 100g
  • Dried longan: 100g
  • Rock sugar: 200g (depending on preference)


Process materials

– Put rock sugar and 2 liters of water in a large pot. Cook until sugar is dissolved.

– Orangutan seeds are soaked in warm water until they bloom, then remove the skin and seeds inside. You can use a filter bag to squeeze the cause and effect out of the water.

– Lotus seeds are washed with water and then boiled in a pot until the lotus seeds are soft (about 1 hour). Then take it out to dry. You can add a bit of alum sugar water to marinated lotus seeds for a richer dish.

– Put the seeds in a filter cloth, wash them briefly to remove dust, and then soak until the seeds bloom.


– Dried longan is quickly washed with clean water and then put in a pot of alum sugar water. Bring to a boil until the dried longan expands, then turn off the heat.

– Continue to add lotus seeds and basil seeds into the pot, stirring gently.

– Finally, add the orangutan seeds, add ice to use.

If you are not using it right away, put it in the fridge and then take it out and enjoy it later.

In addition, this dish has many variations. You can add red apples, goji berries, and ginkgo as mentioned above.

– You can also replace the basil seeds with chia seeds which are also very delicious

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Orangutan seed tea with coconut jelly pearls


  • Orangutan seeds: 30 seeds
  • Coconut rice (1 fruit)
  • 3 tablespoons of fenugreek seeds
  • 100 grams of flour
  • 100g rock sugar


Process materials

– Orangutan seeds, after buying, soak in warm water, wait for the seeds to bloom, then remove the shell and seeds inside.

– Prepare a sieve to squeeze out the water in the fleshy part of the orangutan seed.

– Coconut rice is cut into small dices and mixed with flour

– Put a medium pot of water on the stove. Heat until the water boils, then pour in the coconut milk powder.

– Wait for the dough to cover the outside of the coconut, then take the coconut out of the basket, drain the water.

– The basil seeds are put in a filter basket or filter and then washed with water to clean dirt and sand.

– Next, put the basil seeds in a bowl of water to soak until the seeds swell and thicken.


– Put about 2 liters of water and rock sugar in the pot. Place the pot on the stove and cook until the sugar is completely dissolved.

– If you see that the alum sugar is not sticky or completely dissolved, there is no need to filter the sugar water through the filter.

– Put the raw materials of orangutan seeds, basil seeds, coconut jelly in a bowl.

– Pour in the cooked sugar water at the end. That way you have a cup of nutritious and delicious tea right away.

Note when using orangutan orangutan seeds lose weight

– Do not eat dried orangutan seeds, you need to soak them with water before using. Because if not, when entering the body, orangutan seeds will absorb water, expand and can lead to intestinal obstruction. abdominal stiffness and difficulty breathing.

People who are having problems or diseases related to the digestive tract are best not to use this seed.

– Should use orangutan seeds in sufficient dosage. Absolutely do not use too much indiscriminately. Otherwise, it is easy to experience side effects such as nausea, cough with phlegm or white sputum, etc.


– Do not soak too many orangutan seeds to use gradually. It is best to drink until you soak to avoid loss of substance. At the same time, avoid letting the seeds become sour and infected

– Should choose orangutan seeds of clear origin. Seeds do not contain preservatives or are impregnated with detergents,…

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The above article is some information to help you answer the question of whether orangutans can lose weight . Hope you have your own answer and know more about how to use this nut effectively. Do not be used to following the News section to update useful information.


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