[General 2023] – What are the most expensive Vietnamese teas today?


Vietnamese teas are diverse and rich in styles, colors and flavors. Each type of tea gives users a very unique experience. And if you are a tea connoisseur, you definitely want to enjoy Vietnamese tea in cold weather or hot sun. And to be able to understand more deeply about the delicious Vietnamese tea. Please take a few minutes to follow Dung Ha Dry Food to learn about the most delicious and expensive Vietnamese teas today.

1. The best Vietnamese teas?

Since ancient times, making and enjoying tea has become a cultural beauty of our Vietnamese people. Favored by nature, Vietnamese teas often have a very special taste. Each tea has its own beauty, origin and value. Let’s find out more details:


1.1 Thai Nguyen Xinjiang Tea

The first in the list of delicious teas in Vietnam is Thai Nguyen Tan Cuong Tea. Originated from Thai Nguyen province. Tan Cuong tea is the tea that has existed since the first generation and until now, it is still trusted by many people to use.
Tan Cuong tea is one of the best teas in Vietnam because it uses only one shrimp per bud. An ancient tea of Vietnam, so the process of tea harvesting often goes through many rigorous stages.
Tea leaves are usually harvested from early morning until midday. This is the time when dew drops remain on each tea leaf. If the tea is picked after noon, the tea will be acrid, with no aroma.
The small, curly tea fibers dry out. When making tea, it must be rinsed once to make the tea clean, without residue. Characteristic green tea, young nuggets flavor, slightly acrid taste. Drinking Thai Nguyen Tan Cuong tea is very good, they bring the following benefits:
  • Diuretic, liver cooling, detoxification
  • Good for patients with kidney stones
  • Stable blood pressure regulation
  • Support weight loss
  • Helps to lift the spirit, relieve pressure, stress
  • Strengthen the body’s resistance
Thai Nguyen Tan Cuong Tea is known as the “first tea”. Converging all the elements of clean tea.
Thai Nguyen Tan Cuong tea on the market sells for 75,000 VND/box. The price of Thai Nguyen Tan Cuong tea grade 1 Dung Ha is priced at 55,000 VND/box.

1.2 Oolong Tea

Oolong tea is grown most concentratedly in Lam Dong province – Vietnam. Convenient climate, rich people’s experience, soil resources, … are the top factors to get the best tea. Oolong tea is only grown in Lam Dong and cannot be grown in other places.
Oolong tea has a pure aroma, sweet taste, not bitter. That is why this is a tea that many ages from the elderly to children love very much. To make oolong tea, a semi-fermentation method must be used. Going through all 16 stages, more than any other tea production process.
The appearance of Oolong Tea is very different from regular green teas. Instead of long and curly wings, oolong tea wings are curled into round marbles. Oolong tea is the perfect combination of green tea and black tea. Bright red tea water color. Fruity aroma, mild acrid, slightly greasy, sweet aftertaste lingering in the throat.
Some benefits of Lam Dong oolong tea include:
  • Good for the digestive system
  • Helps healthy bones and joints
  • Protect the heart
  • Prevent diabetes
  • Support weight loss
  • Relieve stress

The price of oolong tea on the market is 120,000 VND/kg. The price of Dung Ha grade 1 oolong tea is VND 90,000/kg.

1.3 Dried Lotus Root Tea

Speaking of delicious, clean Vietnamese teas, it is impossible not to mention dried lotus root tea. If it is genuine Tay Ho dried lotus root tea, the price is extremely high. Sometimes up to 10 million VND/kg.
This tea has a pure and elegant taste. The taste of dried lotus root tea makes people fascinated and let their souls drift into each line of thoughts that are scattered in the mind. Drinking a cup of lotus root tea is nothing better than completely eliminating negative thoughts and worries, leaving behind the noise of this crowded city.
In order to have a delicious lotus root tea, the art of making tea needs to be rigorous and meticulous right from the selection of ingredients. Tea making equipment must ensure quality. The brewing process should be gradual, step by step. The art of making dried lotus root tea is to contribute to the value of each cup of tea.
Dried lotus root tea is fragrant, delicious and nutritious for physical health. Some uses of dried lotus root tea are:
  • Reduce bad cholesterol, protect the heart
  • Prevents fat absorption in the body
  • Blood pressure stable
  • Remove excess apricots in the blood, prevent fatty blood disease
  • Reduce stress, fatigue, regulate sleep, help you sleep deeply
  • Cooling, anti heartburn, beautifying skin

The price of Dung Ha dried lotus root tea is selling for: 50,000vnd/120gr.

1.4 Dried Jasmine Tea

Not only men love tea but also women love to drink tea. Dried jasmine tea, also known as jasmine tea, is the favorite drink of Vietnamese women. The reason, called jasmine tea because fresh tea leaves are steeped with snow-white flowers. Dried jasmine tea has an extremely high content of etheric essential oils.
Tea leaves are usually harvested in the spring to preserve the purest flavor. Jasmine tea has a subtle, deep sweetness. This type of tea is very popular with women because of their faint, very pleasant aroma.
Some of the uses of dried jasmine tea include:
  • Protect and maintain a stable heart rhythm
  • Prevents the formation of tumors and cancer cells
  • Rich in strong antioxidants, help prevent skin aging, prevent pigmentation and freckles
  • Strengthen the body’s resistance and immune system to stay healthy
  • Support to reduce inflammation, anti-inflammatory, treat joint pain

The price of dried jasmine tea on the market is 170,000 VND/kg. Dung Ha type 1 dried jasmine tea is priced at 140,000 VND/kg. First class goods, high quality, carefully packed, discreet.

2. What are the most expensive Vietnamese teas?


2.1 Dried butterfly pea tea

Topping the list of the most expensive Vietnamese teas is dried butterfly pea tea. In Oriental Medicine, butterfly pea flower tea is also known by other names such as blue phalaenopsis tea. The outstanding feature that makes this delicious tea is the purple heart color that looks extremely fancy. Not only in the color, the aroma, use and taste of butterfly pea tea is also superior to all other teas.
In the list of the most expensive tea in the Vietnamese market, it is located entirely in the butterfly pea flower. Butterfly pea flower has an extremely strong and intense vitality. They have the ability to grow and develop even in places with harsh climate conditions, hot or cold.
With a distinctive purple color. When made into tea, the tea water also has an extremely strange purple color. The tea has a distinctive, delicious taste of the butterfly pea flower. The taste is not too bitter. Gently click your lips and you can feel the scent of butterfly pea flower lingering on your lips.
Butterfly pea flowers contain extremely high levels of antioxidants. Therefore, drinking butterfly pea flower tea has the following benefits:
  • Protect your eyes always clear, healthy, prevent pain and eye strain
  • Repel the attack of harmful acid radicals
  • Fades scars, melasma and freckles
  • Culinary coloring

The price of dried butterfly pea flower tea on the market is 850,000 VND/kg. The price of Dung Ha butterfly pea flower tea is 750,000 VND/kg.

2.2 Ha Giang ancient Shan Tuyet tea

Northwest Vietnam has majestic mountains, wonderful scenery, people live in harmony with nature. This place is famous for its national cultural traditions as well as beautiful landscapes. In particular, it is impossible not to mention the drink that helps people overcome the cold of the Northwest, which is the ancient Ha Giang shan Tuyet tea.

The Northwest climate is cool, which is a convenient condition for plants to grow on their own without needing to be cared for by human hands. It is a tall and big tree in the forest. They grow naturally and are cared for very carefully by mother nature. The average height of that tree is 1400m – 1500m above sea level.
The interesting point of Shan Tuyet tea is the altitude. They grow tall through the clouds and are surrounded by fog all year round. Unlike other teas, Ha Giang’s ancient Shan Tuyet tea produces very little. The harvesting process is also difficult and dangerous because they are too high.
The tea bud is grayish-white in color, the bottom is covered with a layer of fine white fluff. The fragrance is gentle, subtly lingering on the human heart. The sweetness is not strong, not light and pure.
The vitamin content in Shan Tuyet tea is extremely abundant. They provide the following benefits:
  • Anti-aging, prevent melasma, freckles, pimples
  • Eliminate toxins in the body
  • Relieve pressure, stress

The price of Ha Giang ancient Shan Tuyet tea of Dung Ha type is priced at 650,000 VND/kg.

2.3 Ninh Binh Golden Camellia Flower Tea

Golden Flower Tea is also known as Kim Hoa Camellia. This is a type of yellow tea tree found in the southwestern region of Guangxi province (China). In Vietnam, yellow flower tea is found in areas such as: Tam Dao, Da Lat, Lam Dong, Nghe An,… Among these places, yellow flower tea has never been appreciated. The most famous yellow flower tea is Ninh Binh. Ninh Binh Golden Camellia Flower Tea is a masterpiece of art that many people seek to buy.
Yellow Flower Tea is extremely expensive compared to other teas. The reason is that the yellow flower tree must be planted and fertilized for 3 years before it can be harvested. The harvested part is the yellow flower. Yellow flowers are harvested from trees 4 – 5 years old and up. Flowers will bloom from November to February of the lunar calendar.
When brewed, the tea will have a yellow color true to its name. Each time, just use about 5-7 yellow flowers. Yellow flower tea has a natural light aroma, not too acrid taste. It is the favorite drink of the majority of women.
Ninh Binh Golden Camellia Golden Flower Tea brings a lot of uses:
  • Maintain stable blood pressure
  • Enhance blood circulation
  • Anti-inflammatory allergy
  • Prevents the formation of clots that cause blood vessel occlusion
  • Controlling tumor formation

The price of Ninh Binh Golden Camellia Flower Tea sold at Dung Ha is VND 950,000/box.

2.4 South African Red Tea (Red Rooibos Tea)

The list of the most expensive Vietnamese teas is South African Red Tea. This tea is not grown mainly in Vietnam. They originate from South Africa and are imported to Vietnam at extremely high prices.
South African red tea is also known as red tea or red bush tea. This is a herbal tea and they have nothing to do with green or black tea.
Just like any other tea, South African black tea is cut by hand. The stems and leaves will be tied in bundles. The bundles will be lined up or smashed.
South African red tea will be brewed with hot water. When enjoying, the tea has a sweet taste, vanilla flavor, honey flavor, herbs, caramel flavor. A little cool from the mint flavor. For South Africans, they enjoy this tea by adding milk or honey to enhance the flavor.
The benefits of Rooibos tea can be listed as:
  • Does not contain caffeine to cause insomnia
  • Provides powerful antioxidant content
  • Protect and promote heart health
  • Balance blood sugar
  • Reduce the risk of cancer

The price of South African red tea on the market is priced at 410,000 VND/500g. The price of South African black tea grade 1 Dung Ha sells for 390,000vnd/500gr.

3. Conclusion

Above is a detailed article that answers questions about the most delicious and expensive Vietnamese teas available on the market. Drinking tea has become a habit of Vietnamese people. Drinking tea in winter will help your body become warmer. In the summer, drinking tea will help your body overcome the harsh heat. Hope this article will bring you more useful information.

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