Goji berry chrysanthemum tea – great drink for health

cách pha trà táo đỏ kỷ tử

Goji berry chrysanthemum tea – great drink for health

Chrysanthemums, red apples, goji berries are nutritious dry foods and bring many health benefits. Goji berry chrysanthemum tea is the perfect drink when combining all three ingredients. Regular use of this tea will bring significant improvements to health. Here, Dry Food will provide you with the most useful information about this nutritious tea.

trà táo đỏ kỷ tử
Delicious and nutritious drink for health

The use of chrysanthemum tea red apple goji berry

Goji berry chrysanthemum tea is the perfect combination of 3 precious herbs. So this drink covers the uses of each type of ingredient.

Benefits of chamomile tea

Chamomile tea contains nutritious ingredients such as Vitamin A, minerals Zinc, Ka, Na and many essential acids. Besides, there are no harmful substances in tea such as cholesterol, fat and protein. With such nutritional content, the regular use of chrysanthemum tea brings many health benefits.

  • Prevent the risk of cardiovascular disease

Chamomile tea can fight aging and lower cholesterol thanks to its flavonoid component. Thereby, helping to strengthen the vessel wall, reducing the incidence of fatty blood disease in the body and cardiovascular-related symptoms.

  • Treatment of colds

If you have a cold, drinking chamomile tea is the perfect medicine to keep your body healthy. Chamomile tea will help reduce fever, relieve headaches, increase body temperature and make the patient feel more comfortable and comfortable.

trà hoa cúc khô
Dried chrysanthemum tea has many good effects
  • Regulate blood pressure, help sleep better

When you often lose sleep due to stress or stress, using chrysanthemum tea will help you to be more stable and comfortable. Drinking a cup of tea before going to bed will help you fall asleep more easily and sleep more deeply. Regular use every day will help improve insomnia significantly.

  • Reduce the risk of cancer

Ingredients in chamomile tea help inhibit the growth of free radicals – the cause of some cancers. If diligently using tea regularly 2-5 times a week will reduce the incidence of diseases, especially thyroid cancer.

  • Some other uses

Chamomile tea also helps to purify the body, strengthen the resistance, good for the digestive system, … Especially, for women experiencing menstrual pain, a cup of chrysanthemum tea during menstruation will make the body more comfortable.

The benefits of jujube

  • Support diabetes treatment

This is considered an effective medicine for patients with diabetes. Goji berries have the effect of reducing blood sugar and cholesterol significantly. Regular and reasonable use of goji berries will help improve diabetes.

  • Good for eyes

The polysaccharides in goji berries help protect the eyes from damage caused by oxidative reactions in tissues and cells. The high content of zeaxanthin helps to reduce the impact of ultraviolet rays on the cornea. Therefore, to improve eyesight and protect eyes from harmful agents, you can use goji berries to achieve good results.

kỷ tử
Goji berry – good medicine for everyone’s health
  • Improve immune system

Goji berries have a stimulating effect on the digestive enzyme lysozyme. This is an enzyme that has immunity and prevents the invasion of bacteria and viruses. Therefore, using goji berries will help the body stay healthy and have good resistance when the weather changes.

  • In addition, goji berries also have other effects

– Good for people with stomach disease
-Helps relieve pain and heal wounds
-Improve body weakness
– Protect the liver, help the liver work healthy.

The effect of red apple

  • Improve sleep

The saponin in jujube is especially effective in reducing stress, stabilizing the mind, and is good for the brain. Therefore, jujube is used by many people to reduce insomnia, help sleep easier and sleep more deeply.

  • Improve memory, good for the brain

In goji berries, especially the skin, contains active ingredients that help protect the brain from harmful agents. Enhance brain circulation, good for memory, prevent the risk of Alzheimer’s disease

  • Good for the heart

In the composition of red apple contains sodium and potassium elements to help blood vessels circulate and stabilize blood pressure. In addition, the right amount of fiber and polyphenols helps to reduce cholesterol, good for people with high blood pressure. To keep your heart healthy, you should use 2-3 red apples/day.

  • Helps with weight control

Like beet juice and chia seed juice, jujube is also extremely beneficial for the digestive tract. Using 1 apple about 15 minutes before a meal will significantly reduce the amount of calories. That’s because the large amount of fiber in apples aids in the metabolism of sugar and cholesterol in food.

táo đỏ khô
Jujube has many benefits when used appropriately
  • In addition to the above effects, red apples also have many health benefits

-Strengthens immunity, supports cancer prevention
-Helps keep bones strong
-Make wounds heal quickly, prevent infection
-Helps skin smooth, young and beautiful
-Reduces the risk of asthma

Thus, in general, goji berry chrysanthemum tea has a very useful effect on the health of the user. Not only helps prevent many diseases, but also a drink to relax the spirit. You should use a cup of tea every day to have a healthy body.

How to make goji berry chrysanthemum tea

So how to make goji berry chrysanthemum tea to have the most effective effect? Here, the News column will guide you to make tea properly and keep the nutritional composition of each ingredient.


01 teaspoon of goji berries
+ 7-10 dried chrysanthemum tea flowers
+ 2-3 red apples
+ Honey, boiling water (can replace honey with rock sugar)
+ Utensils: strainer, teapot, cooking pot, tea bag,…
cách pha trà táo đỏ kỷ tử
Use a cup of tea every day to help the body be healthier

Instructions on how to brew

Step 1: Wash the tea

To make tea when brewing has a beautiful color, eye-catching and fragrant, you need to remove the dirt and impurities in the tea. This is very simple, you put the ingredients including dried chrysanthemum tea, goji berries, red apple into specialized cloth bags. Dip the bag through the boiled water and then lift it out immediately for a quick removal of impurities. Soaking for too long will lose the flavor and nutrients in the tea.

If you don’t have time, you can rinse it with boiling water.
Step 2: Brew tea
Put the ingredients you just washed above into a teapot or medium-sized pot. Next, pour boiling water about 90 degrees Celsius into the tea mixture. Cover the tea to infuse the water. You can add a little rock sugar or honey to make the tea easier to drink
Step 3: Make tea
After brewing the tea for about 15-20 minutes, strain the tea grounds and keep the water for drinking.
Standard chamomile tea will have a light brown color, pleasant aroma and clear water. The tea has a natural herbal taste and is not too acrid.

When is the best time to use goji berry chrysanthemum tea?

The point to note when using red apple chamomile tea is that it should not be used on an empty stomach. Because otherwise, tea will cause stomach pain, gastric juice is affected and the body has a sudden drop in blood sugar. For those who are easily drunk with tea, the body will be uncomfortable with symptoms such as headache, nausea, …

sử dụng trà hoa cúc táo đỏ kỷ tử đúng cách
Nên sử dụng trà sau bữa ăn khoảng 4 tiếng
Therefore, it is best to drink tea about 4 hours after eating. You can drink tea in the afternoon or evening before going to bed. At this time, tea will help the digestive system work better.
In addition, when choosing tea ingredients, you need to buy them at reputable establishments and addresses to ensure health.

Do you refer to clean, quality teas? tại đây

The above article is detailed information about goji berry chrysanthemum tea. Hopefully, through this sharing, you have understood the basic knowledge about this perfect drink. Good luck!


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