How to preserve fresh grape seaweed, raisin seaweed for a long time without spoiling


How should we preserve the grape seaweed without using it? This is probably a question that many housewives are very interested in. In order for the grape seaweed to be always fresh, fragrant and crispy after each bag is opened, it must be properly preserved. Together with Dung Ha Dry Food, learn more details about how to preserve fresh grape seaweed at home for a long time without spoiling.

1. What is grape seaweed?

According to the Wikipedia page, it says: “Grape seaweed is a type of seaweed with the scientific name Caulerpa Lentillifera. The English transliteration is Green Caviar. It is a type of seaweed that contains a lot of minerals, vitamins and valuable components. Other nutritional value is good for health.On the surface, seaweed looks like a bunch of beautiful green caviar.


Seaweed is naturally distributed in Southeast Asia, Japan and the Pacific Ocean. The amount of natural grape seaweed is heavily exploited, so it is likely to become extinct. Currently, in Vietnam, seaweed has been successfully grown in Khanh Hoa. But the quality of grape seaweed here is not as good as the grape seaweed found in nature.
Grape seaweed is exploited a lot and is mainly used in cuisine. Common grape seaweed is used in salads, salads, sour foods, snacks. This is really a product from the sea that is very good for the Healthy weight loss diet of women. Grape seaweed has a fairly high nutritional content. It is very easy to use, but it is important that you know how to properly store grape seaweed.

2. How to preserve fresh grape seaweed, dewatered grape seaweed to use for a long time without spoiling?

2.1 Preservation of fresh seaweed

Fresh grape seaweed after buying, needs to be stored in airtight conditions. If you expose grape seaweed to too much outside air, the nutrients in grape seaweed will gradually disappear. If:

  • Store airtight, shelf life will be 3-5 days
  • Do not store airtight, shelf life is only 3 days
If storing at room temperature or if the bag is not sealed, do not close the lid of the container. The recommended shelf life with fresh grape seaweed should only be used for 2-3 days. After 3 days, grape seaweed began to appear more smelly.
Next, absolutely do not store fresh grape seaweed in the refrigerator. Because, fresh grape seaweed is still alive, still needs photosynthesis. Putting it in the refrigerator will make the grape seaweed separate faster and more easily spoil.

2.2 Preservation of raisin seaweed (dehydrated grape seaweed)

If fresh grape seaweed can only be preserved for 3-5 days, raisin seaweed can be preserved longer. Cause because:

  • Dried grape seaweed (or dehydrated grape seaweed) has been used by water separation and vacuum technology. Shelf life can be extended for 6 months at room temperature – 8 months in the refrigerator. When using, just take a sufficient amount of grape seaweed. If you don’t use it all, tie the bag tightly and put it back in the fridge.


To extend the shelf life of raisins, you should avoid leaving them in places with direct sunlight or high temperatures. When not using the grape seaweed, seal the bag and store it in the refrigerator. A highlight of raisin seaweed compared to fresh grape seaweed.

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2.3 Why is it important to store grape seaweed in the right conditions?

Must preserve grape seaweed in the right environment to keep them fresh and nutritious. Grape seaweed is a green vegetable that is very susceptible to spoilage, mold and spoilage if not stored properly. If the grape seaweed is damaged, they will lose their natural sweetness as well as their nutritional value. Storing in the right environment has many benefits, including:

  • Keep grape seaweed fresh: Preserving grape seaweed in the right environment helps keep them fresh, keeping the natural sweetness of grape seaweed.
  • Ensure hygiene: Storing in the right environment also helps to ensure hygiene when preparing food. Avoid bacteria and external pathogens
  • Increase shelf life of grape seaweed: Storing grape seaweed in the right environment will help a longer storage time. Avoid spoilage, save costs and prevent food waste.

Therefore, to keep the grape seaweed fresh, delicious, clean and nutritious. You should store them in a suitable environment, properly preserved.

2.4 How to identify damaged grape seaweed?

If you do not store grape seaweed properly, it is easy to spoil grape seaweed. Here are some signs to identify damaged grape seaweed:

  • Color: Fresh grape seaweed, dehydrated grape seaweed often have beautiful, bright colors. By eye, if you see brown grape seaweed, abnormal black spots on the surface, … it is a sign of damaged grape seaweed
  • Taste: Fresh grape seaweed often has a characteristic fishy taste, a little salty. If you see that grape seaweed has a strange smell, very unpleasant, slightly sour and bitter taste, … That is a sign of damaged grape seaweed.
  • All the liquid in the grape seaweed body flows out
  • Grape seaweed liquid is opaque black


The above signs will help you recognize when grape seaweed is damaged. So that you can avoid using spoiled grape seaweed to ensure safety for your health.

2.5 Notes when using grape seaweed?

When using grape seaweed, you need to note the following points to ensure safety:

  • Wash grape seaweed before use: Grape seaweed needs to be washed or soaked with water for about 30 minutes before processing. This purpose is to reduce the salty taste and eliminate the fishy smell of grape seaweed
  • Do not eat too much grape seaweed: Although grape seaweed is very good for health. You should not eat often because it will affect the thyroid gland
  • Grape seaweed should not be processed at high temperature: Grape seaweed is often used in salads and salads. You just need to decorate the grape seaweed on top of the dish, under the sauce, mix well and enjoy
  • Pregnant women should not use grape seaweed: Although grape seaweed is very nutritious, it is good for health. But salads and salads with grapes are often eaten directly without being cooked. Pregnant women must eat very easily, stomach pain.

3. Conclusion

Above is a detailed article that fully answers the question of how to preserve fresh grape seaweed, simple and effective home-made grape seaweed that can be used for a long time. Hopefully, through the above article, you will have more experience in preserving products as well as processing countless more delicious dishes. Don’t forget to follow the news section for more interesting information.

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