[Synthesis] Sun-tolerant vegetables – the more sun, the more they grow


Light is essential for plants to absorb nutrients and photosynthesize. Especially for sun-tolerant vegetables, temperature is a necessary and sufficient condition for them to grow healthy. Vegetables grown in hot weather like summer must be vegetables with extremely good heat tolerance. With Dung Ha Dry Food learn in detail about sun-resistant varieties – the bigger the sun, the stronger they grow.

1. What are sun-tolerant vegetables?

Sun-tolerant vegetables are vegetables that can withstand high temperatures and hot sun. In particular, these vegetables do not like the shade. And when planted in the cold season, they are extremely underdeveloped. The hottest sun is the summer of the North. In other words, these are vegetables that can only be grown in the northern summer weather. The minimum temperature for the plant to grow is about 30 – 37 degrees Celsius.


Called sun-tolerant vegetables, they need to be grown in places with lots of direct sunlight. Can be planted in the large garden, in the attic or balcony. Wherever there is a lot of sun, the better. Sunlight is the weapon for plants to photosynthesize as well as absorb nutrients for strong growth. When the temperature is right, the seeds will germinate faster. Most of these vegetables germinate at a standard temperature of 25-30 degrees Celsius.
So, what are the good sun-tolerant vegetables? Let’s find out together now.


2. The best sun-tolerant vegetables – the more sun the better they thrive?

2.1 Water spinach seeds

The first list of heat-resistant vegetables is water spinach. Water spinach is very close to humans. Water spinach is easy to grow, has good heat tolerance, and is quickly harvested for quality finished products. There are not only heat-resistant water spinach, but also extremely impressive water-resistant water spinach. They can grow on the banks of ditches. People call this water spinach.
To be able to grow water spinach is very simple. You just need a small, beautiful, porous, fertile soil and you can grow morning glory in a foam box. The planting location is not too demanding, wherever there is a lot of light in your home, you can put the water spinach-like foam box there. Water the seeds from time to time to help them germinate quickly.


In the process of growing water spinach, you need to soak the water spinach seeds in warm water for about 2 hours. When planted, water spinach only takes about 45 days to get the finished product. When harvesting, cut the tree to only about 3cm and the tree will continue to sprout. One crop of water spinach will give you 5 harvests.
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2.2 Spinach seeds

Spinach, also known as spinach (Northern transliteration), is also a vegetable that tolerates heat extremely well. Spinach is also a cool vegetable, cooling the body extremely well on hot summer days. However, spinach is popular in summer and autumn. The right time to plant neem is from May to September.


Spinach is also a relatively heat-tolerant vegetable. They only adapt and grow well with temperatures from 20 to 35 degrees Celsius. When the temperature is below 15 degrees Celsius, the plant immediately slows down. Spinach is also grown in winter, but in winter, you will have to take care of the plant like taking care of a child, so it is also rarely planted in winter. It is best to plant in the summer simply, without much care.
Before planting spinach, you need to soak the spinach seeds in warm water for 4 hours. The soil needs to be porous, the pH of the soil is between 6 – 6.5. Spinach is a climbing plant, so you need to make a trellis for them. The harvested part of spinach is the leaves. It takes about 50 days to produce the finished product. Mature plants also give seeds, this is the seed you use as a seed to plant to save money.
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2.3 Lettuce seeds

Lettuce is a favorite raw vegetable of many people in Vietnamese cuisine. Eating lettuce in the summer is extremely cool for the body. Lettuce grows extremely well in all kinds of weather conditions. But perhaps, the right time for green, quality, pest-free vegetables is in the summer.
Growing lettuce is as simple as any other vegetable. All you need is a styrofoam box, loose soil and a packet of lettuce seeds, and you’ll have a perfectly fresh, cool vegetable for this summer. Lettuce sprouts take about 7-10 days. The process to harvest lettuce takes from 30-35 days. This is a short-season vegetable that is extremely easy to grow.


There are many varieties of lettuce seeds on the market. But perhaps, the most popular and most used is the curly lettuce seed. Curly lettuce is used most often in grilled dishes or salad rolls. Eating with salads will help you feel less tired and this is an extremely good cooling dish.
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2.4 Pea Seeds

One of the best heat-resistant vegetable seeds in the summer is peas. Beans are an extremely delicious dish, popular on hot days in the North. Beans can be processed into many delicious dishes such as summer soup or stir-fried with extremely nutritious beef.
Peas are a climbing plant, so when planting, you need to build a trellis for them to climb. The process of fertilizing peas is also relatively complicated. As a heat tolerant plant, they only thrive in temperatures between 18-35 degrees Celsius. Lower temperatures slow down their growth. During the planting process, you need to soak the seeds with warm water from 48 – 52 degrees Celsius for 1 hour.


The pea varieties only take 5-7 days to germinate. Harvest time falls within 90 days from the date of sowing. A planting season, peas will harvest from 2 to 3 crops depending on the purpose of harvesting young or old fruit. When fruiting, peas have flowers and this flower is very attractive to bees to suck nectar. Therefore, you should plant peas in spacious, airy places. Limit planting in narrow balcony areas that will attract insects.
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2.5 Cabbage seeds (yellow kale)

Today’s final list of sun-tolerant vegetables is collard greens. Spinach is also known as the golden mustard greens. This vegetable, when mature, has an extremely fancy yellow flower. Kale is a vegetable that can be grown all year round and gives a very good yield. But perhaps, the time of ripening of cabbage is from July to March next year. It only takes 45 – 55 days for you to have a delicious harvest of peach branches.


Cabbage is very crispy, sweet and delicious. This vegetable is popular in the North on hot sunny days. Eating cabbage soup is really sweet and cool, cooling well. As a green vegetable, so the amount of fiber in spinach is extremely good for the digestive system. Just a small styrofoam box, accompanied by a sufficient amount of soil, you can completely grow cabbage quickly at home.
Not just vegetables to eat. Cabbage is also grown by many farmers to attract tourists to take pictures. The bright yellow color of vegetables combined with the clear blue sky will surely give you the best photo.
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3. Conclude

Above is the entire article detailing answers about good heat-tolerant vegetables that Dry Food has shared with readers. Most of these vegetables you can completely find them in rural areas of Vietnam. Grown completely in the sun without any protection. When there is a lack of sunlight, the growth process will immediately slow down. Moreover, these vegetables are completely simple to grow at home. It is important that you plant in a place with lots of light as well as find quality seeds. Hopefully, the above information will be useful for women who love farming.
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