tác dụng của hạt mắc khén

When going to explore the Northwest region, you can’t help but enjoy Lam rice at the white stone pass along with grilled meat that makes visitors feel excited. Asking people about it, it is the dried macadamia nut that creates the distinctive flavor of the Northwest mountains. It is Mac Khen seed spice

What is macadamia nut? 

Mac Khen seed spice are one of the most popular and indispensable spices in the dishes of the Thai ethnic group. Macken is likened to the culinary soul of the Northwest. It has long been famous in the market, used by many people, especially housewives. Macken seeds have long become a familiar traditional spice in most dishes of ethnic minorities. Contributing to bring its own color to the cuisine here. Although its name has spread everywhere, crept into everyone’s kitchen. But there are still many people who are confused and bewildered when mentioning the name “mac Khen”. Then let’s explore this magical spice with!!!

Macadamia nuts

The tree is a large and tall tree. Every year around June-July of the solar calendar, Mac Khen flowers and bears fruit. By November, the mac Khen seeds begin to ripen. People often climb the tree, break each bunch, bring it to dry or hang it on the kitchen attic, to use for the whole year.

When ripe, the fruit is usually pale pink, the inside of the seed is black, as small as a sesame seed. You should use mac Khen seeds when you have just picked them to enjoy the fresh taste. When it is still fresh, you can feel the aroma, the most delicious characteristic. However, you can also prepare it into dried macadamia nuts and store them for long-term use.

Composition of macadamia nuts

Most people when using Mac Khen seed spice think that this is simply a famous spice of the Northwest. But few people know that macadamia nuts also have many other uses, bringing many health benefits, specifically:

The macadamia nut has a mild scent that makes you feel like you are inhaling essential oils. Feeling of relaxation, lightness
In the bark, there are 2 alkaloids: budrungain 0.00025% and budrungainin 0.005%; lupeol. The fruit contains essential oils and 0.24% alkaloids. At the same time, the seeds contain antibacterial substances. It helps the user to have a better resistance against pathogens. The pods contain d-terpinene, d-a-dihydrocarveol, d-a-phellandrene, 4-caren, b-pinene, 4-terpineol, dl-cavotanacetone. These substances help treat flatulence, rheumatism, build a healthy digestive system, lose tone of the stomach thanks to the presence of antibacterial substances.

Macadamia nuts are not only an excellent spice , but also the soul of Northwest cuisine. It is also a miracle drug, bringing many benefits to human health.

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Uses of macadamia nuts

We are all too familiar with macadamia nuts as a spice used in many dishes to enhance flavor. Today, will reveal to you more of the great uses of fenugreek for health.

Macadamia nuts help treat joint pain

Soak cocoon with alcohol. This mixture is used to massage for joint pain, reduce bruising, and blood clots in the limbs. Alcohol also has the effect of supporting the treatment of bone and joint diseases, gout, reducing back pain….Used in moderation will help you have a strong skeleton.

The effect of macadamia nuts

Antibacterial effect of macadamia nuts

With 0.24% alkaloids and essential oils found in macadamia nuts, it has an effective antibacterial effect. Your body increases resistance, reduces the risk of diseases such as blood infections, viral fever, malaria. Macken seeds are also used to detoxify from insects, food poisoning, poisonous snake bites.

Treat colds with macadamia nuts 

Mac Khen has a warm, characteristic aroma and a pungent taste. Has the effect of reducing colds, antibacterial and warming your body. In addition, it also reduces bloating, stimulates the digestive system, treats flatulence, relieves stomach pain, intestinal diseases. Contributes to a healthy digestive system.

How to process macadamia nuts?

Currently, many stores sell roasted and pre-ground mac Khen nuts. When you buy ready-made, you only need to use it without preliminary processing. But if you buy raw , whole-grain macadamias, you need to prepare it before using:

Step 1: Screen the macadamia nuts

Step 2: Put a handful of medium-sized macadamia nuts on a hot pan, stirring constantly and evenly. This step requires you to be very careful. If you do not pay attention, the nuts will be very flammable. Should roast the mac Khen seeds at a moderate low heat and stir well

Step 3: After 2 to 3 minutes, when you see that the hookah in the pan is smoking and starting to have a mild aroma. This is the time when the pickles are ripe. Once there, turn off the heat and pour the macadamia nuts onto a tray.

Step 4: After roasting, you should not pound or grind it, but you should wait for about 30 minutes for the mac ken to cool completely. If you grind it while it’s still hot, it won’t create a smooth finish because it contains a lot of essential oils.


+ Should only roast a sufficient amount of makhan, enough to eat in a short time. If you roast too much, it will lose the characteristic flavor of this spice.

+ No need to grind as fine as pepper, just grind or grind just right.

Dishes made with macadamia nuts 

Mac Khen seed spice is a spice that people liken to the wild pepper. Therefore, it is also used for seasoning, marinating fish, meat or making sauces. Although also related to pepper. But compared to pepper in the South and Central Highlands, Mac Khen has a characteristic aroma and is many times more fragrant and unique. In particular, the macadamia nut causes a tingling sensation at the tip of the tongue when tasting it, which is very interesting.

Unlike pepper, mac Khen seeds do not have a pungent taste and do not rush to the nose. The smell of the mackerel is mild, giving you a feeling of relaxation and refreshment like you are inhaling essential oils. When you smell it, you will feel the sweetness, a warm scent that is very attractive. When biting the fruit, you will feel a bit numb at the tip of your tongue along with a slight bitter taste. Left in the throat, the last is a fragrant, sweet aftertaste inside the mouth. Just 1 teaspoon of Mac Khen seasoning when cooking will help increase the deliciousness, aroma and flavor of the dish.

There are many dishes that would not be that dish without the spice . It can be said that cocoa is the soul of those dishes. Some typical dishes:

Kitchen guard meat

In the mountainous provinces of the Northwest, there is often a unique dish that is very famous. It is the dry meat dish such as: buffalo meat guarding the kitchen, pork guarding the kitchen, beef guarding the kitchen …

Kitchen guard meat

When enjoying these dishes, we often feel the faint smell of smoke clinging to the surface of the meat. There is also a very special taste and aroma, which is the macadamia nut.

Grilled chicken with ma Khen

Grilled chicken seems to be a familiar dish. But you should try once to eat grilled chicken marinated with mac Khen seeds. Exciting things are waiting for you to discover ahead, believe me. After pre-processing, the chicken should be marinated thoroughly and wait for about 30 minutes to absorb the spices. Then bake. The dish brings a unique aroma, delicious and strange taste. Guaranteed to taste better than the usual way of baking that you often do, definitely eat once will remember forever.

Northwest grilled meat

The Northwest also has grilled dishes combined with Mac Khen seed spice that is not only delicious but also have a very fragrant smell. Using grilled fish and meat with mac Khen seeds will bring out the characteristic aroma. In addition, it also helps to mask their unpleasant fishy smell.

Do cross occipital

Diagonal occipital is a traditional spice of the Northwestern people. This dish is commonly used in the daily meals of Thai people. Although not a delicacy, but occipital cross has become the typical flavor of the Northwest mountains.

The combination of doi seed spices, grilled fresh chili, salt, grilled garlic, Chinese smell and more especially, mac Khen (wild pepper). The spices are pounded together according to the standard ratio. Create a famous sauce only in the Northwest.

Some notes when using macadamia nuts

Because of its distinctive aroma and its applicability, many people love this spice. They carelessly use without learning about this nut. You need to be aware that if used improperly, it can lead to poisoning, even going to the emergency room. So, need to make sure how and when to use?

Who can use macadamia nuts?

There is no strong spicy taste like mac Khen seeds, but only a little bit of acrid, numbing the tip of the tongue. Add it to any dish, so you can make delicious dishes for the whole family to enjoy.

Not for any audience?

People with heat in the body, prone to acne or constipation should limit use. Because it is warm, eating it will affect your condition more

Where can I buy macadamia nuts in Hanoi?

In Hanoi, you can buy Mac Khen seed spice at Dung Ha Agricultural Store . Dung Ha’s macadamia nuts are dry, unroasted, unroasted macadamia nuts. 100% natural exploitation in the Northwest forest (Dien Bien, Lao Cai, Lai Chau, Yen Bai,…) has been removed the dry parts. After that, it is dried and carefully preserved to provide the best product to the market. Packed according to customer requirements (about 300gr – 1kg) and stored for 6-12 months in a dry place.

Address: No. 11 Kim Dong, Giap Bat Ward, Hoang Mai District, Ho Chi Minh City. Hanoi or A10, Lane 100, Trung Kinh Street, Yen Hoa Ward, Cau Giay District.

Immediately call the phone number: 1900 986865 – 1900 986865 for advice – Nationwide delivery and payment at home.


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