See immediately the notes when using tapioca flour

uống bột sắn dây chín

As you probably already know, tapioca flour is a nutritious ingredient that has a very good cooling effect and purifies the body. In addition, this is also a powder that is easy to prepare and can cook many delicious dishes. However, if used improperly, it can cause some serious consequences. Please read immediately note when using tapioca flour that Dry Food shares in the article below.

Note when using tapioca flour

According to research, tapioca flour has quite a variety of effects. For example, cooling down, improving cerebral and coronary circulation. It also helps to reduce blood sugar, regulate dyslipidemia, lower blood pressure, and prevent arrhythmias. In addition, tapioca powder supports detoxification, anti-aging and cancer treatment… Although very nutritious, if eaten improperly, it will cause unpredictable side effects.


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Use tapioca flour with honey

The issue of using tapioca flour and honey is still of great interest to many people. There are some opinions that these two ingredients combined will create a toxic substance. This substance is life-threatening. Some other opinions suggest that these two ingredients together can cure gastritis. There is no official conclusion yet. But to preserve and protect health, you should still avoid sharing tapioca flour and honey.

Drinking tapioca flour can cause pregnancy

Pregnant women should note when drinking tapioca flour, if the body is hot, it is very good to drink cassava, but if the person is cold, the body is tired, and there are signs of low blood pressure, it is not recommended to drink cassava because it will increase the cold. In case the mother has signs of passivity but due to uterine contractions, tapioca flour should not be used.

Do not drink unripe tapioca

Anything eaten in excess is not healthy. Even normal healthy people should not drink more than 1 glass of tapioca juice per day. The best way to drink cassava is to drink it ripe and only give a little sugar.


Many people have a habit of marinating pomelo flowers in tapioca flour to make the drink more fragrant. However, this habit should be abandoned, because pomelo flowers will reduce the medicinal properties of cassava flour significantly. It also makes the dough not preserved for a long time.

Do not mix too much sugar

If using tapioca flour to drink alcohol, you should add a little salt to make it easier to drink. In case of drinking with added sugar, it should only be mixed with just enough sweetness, because tapioca flour mixed with sugar will not be good for health.

Feeding young children raw tapioca flour can cause diarrhea

For children, tapioca flour is a form of starch filtered from the tapioca plant. It has very strong solderability. Children’s bodies are generally immature. So, if using raw powder, it will be easy to get cold stomach and diarrhea.

Distinguish pure tapioca flour and fake tapioca flour

Today, on the market, there are two types of tapioca flour from Vietnam and China. Chinese tapioca flour gives more flour. But not fragrant and not as good quality as Vietnam’s tapioca flour. In addition, for profit, many people often mix flour into tapioca flour to make a profit. It is best to choose our country’s tapioca flour at reputable selling points. Or you can buy fresh cassava and process it yourself to ensure hygiene and safety.

Real tapioca flour has pure white color, natural aroma, large and sharp seeds, powder is not wet, dry. When you taste it, you will feel the crisp, warm taste on the tip of the tongue and melt quickly in the mouth. After the tapioca flour melts, we will feel the natural softness.


When buying tapioca flour, if you see the following signs, you should carefully buy a fake:

  • Mixed with many impurities
  • Seeds are not sharp
  • Unnatural white color, less fragrant or strong smell

With many years of experience in trading clean agricultural products, Dung Ha Agricultural Products is proud to be the market leading distributor of quality tapioca flour. You can contact the hotline: 1900986865 to buy goods as quickly as possible.

Above are some notes when using tapioca flour. Hope you will learn more useful information and have the right way to use this powder. Good luck!


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