[TOP] 5+ clean rice shops of poor quality in Hanoi and HCM


Clean rice shops play an extremely important role in people’s lives. In Vietnam, the image of trees in the water has become a cultural beauty of the people for generations. In big cities like Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh, it is extremely difficult to find agents for clean rice. The use of rice of unknown origin often brings many great risks to health. Dung Ha dry food will share 5 cheap quality and clean rice shops in Hanoi and HCM for customers to use with peace of mind.

1. 5+ Shouldn’t poor quality clean rice shops in Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh be avoided?

1.1 Dung Ha Agricultural Products – Clean food stores in Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh

Leading in the supply chain of clean foods and delicious rice, we cannot fail to mention the Dung Ha brand. Experiencing 8 years with many difficulties and ups and downs at work. Dung Ha today has gained a very strong foothold in the hearts of people everywhere. The delicious rice Dung Ha always imports with full origin and quality inspection papers. Some types of rice are widely used by people such as: Eight Thai rice, Eight Xoan rice, Eight Dien Bien rice, Bac Huong rice,…


Coming to Dung Ha, you not only experience delicious, clean quality rice. Dung Ha shopping space is very diverse with many products such as: dry goods, tea of all kinds, imported fruits, … diverse, cheap, high quality.
Dung Ha’s motto:
  • Always provide clean, quality products at low prices
  • Say no to plant preservatives or harmful chemicals
  • Constantly improving skills, improving quality products
Contact Info:
  • No. 11 Kim Dong – Giap Bat Street – Hoang Mai District – Hanoi
  • A10 – Alley 100 – Trung Kinh Street – Yen Hoa Ward – Cau Giay District – Hanoi
  • No. 02/B Quarter 3 – Trung My Tay 13 Street – District 12 – HCMC
Phone: 1900 986865.
Website: nongsandungha.com

1.2 An Khang Food Import and Export Co., Ltd – The leading agent of delicious rice in Hanoi

An Khang is the leading rice enterprise brand in Vietnam. An Khang specializes in providing food, services, agricultural materials, … with the main product being rice. Over many years of business operation, An Khang Food is proud to be accepted by fastidious customers from all over the country.


With strict supervision and control right from the supply of planted rice varieties. An Khang Food has been on the right track on the path of supplying clean rice with high quality standards. With attentive service, logistics, professionalism, … has brought thousands of clean and delicious meals to many households in remote areas.

Operation motto of An Khang Food:

  • Customers are the focus
  • Specializes in providing clean rice to each household
  • Say no to dirty, poor quality rice
Contact Info:
  • No. 47B Alley 2 Thang Long Boulevard, Me Tri – Nam Tu Liem – Hanoi
Phone: 024.66.554.555
Email: gaoankhang.vn@gmail.com
Website: gaoankhang.vn

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1.3 Viet Huong Chien Trading Production Co., Ltd – Prestigious rice agent in Hanoi

Viet Huong Chien fresh rice is the most prestigious and quality rice in Hanoi. Understanding the precious values of rice grains, Huong Chien is always “customer-centered”. Constantly making efforts to improve self-worth. Always know how to bring to the market Fresh rice – Clean rice – Quality rice.


Not only provide for many households. Viet Huong Chien fresh rice also brings to many agencies, factories, schools, … delicious and quality meals. The core value lies in the wonderful research of the people here.
The core value lies not only in the delicious rice but also the agricultural products such as: sesame, black beans, green beans, peanuts, millet, … also receive a lot of trust from consumers around the world. country. Not only sold in Hanoi but even in cities as far away as the Central and Southern regions, just 1 order placed through the Website will receive rice immediately.

Operation motto of Viet Huong Chien fresh rice:

  • Customer-centric
  • Clean rice, fresh rice, sticky rice, delicious
  • Always bring the perfect meal to customers
Contact Info:
  • No. 47A – Phu Dien Street – North Tu Liem District – Hanoi City
Phone: 0963.360.855
Email: hqc9018@gmail.com
Website: gaomienbac.bizz.vn

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1.4 FAS Vietnam Company – The leading clean rice processing factory in Vietnam

FAS Vietnam has decades of business experience in the field of rice processing and production. The highlight of FAS is its self-sufficiency. Rice varieties will be provided and supported enthusiastically. After the harvest time is up, farmers will be harvested by FAS. These rice varieties will be brought to the factory by FAS and then supplied to the Vietnamese rice market.


FAS Vietnam has become the leading rice supplier in Vietnam. With a team of young Vietnamese with experience and enthusiasm. Besides, it is the innovation in the field of rice business. FAS is bringing a new breeze to the rice market in Vietnam. Opening a digital era of the young knowledge economy in Vietnam.
Operation motto of FAS Vietnam:
  • Rice “fresh” in the field – Rice “clean” at home
  • Quality – hygiene – safety – timeliness
  • Daily milled rice
Contact Info:
  • Room 401 – FAS Building – No. 232 Hoa Binh – Cu Khoi – Long Bien District – Hanoi
Phone: 024.6673.4811 / 6680.4811
Email: sales@fas.com.vn
Website: fas.com.vn

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1.5 Hoa Lua Rice Trading Co., Ltd

Clean rice shops are not only located mainly in Hanoi but also in Ho Chi Minh City. The clean and delicious rice brand trusted by the people here cannot help but mention Hoa Lua Rice.


Hoa Lua Rice Company is a very new birth. Inspired by Tan Thanh Trading Co., Ltd with 20 years of production experience in the field of agro-pharmaceuticals. Tan Thanh Company has boldly applied biotechnology to the fields for the first time. These probiotics are very friendly to humans and the environment. These biological substances are being widely applied in the Mekong Delta, the East, the Central region, the Central Highlands,…
Rice flower rice is the perfect combination between rice material and rice flower. Rice flowers are the crystallization of the quintessence of heaven and earth. The petals “contemporary” – the most beautiful stage of the “maiden”. To receive and absorb the love from the sun’s blessings. Flower rice is the pioneer clean rice brand using biotechnology extracted 100% from nature. Ensure absolute safety for consumers’ health.

Operation motto of Hoa Lua Rice:

  • Clean rice, Global G.A.P . standard
  • The raw material area is clean and safe for health
  • Using 100% natural extracts
Contact Info:
  • 84 Suong Nguyet Anh, Ben Thanh Ward, District 1, Ho Chi Minh City
Phone: 1900 636,744 (8am – 5pm)
Email: sales@gaohoalua.com
Website: gaohoalua.com

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2. 4 Secrets to selling rice successfully in the clean rice business

  1. Identify potential markets: Research and understand the market, customers, consumer needs to come up with a suitable strategy
  2. Guaranteed product quality: Providing high quality rice, meeting food hygiene and safety standards. The price offered is reasonable compared to the general level of the market to attract customers
  3. Build a good relationship with customers: Offer customer policies, take care of customers to create trust and friendliness. Customers will become long-term business partners
  4. Promote and reach customers effectively: Use effective means of promotion. Expand distribution channels. Reach more customers nationwide through social media channels
Above is a detailed article answering questions about clean rice shops in Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh. If you want to buy and find clean rice shops in Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City, then look for the 5 quality rice addresses above. Hopefully with this meticulous sharing article, you will choose for your family the delicious, quality rice to have the best meal.
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