What is a delicious dish to eat dried Sa worm?


What does the dried safflower do? is a lot of women interested in. The dishes from Sa worm always provide customers with a lot of nutrients. The nature inside the wormwood contains many nutrients. When processed into dishes, users will have more choices or change the menu to eat more deliciously and easily absorb nutrients. If you have dried wormwood but don’t know how to cook it, check out the article of Dung Ha Dry Food on the topic of what to do with dried wormwood!

1. What kind of food is the dried sago to be addicted to?

The dry worm is actually a species of sea worm. They are 15-35cm long. Inside the body there is only a long tube from head to tail and no heart, liver, or lungs. This species of sea worm is often concentrated and exploited in the areas of Mong Cai – Quang Ninh, Con Dao and Nha Trang. Inside, there are 17 kinds of minerals, 18 kinds of amino acids, 12 kinds of saturated fatty acids, 5 kinds of unsaturated fatty acids, 13 kinds of skin unsaturated fatty acids. Besides, the content of water, fiber, carbohydrates, and vitamins is extremely rich. That’s why they are nicknamed “nutrient-rich marine life”.


Fresh worms look very big, the skin is very soft and cool. To easily use them, people here catch them, prepare them, and then dry them. The drying process is also very meticulous and must ensure food hygiene and safety. Nutritional composition in dried wormwood remains the same. In return, they can be easily processed into many delicious and nutritious dishes for users.
Dried Sa Worm is suitable for all ages and genders. Sa Sung is a very favorite dish of all men. Sa worm is very tonic for blood, yang, and enhances male physiological power. For the elderly, it restores the health of the sick. For young children, it stimulates their appetite and prevents poor digestion. Let’s go to the kitchen to answer the question of what to do with dried sage!

1.1 Dried sago soaked in wine

Preparation materials:

  • Dried Sa worm: 1kg
  • Goji berries: 300g
  • Anise: 50gr
  • Cinnamon: 20gr
  • White sticky rice wine: 10 liters
  • Wine decanter

Implementation steps:

  • Buy dried Sa worms, cut off the trunks of Sa worms
  • Rinse the morning with white wine. Drain the wine
  • The wine-soaked bottle is washed, or rinsed with white wine. Use a towel to wipe the water inside the bottle
  • Put the wormwood inside the wine-soaked jar
  • Put goji berries + cinnamon chi + anise into the pot of medicinal wine
  • Pour 10 liters of glutinous rice wine into the jar
  • Close the mouth of the jar to prevent insects from entering
  • Store in a cool, dry place, can be stored at room temperature from 20 – 25 degrees Celsius. In addition, you can lower the soil to drink it will be the most delicious.
  • You should soak it for 3-6 months before using it
  • Each meal uses 1-2 small cups. Sa Sung wine overcomes joint pain, fatigue in limbs, enhances male physiological function, helps teeth and gums to be strong.

1.2 Dried Sa worms cook delicious pho

Preparation materials:

  • Dried Sa worm: 5kg
  • Pork bones: 5kg
  • Broth: 3 liters
  • Cloves, star anise, cardamom, cinnamon, anise: 1 little
  • Noodles: 3kg
  • Green onions: 3 branches
  • Onion: 1 piece
  • Coriander: 1 handful
  • Condiments: Seasoning seeds, main noodles, cooking oil

Implementation steps:

  • Once dried, you cut off the hose. Rinse under clean running water. Dry
  • Scallions cut off the roots, pick up damaged leaves, wash and finely chop
  • Coriander picks up damaged leaves, finely chopped
  • Onions peeled, washed, cut into 4 and then chopped
  • Put the pan on the stove, add cooking oil, wait until the oil is hot for the dried wormwood to cook until it smells good, then turn off the stove.
  • Take out oil absorbent paper
  • North on the stove to boil about 3 liters of water, put the pork bones in to boil to make the water sweet
  • Boiling water, add cloves + star anise + cardamom + cinnamon + pee in it and bring it to a boil
  • Add 2 spoons of MSG + 2 spoons of seasoning + 2 spoons of seasoning + 1 spoon of fish sauce. Stir well, season to taste to see if it is to your taste or not
  • After the water is just right, pour half of the roasted wormwood above and bring it to a boil with the pho broth. The other half, you can cut it into 2 or 3 as you like
  • Cover the pho with boiling water, pour into a bowl. Put green onion + coriander + onion + sage on top, fill with pho broth and enjoy
  • Squeeze more lemon and a little chili sauce to make the dish more delicious

1.3 Fried Sa worm with fish sauce

Preparation materials:

  • Dried Sa worm: 1kg
  • Garlic: 3 branches
  • Ground pepper: 1 teaspoon
  • Gravy: 2 tablespoons
  • Cooking oil

Implementation steps:

  • When dried, you will cut off the head. Wash the worms with clean water, drain
  • Dried garlic peeled, washed, minced finely
  • Put the sago in a bowl, add 2 tablespoons of fish sauce + ground pepper to the sago. Wear nylon gloves, mix well. Marinate the wormwood for about 15 minutes to infuse the spices
  • Put the pan on the stove, put the cooking oil to boil, wait until the oil is hot, then add the minced garlic until it turns golden
  • Put the worms in and fry them evenly on low heat, stir well with low heat
  • Fry until the pan runs out of oil, the dried wormwood is successful. You can taste it to see if your mouth is satisfied or not!

1.4 Sweet and sour sago

Preparation materials:

  • Dried Sa worm: 1kg
  • White sugar: 3 tablespoons
  • Apple Cider Vinegar: 3 tablespoons
  • Chili powder: 1 teaspoon
  • Main noodles: 1 spoon
  • Cooking oil

Implementation steps:

  • The head is cut off and washed under running water. Dry
  • Put 250ml of warm water in a bowl, add 3 spoons of fish sauce + 3 spoons of vinegar + 3 spoons of sugar + paprika. Use chopsticks to beat this sweet and sour mixture. Taste to see if it’s sweet and sour enough for your portion
  • Put the pan on the stove, put 2 tablespoons of cooking oil in it and bring it to a boil. When the oil is hot, fry the wormwood until it turns golden brown
  • Pour the sweet and sour sauce mixture into the sage and also mix it with your hands on low heat
  • Cook until the sweet and sour mixture is absorbed into the sa sung, then turn off the heat, pour it on a plate and enjoy

1.5 Sa Sung Porridge

Preparation materials:

  • Dried Sa worm: 1kg
  • Sticky rice: 300gr
  • Milk oysters: 200g
  • Minced garlic: 3 branches
  • Green onions: 3 branches
  • MSG: 1 tablespoon
  • Cooking oil: 2 tablespoons
  • Seasoning, main noodles

Implementation steps:

  • Wash the rice twice to clean, soak the rice in water for about 30 minutes
  • Dried worms cut off the head, wash under running water. Dry. Cut into small pieces
  • Oysters soaked in water for 2 hours. Using a brush, brush the vermicelli layer from the roll of the oyster lid to the mouth of the oyster lid to clean
  • Remove the cap of the oyster, take the inner part, wash it under the tap and let it dry
  • Garlic peeled, washed, minced
  • Scallions cut off the roots, remove the rotten stalks, finely chop
  • Put a pot of water about 250ml on the stove, put sticky rice in and bring to a boil. Close the lid, cook on low heat for about 30 minutes
  • Put the pan on the stove, add cooking oil, wait until the oil is hot, then add the garlic and fry it until fragrant
  • After the garlic is fragrant, add the wormwood + milk oysters to the island to cook. Next, add spices + seasoning seeds + main noodles and stir well
  • Cooked rice for a long time has turned into porridge, open the lid, put sago + oysters on the island together. Add 1 teaspoon of seasoning seeds + main noodles + seasoning to stir well
  • Put scallions in a bowl, scoop him into the bowl, sprinkle pepper on top, stir well and enjoy

In addition to this, you can also process dried wormwood in powder form so that children from 2 to 3 years old can also use it!

2. What is the current price of dried wormwood?

Although, the price of dried wormwood is quite high, but it is still a product that many people buy. The price of dried wormwood on the market depends on a number of factors such as the place of sale, product quality and origin. Many places sell dried worms, fake goods, and poor quality goods to users in order to gain illicit profits. The use of such products will greatly affect the health, economy and experience of consumers. With a lot of essential nutrients for life. Many people began to worry about the high price of dried wormwood.
How much is the current price of dry wormwood is probably a difficult problem that has not been solved. The price of dried wormwood in the market often fluctuates up and down unstablely. The price of dried wormwood is expensive or cheap, depending on the location of the supply. Specifically:
  • The price of Quang Ninh dried worms is being sold for 2,000,000 VND – 3,000,000 VND/kg. The premium type is priced at: 3,200,000 VND – 4,500,000 VND/kg.
  • The price of Hanoi dried worms, grade 1, is sold for: 3,800,000 VND/kg
  • The price of dried worms in Ho Chi Minh City, grade 1, is being sold for: 4,000,000 VND/kg

It can be seen that the price of dry wormwood in each locality varies greatly. To be able to own dried wormwood at the best price, you should look to Dung Ha Agricultural Products. Dung Ha Agricultural Products is the place to sell cheap dried wormwood in Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh. Committed to high quality type 1 dried wormwood.

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3. Where to buy cheap quality dried wormwood?

3.1 Buy dried wormwood in Hanoi

  • Buying dried wormwood in Hanoi is not simple at all. What customers are most interested in right now is where to buy cheap dried wormwood? The market for dried wormwood in Hanoi is very large. Here, there are many residential markets, seafood stores, dry markets, commercial centers, etc. Finding yourself a reputable and cheap place to sell dried worms in Hanoi is similar to finding a place to sell dried worms in Hanoi. find the needle in the bottom of the tank. You should look to buy dried wormwood at reputable establishments with a business license of the State.
  • Dung Ha Agricultural Products is a reputable and cheap place to sell dried wormwood in Hanoi. In addition, our company also supports remote customers to place orders, fast shipping nationwide. Customers’ satisfaction about products is the driving force for our company to develop on a large scale in the near future.

3.2 Buy dried wormwood in HCMC

  • To find and buy dried wormwood in Ho Chi Minh City is not easy at all. Dried Sa worm is a commodity with great competition and huge output consumption. Recently, the demand to buy dried wormwood of the people in Ho Chi Minh City is showing signs of increasing rapidly again. If you want to buy cheap and reputable dried wormwood, quickly find Dung Ha Agricultural Products.
  • With many years of business experience in the field of Ha Giang specialties, Northwest specialties, dried bean curd,… So all products we supply to consumers are strictly tested according to VietGAP standards. suggest. In addition, the mission of our company is the desire to bring to customers the products “Super clean – Super fast – Super convenient”.

3.3 Buy dried wormwood in Quang Ninh

  • Quang Ninh is the largest place to exploit and catch worms in the country. Quang Ninh Sa worm is known as a type of sea seafood that brings great economic value to the people here. Going to Quang Ninh to travel, many people want to own quality fresh wormwood. In addition to being sold to domestic tourists, Quang Ninh wormwood is also strongly exported to the world.
  • Demand is greater than supply. Therefore, Quang Ninh dried wormwood, no matter how expensive it is, still has many customers competing to buy it. Some people buy them to eat, others use them as gifts. If it’s the first time you buy a worm, it’s very easy to buy a fake and poor quality product. As a Quang Ninh resident, we recommend that you buy directly at a sage shop in Quang Ninh.

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4. Conclusion

Above is the entire culinary article with the most detailed answer to the question of what is delicious with dried sage. A delicious, nutritious dish, the input ingredients determine the success of that dish. You should buy dried wormwood at reputable business establishments in your area. Having in hand a quality product, you will be confident about the success of that dish. Along with having delicious food, health is also extremely important.


Hopefully, the information shared about what to do with dried safflower above will bring many benefits to readers. Changing the family’s meal plan is very important. Both change boredom, and provide more essential nutrients for all family members. Let’s start making delicious dishes from Sa Sung!
Good luck. Follow us to keep up to date with more great food articles!

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5. Contact Information

Any complaints about the quality of dried wormwood or the service attitude of the staff. Customers, please contact Dung Ha Development Joint Stock Company immediately through the company’s hotline number: 1900 986865 (Support 24/24h).
Branches to buy dried wormwood at:
  • The largest wholesale and retail warehouse of dried wormwood in the country at: No. 11 Kim Dong – Giap Bat Street – Hoang Mai District – Hanoi City
  • Wholesale and retail branch of dried wormwood in Hanoi: A10 – Alley 100 – Trung Kinh Street – Yen Hoa Ward – Cau Giay District – Hanoi City
  • Wholesale and retail branch of dried worms in Ho Chi Minh: No. 02/B Quarter 3 – Trung My Tay Street 13 – District 12 – Ho Chi Minh City

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