What is grape sugar? How to make tofu with simple grape sugar at home

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What is grape sugar? Surely this is the question of many people when hearing about this strange ingredient. In today’s article, thucphamkho.vn will help you answer the above question about grape sugar. At the same time, I will also show you how to make tofu with grape sugar for this hot summer
Grape sugar is one of the food additives that has only appeared in recent years and has a high price. For dishes combined with milk by freezing method (such as tofu, yogurt, etc.), street stalls often use gypsum which is very toxic to health. Therefore, using grape sugar to replace other harmful additives is a trend of choice for women.

What is grape sugar?

Grape Sugar GDL (Glucono Delta Lacton) is a food additive. Naturally derived found quite commonly in honey, juice and wine. Grape sugar is a very fine, white powder. And has the characteristic taste of the product. If you taste grape sugar, you will feel the sweetness gradually becoming sour. This type of sugar will help add a rich flavor to your dishes.
Currently, on the market, there are 2 types of GDL grape sugar: Italian grape sugar and French grape sugar. In general, Italian grape sugar is more stable and less watery than French grape sugar. However, Italian grape sugar is hard to find and costs more than French grape sugar.
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What is grape sugar?

What is grape sugar and what is it used for?

This is an essential ingredient in every family’s kitchen. Because grape sugar has many effects as follows:
– Coagulation for food: Grape sugar is used in soy-based dishes. Therefore, you can use it to prepare dishes such as young tofu, sugar syrup, yogurt, tofu, etc.
– Adjust pH: Grape sugar is used to make fermented pork rolls, helping to adjust the pH for this dish. Besides, grape sugar is also used in beverage processing.
– Grape sugar helps create porosity for cakes or cakes
– Grape sugar added to yogurt has the effect of creating smoothness for the finished product.

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What is the difference between grape sugar and gelatin?

In general, both gelatin and grape sugar are used to thicken dishes. Most commonly used in tofu processing. And both of these ingredients are not harmful to health if you use the right dosage.
However, grape sugar and gelatin have the following differences that you need to note such as:
– About color and fineness: Grape sugar is white in color, pure, more soluble in water than gelatin.
– About taste: Grape sugar when processed will create a rich aroma for the dish. Gelatin if smelled closely will have a slightly fishy smell. Because this material is originally made from animal bones. However, if you use a sufficient amount of gelatin, it will not affect the taste of the dish.
– About color when finished: Grape sugar when finished will help the dish to be white and smooth. While gelatin will have a slightly yellowish ivory color.

Why should you use grape sugar instead of gelatin?

The powdery texture of grape sugar is fine, smooth, and more soluble than Gelatin. Should be able to create a smooth, softer consistency for the finished product.
Grape sugar is extracted from grapes, wine, and honey that has the ability to bring a strong aroma to the dish. Gelatin is made from animal skin and bones. If not handled carefully when processing, it is easy to be damaged, fishy smell. Affects the taste of food.
Grape sugar is pure white. So for some dishes that require a white, beautiful, and smooth color such as: soy milk, tofu, yogurt, etc., grape sugar has an outstanding advantage over Gelatin.
cong dung của duong nho
Why use grape sugar?

Is grape sugar harmful?

This is a question many people ask when it comes to the use of grape sugar. Because grape sugar is used as gypsum to create coagulants such as jelly, noodle soup. However, it is toxic for gypsum, but not for grape sugar. This statement has been proven by users and nutritionists

Grape sugar uses

– Grape sugar extracted 100% from fresh grapes. It is a natural sweetener used as a food and drink for babies, does not cause tooth decay, does not contain gluten. The most effective grape sugar molecule to meet the energy needs of the child’s body
– Grape sugar – a carbohydrate from the monosaccharide group. Does not cause fermentation. And is absorbed more efficiently. Without the immature enzyme system of the young body
This is a type of sugar extracted mainly from fresh grapes. Recommended as a sugar substitute for babies, adults, people with diabetes or wishing to prevent diabetes.
– 30% less sweet than regular sugar, suitable for all subjects
Grape sugar is good for pregnant women to avoid gestational diabetes, good for the elderly and children
Grape sugar is easily absorbed by the body and does not cause fermentation. Helps increase intestinal motility, improves digestion. And maintain the proper level of hemoglobin in the blood.
– Grape sugar is easily dissolved in children’s food and drinks such as milk, cereals, fruit juices. 30% less sweet, avoid the risk of tooth decay for children.
– Grape sugar does not contain preservatives and gluten, does not cause obesity, convenient for diabetics

How to make tofu with grape sugar

Grape sugar GDL hydrolyzes in water to acid. Forms a precipitate like lemon and vinegar but more slowly. So, using GDL grape sugar to make tofu is very smooth and beautiful. Here is how to make tofu with grape sugar
Ingredients to make tofu:
– Soy milk: 1 liter. Note: the thicker and tastier the soy milk, the smoother and fatter the tofu will be
– Grape sugar: 5g
– Red sugar (also known as apricot sugar): 100 gr
– Some jasmine flowers

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Processing tofu with grape sugar

How to make tofu

– Heat the cooked soy milk then let it cool to a bit warm. Remove foam
– Mix 5 grams of grape sugar with 6ml of boiled and cooled water.
– It is recommended to use a ceramic or glass bowl to store grape sugar (after storing tofu). Avoid grape sugar on the side of the bowl
– Pour quickly, lightly, but decisively the soy milk you have processed near the mouth of the bowl of grape sugar.
– After pouring soy milk into the bowl of ready-made grape sugar. If there is still foam, use a spatula to quickly and gently skim, let the bowl of the mixed mixture stand for 30 minutes.
– While waiting for the tofu. You boil 100 grams of apricot sugar with filtered water. Cook over low heat until the sugar water boils thoroughly. If it has a nice color, turn off the stove. Add jasmine flowers to the water for a light fragrance.
Finished product
– Frozen Tao Pho is smooth, no pitting, no water separation. When eating, you will feel the softness, fat, greasy and no sour taste.

Note when making tofu

– When mixing grape sugar, do not use warm water instead of boiling water. Because it will make grape sugar quickly sour. Also, only start making grape sugar when the soy milk is warm.
– When pouring soy milk into the bowl of grape sugar, avoid pouring high, easy to foam. If not definitely tofu will not be smooth and even.
– After pouring soy milk into the dissolved grape sugar, it must be fixed. Do not use a whisk or stir to completely freeze the tofu.
– Do not move or collide, it will make it difficult for the train to east
– Tofu can be eaten immediately after freezing or cooled in the refrigerator. In the refrigerator, tofu can be kept for up to 2 days. Do not leave it for too long, it will be sour and lose its taste.
– Soy milk must be poured into the dissolved grape sugar. Do not do the opposite.
With what thucphamkho.vn has introduced today, you must have a better understanding of grape sugar. And how to make tofu with grape sugar. In addition, there are knowledge about other foods you can refer to at Nongsandungha website. We are pleased to bring you knowledge about healthy ingredients and additives for you and your family to apply in cooking, baking and mixing.

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