What is salmon roe? The effect of salmon roe?

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Salmon roe is one of the ingredients for making sushi or sashimi, originating in Japan and loved by many people. Today, thucphamkho.vn will introduce you to what is salmon roe and the effects of this nutritious salmon roe!

1. What is salmon roe?

Salmon roe is a beautiful, iridescent orange egg that is taken from the belly of a salmon. They range in size from 5mm – 1cm.
This dish is loved by many people because of its high nutritional content and attractive appearance.
Salmon roe is often enjoyed directly or combined with sushi and sashimi dishes to add flavor and attractiveness to the dish.
When enjoying, you will feel the crackling sound in your mouth. Next, the water inside the caviar overflowed, bringing with it an indescribable salty taste that gradually melted in the throat.

2. Nutritional composition of salmon roe

According to nutritionists, in 100g of salmon roe contains up to 250 calories and the following other nutrients:
Carbs: 2.9g
Fat: 14g
Protein: 29.2g
Vitamins: D: 232 IU (58% DV), A: 91mcg (10.1% DV); K: 0.73 mcg (0.9% DV); B2: 0.36mg (21.2% DV); B6: 0.32 mg (16% DV); E: 2.68 mg (13.3%)
In addition to the above nutrients, salmon roe is also a source of essential minerals such as: Magnesium, Phosphorus, Calcium, Potassium, Zinc, Manganese, …
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Thành phần dinh dưỡng của trứng cá hồi

3. The effect of salmon roe

Rich in astaxanthin – Acts as an antioxidant

Salmon roe contains a carotenoid called astaxanthin. This is a powerful antioxidant compound, capable of protecting your skin against sun damage.
One study in 81 people found that adding astaxanthin to their diet could help them fight UV damage, even with prolonged sun exposure.
In addition, the compound astaxanthin helps support liver health and fights oxidative stress in the body.

Provides high quality protein

Nutritionists say. Salmon roe is a good source of high-quality protein. In particular, they contain all the essential amino acids that the body needs.
It is known that 100g of salmon roe provides up to 29g of protein, much more than other protein-rich foods such as meat and seafood.
In addition, this food is also rich in the amino acid lysine. This compound plays an important role in protein synthesis. Supports the immune system and enhances the body’s ability to absorb minerals.

Salmon roe is good for the heart

You may not know, salmon roe actually brings many benefits for the heart. Because they contain a lot of omega 3 fatty acids in the form of EPA and DHA, with high biological value.
This nutrient content helps to improve and maintain heart health. Thereby, preventing and preventing some dangerous cardiovascular diseases such as high blood pressure, atherosclerosis, myocardial infarction, heart failure, etc.

Rich in vitamin E

Besides providing protein, protein, fat. Salmon roe is also a rich source of vitamins. Among them is vitamin D.
Unlike other foods, salmon roe provides you with high levels of vitamin D3. This is a form of vitamin with high biological value.
Vitamin D helps strengthen our immune system and limit our risk of infection.
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The effect of salmon roe

The effect of providing vitamin B12

Along with meat, fish, seafood, salmon roe also contains a lot of vitamin B12. In 100g of salmon roe provides up to 20 mcg of vitamin B12, or about 313% of the recommended value that the body needs in a day.
Vitamin B12 plays a role in DNA synthesis and red blood cell formation, preventing anemia.
In addition, they also work to help support the digestive system, maintain heart health. Prevent cancer, provide energy and promote the growth of skin, hair, nails

How to prepare and process salmon roe

Usually salmon roe we eat at restaurants, so many people think that it will be difficult to prepare at home. So read on to know how to prepare and prepare salmon roe at home, which is extremely simple, easy to make and just as delicious as the restaurant.

Why should we know how to prepare and process salmon roe?

Salmon roe is one of the most nutritious dishes in the egg line. That is why it is so valuable and precious that it was used in the meals of aristocratic and royal families in 19th century Russia. And today it has been exported and popularized throughout Asia, and Europe. It still has a lot of nutritional value as well as good health effects for children, women, the elderly and for all subjects.
The current salmon roe on the Vietnamese market is mainly frozen salmon roe. Therefore, when using salmon roe, the following characteristics should be noted:

1. Salmon roe preservation

For fresh frozen salmon roe, the best storage temperature is below -18 degrees Celsius. When stored at this temperature, it can be used for 6 months.
The salmon roe has been cleaned. Remove the mesh that surrounds the eggs. Choose portions that are fresh and complete. Then put through the quality inspection system to choose the right export standards and freeze and pack the products. So when we return to Vietnam, we just need to store the freezer compartment and take it out to use. Once opened, use within 3-4 days and store in the refrigerator.

2. How to defrost

For frozen salmon roe, there are 3 methods to defrost and generally apply to frozen seafood:

  • Defrosting overnight. Defrost in the refrigerator overnight for 8-10 hours for the salmon roe to defrost completely. This is the best and preferred method for frozen products. Using this method the temperature will change gradually and the egg quality will not change.
  • Natural defrosting. After taking out of the refrigerator, the salmon roe will be naturally defrosted at room temperature within 4-5 hours. Then take it out and use it directly.
  • Quick defrost by soaking in water. When soaking, soak in cold water, close the lid, and soak for about 3-4 hours for the eggs to thaw completely.

Note: Other frozen seafood can be defrosted in the microwave. However, with salmon roe, you should not defrost this way because it will reduce quality and nutrition. Salmon roe is usually eaten raw to preserve its flavor and nutrients. If processed and heated, the dish will lose some of its quality and flavor.

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How to cook salmon roe

After storage and defrosting, salmon roe will be processed. Depending on the culture of each country will have different processing methods. However, they all have in common that they are eaten raw and used directly, not processed.

For Eastern countries:

Usually, salmon roe is used in the preparation of dishes such as: Sashimi, Sushi, Japanese caviar, served with steamed rice, porridge

  • Salmon roe sashimi. Salmon roe will be served with Japanese scallop pulp, salmon fillet, tuna fillet, Japanese octopus. Served with seaweed, pink ginger and mustard, Japanese soy sauce. This is a popular and quite famous Japanese dish that when you go to restaurants in Japan you will come across this dish.
  • Salmon roe sushi. Will be served with sushi, rice rolls. The ingredients of this dish include: the outer layer has dried seaweed, rolled with rice, fried eggs, shredded carrots, sausages, green beans, etc., then rolled and cut into bite-sized pieces. Add fresh salmon roe on top and enjoy.
  • This is an easy dish to make. You can customize according to your preferences, depending on the needs of your family.
  • Salmon roe served with white rice. This is a traditional Japanese dish. And is considered a very luxurious dish. Just a cup of steamed rice and filling with salmon roe with a little soy sauce is enough to enjoy. Can be served with salads or salads.
  • Salmon roe porridge: Used mainly for young children. Cook pureed porridge with green vegetables or carrots, pumpkin, green beans, etc. And we will constantly change dishes for the baby. After cooking puree porridge, we will steam fish eggs or fry with oil for babies. And mixed into porridge for baby to eat.
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Salmon roe sushi

For the culture of Western countries

Salmon roe is often used as a garnish, served with bread, eaten with steak, or simply eaten with salmon eggs and wine.

  • Avocado and salmon roe sandwich. Suitable for quick meals, buffets, light festivals. Includes sandwiches, avocado, olive oil, salmon roe. Put these on the sandwich and use directly.
  • Eat salmon roe with wine. A luxury of the aristocracy that is typical in Russia, Italy, .. is that they enjoy fresh salmon roe with a glass of wine.
  • Expressing the class of luxury and aristocracy that the regal aristocracy enjoys.
Salmon roe is extremely delicious and nutritious. No matter how you use and process it, when you eat it, you can feel the round, stretchy eggs with a slight fishy taste of sea seafood. When chewing, it is crispy, fatty, and melts in the mouth. Surely anyone who enjoys will find it extremely attractive and unique.
The above article has updated the great effects of salmon roe for health. Try applying and processing at home your favorite dishes thanks to the simple way of preparing and processing salmon roe. One thing is for sure, when used in moderation and regularly, your family will have a good health and provide the most complete nutrition.
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