Where to buy cheap quality asparagus powder?

Địa điểm bán bột măng tây tại Hà Nội và Hồ Chí Minh

Currently, on the market, there are many products of Asparagus Powder floating, of unknown origin. Therefore, causing a lot of problems and worries for consumers. If you do not study carefully, you will definitely buy a product of poor quality, which is harmful to your health. So Dung Ha is the place to sell quality asparagus powder in Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh.

What is asparagus powder?

Asparagus powder is the preparation from green asparagus itself. The product is made from 100% fresh asparagus stalks and sprouts. Freeze drying method is used to keep the nutrients and vitamin content intact.

Bột măng tây Dũng Hà

This is the product that Dung Ha Agricultural Products has monitored, researched, cultured very scientifically. Dung Ha Company is the No. 1 pride in providing quality asparagus, plant seeds, imported fruits, and prestige.
In terms of nutritional value, asparagus is known as the “king” of vegetables. They contain a lot of nutrients and vitamins that are good for the body.

Nutritional value of asparagus powder

If asparagus is known as the “king” of nutrients, so is asparagus powder. Asparagus powder helps supplement the content of Vitamins A, B1, B3, B6, B12. Minerals and trace elements such as: K, C, A, Acid Folid, Zinc, Iron,,, are good for nutrient absorption and enhance the activity of functions.

The effect of asparagus powder in life that few people know

Dinh dưỡng bột măng tây

1. Strengthen the body’s immune system

Hanoi is entering the season with erratic weather. Supplementing energy and vitamins for the body is urgent. In addition to using fruit as a friend, asparagus is also a useful solution. Asparagus is rich in fiber, protein, Vitamins E and D to help us strengthen the immune system, avoid some minor diseases such as seasonal flu, colds,…

2. Helps the digestive system work better

In general, fruits are rich in nutrients. Banana is a good fruit for the digestive system.

3. Supports cardiovascular activity

In asparagus contains rutin that helps protect blood capillaries, improves the circulatory system and blood circulation. Potassium and Folate are substances found in asparagus that help protect the heart and help regulate blood pressure. Excess cholesterol in the blood will also be eliminated by the fiber in bamboo shoots.

4. Nutritional supplements for children eating solid foods, lazy children eating vegetables

Asparagus powder has a sweet taste, light aroma and when processed into a very soft and delicious dish. That’s why asparagus powder is suitable for many ages

Bột măng tây cung cấp dinh dưỡng cho trẻ em

The period of 6 – 8 months of age is the period when babies learn to “eat solid foods“. Therefore, mothers need to choose delicious and clean vegetables for processing for their babies. Asparagus porridge is the perfect combination of rice starch and nutrition in asparagus powder. Strange asparagus powder porridge will help children eat more delicious.
In addition, this dish also contains many vitamins, minerals, DHA and fiber to help children develop brains. Good for the digestive system, anti-constipation, helping the baby’s body to develop healthy.

5. Asparagus powder helps supplement nutrition for the elderly and sick

Malnutrition is a common phenomenon that occurs in all walks of life. Children have, adults also have. Therefore, it is important to supplement nutrition to help the body grow healthy.
Elderly people’s resistance declines markedly, they are very susceptible to a number of diseases: “blood pressure, cancer, bone and joint diseases, cardiovascular diseases…” Rich source of omega-3, which helps reduce cholesterol and blood pressure, anti-aging. In particular, providing many minerals and fiber is very good for the digestive system of the elderly.
Asparagus powder also helps sick people recover very effectively. Experts encourage the elderly to use asparagus processed into nutritious soups and porridges.

6. Asparagus powder helps women lose weight effectively

In addition to providing nutrients for children and the elderly. Asparagus powder is also a very effective food for women in losing weight. This is a safe and effective weight loss method that many women use.
Using asparagus powder combined with warm water and drinking daily will lose weight very well. It is recommended to drink in the morning to help you get results. Drinking asparagus powder also helps women maintain their postpartum swelling, keeps their skin beautiful, healthy, and always happy to love life. Especially asparagus has no side effects, does not cause fatigue or sluggishness!

Where to sell reputable and quality asparagus powder in Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh?

Are you looking to buy asparagus for your baby to eat? Or want to buy asparagus as a gift for grandparents? People who are overweight are looking to lose weight to have a beautiful body? But there are still fears on the market that many products are floating, unsafe. I advise you to immediately come to Dung Ha Agricultural Products – The bridge to supply all kinds of clean vegetable products, fresh food, dry food, fruits, Ha Giang specialties, flower seeds

Địa điểm bán bột măng tây tại Hà Nội và Hồ Chí Minh

Dung Ha Agricultural Products – Bring the whole nature to your little home. Dung Ha always brings customers the best products, the most effective, absolutely no use of harmful chemicals. Products to consumers are always clearly and meticulously inspected, grown and strictly monitored by us. Committed to 10 times compensation if the product does not provide the right quality.
In addition, Dung Ha Agricultural Products also displays a lot of products such as: Pure dry powder, Clean vegetables, Fresh food, Clean vegetable seeds,, quality assurance, health safety for customers. .
Dung Ha Agricultural Products is very pleased to serve you. Retail customers who want to buy goods, please contact us immediately. Many great promotions are waiting for you!

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