Xinjiang red apple and its wonderful uses

Táo đỏ Tân Cương co công dụng ngăn ngừa ung thư

Xinjiang Red Apple – the premium red apple of the Chinese people. Referring to red apples, we often think of jujubes because in Vietnam we often eat jujube tea – a familiar dish of any child. Do you know the use of red apples in Xinjiang? Then, please refer to the article “Xinjiang red apple and its wonderful uses” below!

What is Xinjiang Red Apple?

Xinjiang red apple is a species of dried apple that naturally grows on trees in the Xinjiang region of China. The harvester’s job only needs to be smashed branches, fallen apples and primary sorting. No need to dry or sun-dry like other dried foods.

Cây táo đỏ Tân Cương
Xinjiang red apple tree

The temperature in Xinjiang is up to 40 degrees Celsius. In particular, the day time is longer than the night time, up to 15 hours. On average, there must be 200 days of bone deficiency each year. Therefore, Xinjiang red apples can be kept for up to 3 years without the use of preservatives.

Uses of red apples in Xinjiang

Xinjiang red apples are known to many people as the trademark of the people of Xinjiang. Unlike Korean red apples, Xinjiang apples are left to dry naturally on the tree. After enough drying, people will harvest and dry for a few more days to dry enough, so this type of apple usually lasts a long time. Tan Cuong red apples with the advantages of large, sweet, reasonable prices are always trusted and favored by Vietnamese people. In addition, Xinjiang red apples also bring many great uses for health.

Good for the heart

Sodium and potassium make up 6% of the total amount needed by the body. Thereby helping blood vessels avoid pressure and control blood pressure much more stable. Not only that, but it also helps lower blood pressure in some cases because polyphenols have the ability to reduce bad cholesterol.

Công dụng của táo đỏ Tân Cương
Uses of red apples in Xinjiang

Helps improve sleep and brain function

Saponin has a sedative effect, helps sleep better and deeper, avoids being startled awake. Thereby helping our brain recover the damage caused by overwork for a long time very effectively. Avoid the damage that destroys the nerves inside the human body. Only with a simple way of cooking beauty tea with 2-3 bowls per week. Not only helps to improve sleep, but also helps the skin to be ruddy, less sagging effectively.

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Prevention of Alzheimer’s disease

In addition to the method of eating turmeric starch can prevent dementia in old age. Xinjiang peels and apples are evaluated by Chinese scientists to have the effect of repairing the damage that the pressures of life, family and work affect you. Thereby reducing Alzheimer’s disease very well.

Support weight loss

This is a use that is loved by many women. Usually used to make tea. In the recipe for beauty tea, there are many ingredients that are used to help you feel full for a long time, low in calories, and at the same time limit cravings. Not only that, it’s also high in fiber so you don’t have to worry about constipation. Eating tea about 2 times a week helps you lose 0.5-1 kg.

Cure cirrhosis, acute hepatitis.

For mild cases of cirrhosis or hepatitis, you can cook red apple soup. Stew with granulated sugar, some peanuts. And using for about 3-4 weeks will help reduce the amount of serum significantly but also effectively nourish the body’s health.

Strengthen the immune system and prevent cancer

Red apples also have the effect of strengthening the immune system and improving health. Thereby, can reduce the risk of cancer. In red apple contains many phenolics, thanks to this substance helps to fight oxidation of the body. It also provides an anti-inflammatory boost and contains vitamins A, B, and C, so being healthy is natural.

Táo đỏ Tân Cương co công dụng ngăn ngừa ung thư
Xinjiang red apple has the use of preventing cancer

Improve the digestive system

Polysaccharide found in jujube can strengthen the mucosal layer. Thereby reducing the risk of inflammatory bowel disease. In particular, the fiber in jujube has a type of intestinal bacteria only commonly found in probiotic yogurts, which works against harmful bacteria for the body.

Supports bone health

The rich phosphorus content along with calcium in jujube will help women avoid osteoporosis after the age of 40. As a result, you will have less need to drink unpleasant-tasting osteoporosis milk that is forced to drink because of problems. musculoskeletal problems. Instead, the sweet beauty of red apple and longan, the chewy taste of peach resin, the flesh of snow mushrooms with snow oats will be more attractive, right?

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Anti-allergic rash

For someone who is allergic to something from a food to an object that causes a rash. You can use 3-5 red apples, 3 times a day, for 5 consecutive days, the rash will heal and no more onions.

Helps antibacterial treatment of colds

When it comes to colds, betulinic acid and flavonoids have proven their worth. The evidence is that other cold and flu medicines besides western medicine also have this substance, thanks to these substances that repel the disease. The good thing is that jujube has a very stable content of this substance, but the absorption rate is slow, so it needs to be maintained for a long time.

Some frequently asked questions

Is Xinjiang red apple good for pregnant women?

The content of calcium and phosphorus in red apples is high. So it will help pregnant women reduce back pain during pregnancy because calcium is reduced by more than half. In addition, it also helps women sleep better, avoid stress in life, work and family. Always be optimistic, clear-headed, avoid falling into a negative state.
And if pregnant women want to use red apples to cook beauty tea, it’s still good, it’s okay, but remember to give up: Long humiliation and Peach resin.
For people with healthy bodies, it is good, but for pregnant women, it is toxic. Peach resin itself is inherently poisonous, when using long humiliation, it is easy to have diarrhea. Another advice is that beauty tea is only used for pregnant women over 5 months. Women under 5 months should not use.
Trà táo đỏ
Red apple tea

But you can cook white porridge with red apples to nourish it, both good for the fetus and good for health. It also provides an abundant amount of calcium, effectively avoiding the risk of back pain during pregnancy.

Are Xinjiang Red Apples Poisonous?

If you wonder are red apples poisonous? Then the answer is “toxic”, but it’s all in the apple seeds. That’s why you just need to remove the apple seeds.
Apple seeds contain a lot of cyanide, which can puncture the stomach or cause diarrhea, dehydration or even kidney stones. In short, just removing the red apple seeds will solve the toxicity. This toxicity only flares up when entering the body.

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Is eating a lot of red apples dangerous?

Due to the high nutritional content in red apples, you only need to eat 3-5 times / week. With a moderate amount of 5-10 grams, everything is fine. But if you eat more than this, even a pound, things will be different.
The carbohydrate and fructose content in jujube will cause your blood sugar to spike. Leads to a very high risk of diabetes. It is a red grade 1 red apple with a deep sweet taste, even a type 2 is sweet. Therefore, if you eat a lot of red apples, it will be very dangerous. It not only causes certain consequences but also causes diabetes.
Above is information about the use of red apple Xinjiang. You can also find more information at Nông sản Dũng Hà or 



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