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Lotus heart tea is an herb with many health benefits and is often used as a medicine in traditional medicine. This tea has the ability to treat insomnia, replenish blood, help clear heat and support sedation. Let’s find out the use of lotus heart and where to buy quality lotus mind!

What is lotus heart?

Lotus heart, also known as lotus heart, lotus heart, lotus pistil, lotus embryo, etc. Its scientific name is Embryo Nelumbinis. This is the green germ (pistil) of the lotus seed, just like other parts such as the lotus leaf. It is the most quintessential part of the lotus plant. The most prominent use is to help clear heat and calm the mind.
Lotus heart is a medicine with a history of more than 400 years in traditional Chinese medicine in particular and traditional Asian medicine in general. It has the effect of nourishing the heart, sedating, clearing body heat. It has dual effects as food and medicine (according to the US National Institutes of Health).
Lotus heart often has a bitter taste, soldering properties. It is often golden star and then made tea, the taste is very fragrant. Bitter but not too hard to drink. Lotus heart tea is an indispensable drink for some elderly people who are restless, hangover, and have difficulty falling asleep.

9 uses of lotus heart tea that you need to know

Lotus heart is a precious herb with many good uses for human health. This is the part of the lotus most used in traditional medicine.
Lotus heart contains nutritional components. Has a calming effect on the mind, helps to stabilize the heart rate. Stabilize some functions in the body and improve sleep. So what exactly does the lotus mind do? Lotus heart tea has a bitter taste, has 9 outstanding uses, including:

1. Lotus heart tea treats insomnia

Unlike other caffeine-containing teas, lotus heart tea treats insomnia thanks to ingredients such as asparagin, nelumbin, nuciferin, and liensini. Helps improve sleep, sedation, very suitable for the elderly. Drinking lotus heart tea 1 hour after dinner will help you relax your mind and have a good sleep.

tac dung tam sen
Effects of lotus mind

2. Support to stabilize heart rate and high blood pressure

Lotus heart contains isoquinolin alkaloids. This substance has a calming effect and dilates blood vessels. From there, it can control blood pressure at a normal level, improve restlessness and heart palpitations.

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3. The effect of clearing heat and detoxifying

Lotus heart tea has a cooling effect, reducing pimples and itching in the hot season. The lotus heart helps to purify the body very well through the two urinary tracts, the kidneys and the liver. In particular, this tea also has the ability to effectively detoxify alcohol.

4. Lotus heart against bleeding

Lotus heart contains quercetin and flavonoids. This substance works by improving the strength of the capillary walls. Helps control bleeding. Particularly effective in preventing bleeding.

5. The effect of lotus heart tea against depression

With isoliensinine and liensinine ingredients, lotus heart tea has a sedative effect, helping you relax and reduce stress. This tea has a calming effect and helps fight depression.

6. The use of lotus heart to help control diabetes

This nutritious drink helps control blood sugar quite well. Very helpful for people with diabetes. With the active alkaloid in the lotus heart, this tea has the effect of minimizing the increase in glucose levels after a meal.

7. Promotes Better Digestion

Thanks to its high fiber content, lotus heart tea helps to improve the digestive process. That is why this tea has become a great choice for people with digestive problems.

8. Uses to support weight loss

Lotus heart blocks the absorption of fats and carbs. This helps to reduce the amount of fat stored in the body. L-Carotene in lotus heart also has the ability to promote metabolism, so it can help you lose weight.

9. Improve the skin

Lotus heart also has many antioxidant components. Prevents the attack of free radicals. And promote skin health. In addition, this tea also helps reduce acne, dull skin and oily shine.

tra tam sen có tac dung gi
What is the effect of lotus heart tea?

Instructions for using lotus mind to treat insomnia properly

Although lotus heart is famous as a food for insomnia, when using it, you should note the following issues:

Understanding Insomnia

According to the sharing of Ths. Doctor Nguyen Thanh Long (Psychologist at Psychological Clinic, Tw General Hospital), people with insomnia often have the following signs:

  • Insomnia accompanied by heat in the body like hot flashes.
  • Appears tinnitus, dry mouth, red tongue, tachy pulse, etc..
With mild symptoms of insomnia. Using lotus heart in moderate doses will improve this condition. However, people with insomnia, weak body (weld body) with common signs such as sleep often delirious, easy to wake up, decreased eating, etc., the use of lotus mind can lead to a condition. Insomnia becomes more severe.
In general, the use of lotus heart needs to consult a doctor for those who are experiencing problems with heart disease, digestive disease, low blood pressure, etc.

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Use the correct dosage

Because lotus heart contains alkaloids. It has a sedative effect, so if used continuously, it can lead to the accumulation of toxins in the body.
Therefore, lotus heart should be used in a dose appropriate to the health status and reasonable use time. Avoid continuous use with excessive doses. Because it is easy to cause digestive disorders and chronic loose stools.

How to make the right lotus heart tea

Để có một tách trà tâm sen thơm ngon, bạn cần chuẩn bị nguyên liệu sau:

  • 100 degrees Celsius boiling water,
  • About 1 teaspoon of lotus heart
  • Teapot.
First, you quickly rinse the tea through boiling water and then drain the first water so that the lotus center blooms evenly. Next, you pour boiling water into the kettle, steep the tea for about 3 minutes and then enjoy.
You should drink tea when it is still warm, the tea has a strong aroma and a bitter taste. To enhance the taste, you can combine with other herbs such as licorice, honey, chrysanthemum, goji berry …
dia chi mua tam sen
Address to buy dried lotus heart

Note when using lotus heart tea

  • Don’t drink tea on an empty stomach
  • Do not use moldy lotus center to make tea
  • Do not drink lotus heart tea continuously for many months. The abuse of lotus heart tea can cause many side effects such as fatigue, digestive disorders, nervousness.
  • Lotus heart tea is not for: young children, pregnant and lactating women, menstrual disorders, physiological dysfunction…
  • Although lotus heart tea has great health benefits. Especially treating insomnia, but you also need to have a scientific lifestyle and activities. If you are having trouble sleeping, do not rely on this tea. You also need to combine with gentle exercises such as meditation, yoga, playing sports, etc.
  • Besides, nutrition is also very important for sleep. Limit your intake of caffeine-containing foods. Eat more vegetables and fruits to improve sleep quality.

Address to buy lotus heart tea for sale in Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City

Where to buy 100% pure lotus heart? Lotus heart is used quite commonly, so you can easily find and buy it at stores, supermarkets, oriental medicine pharmacies, markets or e-commerce sites… There are many types on the market for you to choose from such as: : dried lotus heart, fresh lotus heart or filter bag lotus heart tea.
Depending on the intended use, you can choose the type of tea you like. Remember to use lotus heart of clear origin to ensure safety for health.
To buy lotus heart is not too difficult, but to get the desired effects, ensure the health of yourself or your loved ones, you should choose to buy lotus heart at reputable establishments such as Dung Ha Agricultural Products. – Address selling prestigious lotus heart, quality, reasonable price. At Dung Ha, lotus heart is purchased at the place of production, the processing process is strict. The products put on the market ensure quality and safety.
In addition, Dung Ha is a prestigious address with many years of experience in providing Ha Giang specialties, regional specialties that are good for health.
Quality at Dung Ha is always the top concern. When buying lotus mind here, you will not only receive enthusiastic support but also have complete trust and peace of mind. Because at Dung Ha, there is a 1 to 1 exchange policy if detecting poor quality goods.
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