Collection of delicious and attractive dried fish that you cannot ignore


Dried fish is one of the specialties of many regions. It is processed into many attractive dishes, especially grilled and fried dishes. Let help you immediately synthesize delicious and attractive dried fish dishes that are indispensable in your daily meals!

1. What is dried fish?

Dried fish or dried fish is a food that has been dried for a long time. You don’t even need to keep it in the fridge. The method of storing fish by drying has appeared since ancient times of mankind. Especially favored by fishermen to preserve fish they have caught but have not yet consumed.
The way to make dried fish is also very simple. After removing the intestines of fresh fish, people wash and usually leave the whole fish, only cut in half and then dry in the sun. In addition, before drying, fish is salted to prevent bacteria from going rancid and harmful to people. They even add some other spices such as chili, garlic, cardamom, pepper… to make the dish more delicious

2. Various kinds of delicious dried fish

Dried food has been synthesized to help you with delicious dried fish dishes today. Whether grilled, fried or rimmed, they all have a very unique flavor:

Dried pineapple fish

Pineapple fish is also known as cork catfish and is one of the catfish species. Dried pineapple fish products are very popular with many people. Their meat is delicious, whether cooked fresh or dried, has a special flavor. Some dishes made from dried pineapple fish such as sour soup, pineapple fish hotpot, braised pineapple fish or fried crispy pineapple fish served with burnt rice.

kho ca dua
Dried pineapple fish

Snakehead dry

Snakehead fish, also known as banana fish, fruit fish, has cool properties. You can prepare fresh snakehead fish or use dried snakehead fish. How to dry snakehead fish is extremely simple. First, you beat the scales and remove all the internal organs, then deodorize the fishy smell with white wine.
Next, you marinate the fish with a mixture of ingredients including sugar, seasoning seeds, fish sauce, paprika, garlic powder, turmeric and ginger, minced lemongrass. Finally, the prepared snakehead fish can be used in the sun to dry

Dried fish choke

Choke fish is also one of the delicious and attractive dried fish. They are processed in the form of dried fish, eaten with hot rice very delicious! Just a few steps and you will have your favorite dried fish right at home.
After removing the head, along with the intestines and abdomen. Rinse the fish thoroughly with water to remove any residual fishy blood. Next, you soak the fish in a basin of salt water for about 24 hours. Finally, take the fish out of the sun (temperature 34-35 degrees Celsius) or dry in the microwave oven from 50-100 degrees Celsius for about 7 hours.
kho ca sac
Dried fish choke

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Dried flounder

Fried dried flounder with tamarind fish sauce or chili garlic sour fish sauce is delicious. To dry flounder, you should choose really fresh fish before preliminary processing.
First, you scrape off the scales and remove the intestines. Then remove the fishy smell with rice water or white vinegar. Next, you soak the flounder in a bowl of salt water mixed with a little MSG, about 1-2 hours. Finally, you take out the fish, put it in the refrigerator to let the fish absorb the spices, and then leave it to dry in the sun for about 1 more day. So you’ve got a delicious dried flounder!

Dried yellow thread fish

Goldfish belongs to the saltwater fish species, with a diamond shape and flattened sides. Along the body, it has an iridescent yellow stripe, running from the eye socket to the tail, so it is called a goldfish. The flesh of fish is only yellow-white, delicious, with a slight sour taste (if you are sensitive, you can feel it).
The fish is only yellow after removing the head, intestines and bones. You should wash and dry before marinating. The mixture of ingredients for marinating fish includes salt, sugar, monosodium glutamate, ground pepper and minced chili. So, when eating yellow snapper, you will feel satisfied without having to add chili sauce or tamarind fish sauce.

Dried potato fish

Potato fish usually appear from October to February next year. They mainly live in the coastal areas of central Vietnam. Can live in salt water, brackish water. The body of the fish is elongated like a sweet potato, without scales, with a wide mouth and strong jaws.
The flesh of the fish is white, the bones are soft and transparent, so drying the fish is usually whole (only the intestines are removed).
kho ca khoai
Dried fish and potatoes

Dried Stingray

The stingray has a flat, fan-shaped body, a small head, and a tail with a calyx. They have cartilaginous bones, and when dried, stingrays often leave behind this cartilage as it is edible. In addition, you can dry the stingray without seasoning or season with spices such as sugar, monosodium glutamate, chili horn for a special taste.
Eating dry crispy fried stingray is indispensable with tamarind fish sauce and a few slices of spicy chili!

Dried termite fish

Termites have many different names depending on the locality. This is a fish that lives in the sea, has a long cylindrical body, enlarged in the middle of the body and a slightly flattened long head. Although there are quite a lot of bones, termites have white flesh, sweet and fragrant taste.
How to dry termite fish is not as complicated as you think. After scaling, remove the intestines and bones of the fish, wash and dry. Next, marinate the fish with a mixture of salt, sugar, paprika and filtered water, to infuse the spices, and keep in the refrigerator for about 1 night. Finally, take the fish out to dry in the sun for 1 – 4 days to be able to enjoy it.

Dried anchovies

Anchovies can be left whole (for small anchovies) or you need to clean the intestines and salt (for large anchovies) before drying. Anchovy meat is healthy, contains a lot of protein and many vitamins and calcium that are good for health.
Anchovies are processed with many familiar dishes such as braised with pepper, deep fried with tamarind sauce or roasted with garlic and chili.
kho ca com
Dried anchovies

Dried catfish

Catfish can live in both freshwater and brackish water. Dried catfish is also a famous and delicious dried fish. The way to dry catfish is very simple. First, you use white wine (or hot water) to water the fish body to remove their slime. Then, wash the fish with salt water or vinegar.
Next, you marinate the fish in a mixture of granulated salt and monosodium glutamate for about 3 hours and then take it out to dry in the sun for about 2-3 days.

Dried Oysters

Oyster fish is a species of freshwater fish, belonging to the family Dumplings. Body yellow, small scales look a bit like carp. Ox fish meat is delicious, sweet and has little bone. People often season with salt when drying the fish
Ox fish is also listed as delicious dried fish. Therefore, you can bring it deep fried to eat with hot rice or steamed with minced meat, onions, sliced ginger and straw mushrooms before enjoying with vermicelli.

Dried Pangasius

Pangasius belongs to the order Catfish, living in brackish water and fresh water. Pangasius meat is firm, has high economic value for farmers. Dried pangasius is also very popular, there are thick types and not thick ones.

Dried buffalo tongue fish

Buffalo tongue fish belongs to the order Flatfish, also known as flounder, catfish, bull tongue fish or halibut. The body of the buffalo tongue fish is flat, oval and tends to get smaller towards the tail. This fish can live in saltwater, freshwater and brackish water.
The way to dry buffalo tongue fish is similar to other types of dried fish, not too complicated. After removing the intestines, cut the meat and wash it. Marinate with salt before drying in the sun. Buffalo tongue fish meat a lot, has a certain plasticity, characteristic aroma, very delicious to eat.
kho ca luoi trau
Dried buffalo tongue fish

Dried goby fish

Goby fish is also known as goby fish. Small fish head, obtuse snout pointing downwards and narrow mouth, many teeth, no antennae. The way to dry goby fish is similar to drying catfish. First, you boil the water or squeeze it with salt to make the fish less viscous.
Then rinse the fish several times with clean water. You marinate the fish with garlic, chili, salt, monosodium glutamate, and sugar for about 5-6 hours to infuse the spices. Finally, put the goby in the sun for about 1.5 days before using.

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Where to buy quality dried fish in Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City?

Nowadays, it is not difficult to buy delicious dried fish at many places such as supermarkets, food stores, markets… However, you need to pay attention to the quality and origin of the product. Dung Ha Agricultural Products is a prestigious place that you can choose. Not only dried fish, the store also offers a lot of agricultural products with guaranteed quality and affordable prices.

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So the above article has summarized for you about the delicious and attractive dried fish that cannot be missed in your meal! Hope the above information will be useful in your life!

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