Dried red apples and delicious healthy dishes


Dried red apples have many uses in Eastern medicine. But do you have a clear understanding of the information, as well as how to process dried red apples effectively? Today, let’s go with Dry Food to learn more about dishes from dried red apples that are easy to make and are good for health!

1. Dried red apple and its uses

It is one of the fruits with great use in oriental medicine. Red apples are sweet, average and very easy to prepare. Dishes from dried red apples help to nourish the body and are very delicious.
In traditional medicine, jujube is classified as one of the gas tonic groups. It also helps to nourish the spleen, soothe pain, improve physical condition, … In red apple also contains a variety of substances such as sugar, protein, fat, vitamins, …
Using red apple daily, especially for sick and tired people, will help the disease heal quickly. Protect the body and improve health, help eat more delicious.

2. Easy dishes to cook from dried red apples

With delicious, nutritious taste. Dried red apples are not only processed in many ways, but also very easily. You can save time by using red apples to make tea. Or as sophisticated as stews. Cool down by cooking tea with different ingredients,…
Right below, let’s explore all the ways to prepare dried red apples.

2.1 Red apple tea for people who have a cold stomach

This is one of the easiest ways to use jujube. Those who have busy work, do not have time to prepare dishes can refer.
  • Use dried red apples cut into thin pieces
    Bring the water to a boil, then put the apples in the boiling water
    The amount to use is from 6-12g for an adult
    Those who are prone to cold stomach should add 2-3 slices of ginger to the brake with red apple.
    You can use it to drink all day until the taste fades

táo đỏ

2.2 Cool red apple tea for summer days

In the summer, you can use red apples to make cooling tea. Tea made from red apples not only provides many nutrients, but it is also a cool cooling dish. Suitable for all ages, especially those with poor digestion.
Some tea dishes from dried red apples such as red apple tea with lotus seeds, rowing red apples with lotus seeds and green beans, red apple longan tea, red apple tea, red apple lotus root tea,…
Suggestions on how to make red apple lotus seed tea:
  • Ingredients include: lotus seeds 200g, red apple 50g, alum sugar 500g, pandan leaves.
  • Step 1:
+ For fresh lotus seeds: peel off the skin and separate the lotus center.
+ For dried lotus seeds, wash and soak for 1-2 hours before the lotus seeds are soft.
+ Red apples are washed, soaked in cold water for about 30 minutes for the apples to bloom
  • Step 2:
+ Cook the lotus seeds briefly to reduce the pus from the fresh lotus, and the dried lotus will cook evenly and avoid being embarrassed when eating.
+ Put enough water to cover the lotus seeds, bring to a boil and boil the lotus seeds. When the lotus is cooked, turn off the stove to avoid the lotus being crushed.
+ Remove lotus seeds, rinse with water to avoid cloudy water when cooking tea.

chè táo đỏ

  • Step 3:
+ North a pot with enough water.
+ Put the apples in the pot, boil until the apples are hydrated and stretch, then add lotus seeds to cook.
After 5 minutes, add rock sugar to the mixture
+ Stir well until the sugar is mixed with red apples and lotus seeds.
+ Put pandan leaves in, wash, tie each leaf and put it in the pot, season to taste and turn off the stove
At this point, your red apple lotus tea is complete. To enjoy, you can serve hot or add ice to taste. The taste of tea is cool, fragrant with lotus seeds, pandan leaves will definitely be a very attractive dish.

2.3 Red apple juice cooked with licorice

If you are sick or coughing, there is a neck problem. Use red apple juice cooked with licorice.

  • Making:
– Use 6 dried red apples, 6g licorice.
– Color with 2 bowls of water
Use when drinking hot.
In addition, you can use it to cook dishes from dried red apples to cook dishes such as: red apple soup with vegetables, stir-fried vegetables, red apple and squash porridge, stewed red apples with pork feet, …

trà táo đỏ

2.4 Red apple soup cooked with eggs

Another dish from dried red apples for you is red apple soup cooked with chicken eggs. You can use this soup to have the following effects: tonic kidney, tonic blood, vitality, body recovery after illness. Use 3-5 days continuously for effective results.

  • Main ingredients: red apple, egg, medium red sugar.
+ Wash and dry red apples. sliced ​​thin.
+ Put red apples in the pot, add enough water. Stew until all the juice is out, filter the medicinal juice and discard the body.
+ Bring eggs to boil until cooked with peaches, peeled.
Add eggs to the medicine, add red sugar to taste, add salt. Then bring to a boil until the sugar dissolves.
Note: Use porridge while it is still hot

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