Forest seed bananas and the golden uses of forest seed bananas

Chuối hột rừng có công dụng trị táo bón

In today’s modern life, surely we are no stranger to natural herbs. Usually, herbs are trusted by people to make folk remedies for many different diseases or soak in alcohol to improve health. Wild bananas are one of the foods that are used by many people. Because it has many good uses for human health. Please read the article “Forest seed bananas and the golden uses of forest seed bananas” below of!

What is a forest banana?

Talking about natural herbs, it would be a big mistake not to mention banana seeds – a precious product of our mountainous region.
At first hearing this name, perhaps many people are quite surprised and strange. But for those who have a bit of experience with natural herbs, it is certainly no stranger to this forest seed banana. So what kind of banana is this and how popular is it?
The wild banana is also scientifically known as Musa acuminate Colla. Banana is a type of banana that usually only grows in mountainous areas of our country such as the Northwest or Truong Son. This type of banana also has a very special shape. The banana tree is 3 to 4 meters high, the leaf blade is very long. When blooming, bananas will grow upright at the top of the tree and have a dark red color.
cây chuối rừng
Forest banana tree

When bananas are ripe, there are only about 10 fruits per bunch. The special thing is that this banana is very small. The left is as small as a thumb, the left is exactly the size of two fingers together. When ripe, the fruit is yellow, thin skin, fleshy, many seeds. Forest seed bananas are slightly fleshy and bitter.

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Distinguishing bananas and bananas from the forest

In fact, there are many varieties of bananas being bred, grown and sold in the market. These can be mentioned as king bananas, pepper bananas, forest seed bananas, etc. Therefore, to distinguish bananas from each other requires observers to pay close attention as well as understand the characteristics and properties of bananas. .
Normally, to distinguish forest bananas from other types of bananas (bananas grown in home gardens), people point out some of the following characteristics:
Banana is a type of banana with short stem, large fruit, few seeds, almost none. Bananas when ripe are very fragrant and fatty, so this fruit is loved by many people
Forest bananas
Unlike our bananas, forest seed bananas have very long stems and leaves. When young, bananas have a characteristic deep red color. Then, when ripe, bananas turn yellow with a much smaller size than our bananas and especially have many seeds with a very characteristic acrid taste.

The special use of forest seed bananas that few people know about

You may not know, people often compare the forest seed banana to the “king of bananas”. Although it does not have a delicious, greasy taste like any other banana, each part of the forest banana tree has certain uses that the more people learn, the more people have to admire.
So what are the uses of forest bananas and why is it called with the authoritative name “king of bananas”. Let’s take a look at some of the typical uses of this fruit.

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Uses to treat constipation

If you are having a headache with your child’s constipation, then wild banana is an effective remedy for you. Place one or two ripe bananas over the fire. Wait until the banana turns black, then mash it and feed it to your baby. Make sure your baby can easily digest it soon

Chuối hột rừng có công dụng trị táo bón
Forest bananas are used to treat constipation

Uses to treat coughing up blood, cool the lungs, detoxify.

Before, when modern science was not really developed. Grandparents, with their inherent folk experience, gave birth to a remedy using banana leaves according to the formula of 10 grams of dried banana leaves, 20 grams of moldy areca and 20 grams of bamboo essence. Crushed all, mixed with drinking water has a great effect in regulating the body and minimizing toxins in the lungs.

It helps to reduce swelling and relieve neck and shoulder pain.

This recipe is a bit more elaborate, if you can split or buy the seeds of the wild banana. Follow this recipe to treat persistent painful bumps. First, you take about 200 grams of crushed banana seeds and then soak with 1,000 ml of alcohol at 40 degrees for about 10 to 15 days. Note that the longer you leave it, the more effective the alcohol will be. Drink regularly 2 times a day, 15ml each time, remember to shake well before drinking.

Uses to treat ringworm

Not only when ripe bananas have a healing effect, but even when the banana is still green. We can completely cut forest bananas, collect plastic or dry in the sun and then grind it into a fine powder, apply it on the skin with skin ulcers, ringworm. If you do it on a daily basis, you will soon get the desired results.

Uses to treat kidney stones, bladder stones

If you are having problems with bladder stones, kidney stones. You can also use crunchy, sifted roasted wild bananas. Drink daily as tea. Do it regularly every day for about 30 days, you will soon be able to treat stubborn stones.

Use to stop bleeding, treat toothache

When unfortunately injured or bleeding without urgo. One advice for you is to cut a small piece of crushed banana stem to apply to the wound or the painful tooth. Very quickly the wound or the pain will disappear immediately.

Useful for stabilizing blood sugar

If you or a loved one is having blood sugar problems. We should buy or dig for forest banana trees. Wash, crush, squeeze to get water, drink every day will help stabilize blood sugar very effectively.

Công dụng ổn định lượng đường
Uses to stabilize sugar levels

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Uses to treat digestive problems

With common diseases such as abdominal pain, diarrhea, dysentery. In the past, our grandparents had very good remedies that were to use chopped banana peels. Dry and then boil water to drink every day. With this habit, we will surely soon get rid of the above health problems.

Uses to increase lactation for new-born women

With plenty of fiber. Wild banana flowers are often chopped, processed into mannequins or simply boiled or steamed. This dish works to help nursing mothers have an abundant milk supply.
Thus, we can easily see all parts of the forest banana tree from banana flowers, banana bunches, even banana sheaths, banana stems, banana tubers. All have certain effects. That is the reason why this plant is becoming more and more popular. And is considered the “king of bananas”.

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