What is taboo about bell peppers? 4 foods to avoid to avoid being “deadly”


What is taboo about bell peppers? This is a question that many housewives are really concerned about. Bell peppers are rich in nutritional value and are commonly used in cuisine. Besides the positive aspects, bell peppers still have some potential dangers that not everyone knows about. To know the negative aspects of bell peppers, read this article Dried agricultural products will answer readers’ questions in detail what is taboo about bell peppers? Please.

What is bell pepper?

Bell peppers are a type of sweet pepper, known in English as Pepper, originating in Mexico, Central America, and northern South America. This fruit is very large, the skin is thick, crispy and contains a lot of meat. Inside there are chili seeds, but these seeds are not delicious to eat and have a slightly bitter taste. Sweet peppers come in many different colors such as red, yellow, orange, blue, purple, etc. Therefore, with the naked eye, we can also distinguish between sweet peppers and hot peppers. .


Today, this sweet pepper variety is widely grown all over the world. The country that produces the strongest bell peppers is China, followed by Mexico and Indonesia. In Vietnam, bell peppers are also grown very strongly, the most famous bell pepper growing locality is Da Lat.

Bell peppers come in many different eye-catching colors. So they are often used in decorating dishes. Bell peppers are considered a healthy, nutritious food, containing many beneficial nutritional values.

Because of the popularity of bell peppers, this type of pepper is now sold in many places on the market. It’s not too difficult for you to buy yourself a bell pepper with your favorite color. The price of bell peppers is also commensurate with their color. Normally, when buying bell peppers at the market, you will have to pay about 90,000 VND – 120,000 VND/kg of bell peppers. But coming to Dung Ha Agricultural Products, you will only have to spend about 70,000 VND – 90,000 VND to immediately own 1kg of the best quality bell peppers.

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Nutritional value in bell peppers?

In terms of nutrition, bell peppers are not inferior to other types of peppers. Sometimes, the nutrition in bell peppers is a little better. According to United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) said, in100gr of bell peppers provides nutrients such as:

  • 20 drop
  • 0.2gr lipid
  • 0.1g saturated fat
  • 0mg cholesterol
  • 3mg sodium
  • 175mg kali
  • 4.6gr carbohydrate
  • 1.7 grams of fiber
  • 2.4 grams of sugar
  • 0.9gr protein
  • 80.4mg vitamin C
  • 0.3mg iron
  • 0.2mg vitamin B6
  • 10mg magie
  • 10mg calcium

This is the entire nutritional value of bell peppers. It can be seen that the calories in bell peppers are very low, this is probably the strong point of bell peppers in the weight loss process. In addition, bell peppers are also rich in essential vitamins and minerals. Adding bell peppers to the diet to prevent and treat diseases is very weak.Health benefits of bell peppers brings to users include:

  • Enhance eye vision, protect eyes, prevent macular degeneration
  • Replenishes blood and prevents anemia
  • Enhance protection of cardiovascular health, prevent cardiovascular disease, stroke, diabetes type 2
  • Enhance and improve sleep quality, help you sleep well, sleep deeply, without insomnia
  • Whitens, increases skin elasticity, treats dark spots, acne and skin infections
  • Strengthens Collagen, making hair softer and stronger
  • Reduces the risk of bone diseases, helps bones and joints become strong, flexible and durable
  • Prevent the formation and development of breast cancer in women
  • Helps digest food easily, supporting effective weight loss

So, what is taboo about bell peppers? This is the question that many people are very interested in. Come find out with me.

What is taboo about bell peppers? Be careful when using it so it doesn’t “kill you like crazy”?

Sunflower seed

What is taboo about bell peppers? The first thing you definitely cannot ignore is that sunflower seed. It sounds a bit strange but this is completely the right thing. Both bell peppers and sunflower seeds are used for a different purpose. But bell peppers and sunflower seeds are incompatible because:

  • Bell peppers contain a large amount of iron. Sunflower seeds are rich in Vitamin E. Iron and Vitamin E are difficult to combine together in one meal. The iron in bell peppers will hinder the absorption of Vitamin E in sunflower seeds. Vitamin E deficiency will cause some diseases such as mild hemolytic anemia and non-specific neurological deficits.


In order for your body to fully absorb vitamin E and iron, you should not combine sunflower and bell pepper in one meal. However, you can still eat bell peppers and sunflowers without fear of affecting the absorption of Vitamin E in the following way:

  • Eat sunflower and bell pepper about 2 hours apart

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What is taboo about bell peppers? Bell peppers are incompatible with cucumbers

Correct. Bell peppers and cucumbers are incompatible. The reason is because:

  • Bell peppers are versatile and rich in vitamins. If used regularly, the body is always fully loaded with nutrients. However, a vitamin-degrading enzyme in cucumbers will disperse and decompose vitamins in bell peppers. When eating bell peppers with cucumbers, it will cause the body to reduce the amount of vitamins it absorbs. Vitamin deficiency for a long time will have a very negative impact on human health.


Therefore, in order for your body to fully absorb vitamins during eating, you should not eat bell peppers with cucumbers.


Parsley and bell peppers are two taboo foods and not good when combined together. The reason is because:

  • Parsley contains an enzyme that can destroy vitamin C nutrition in bell peppers. This can lead to the body not being able to absorb vitamin C into the body. Vitamin C deficiency will make the human body weak, its resistance will decline, and it will become a convenient path for disease-causing bacteria to attack.


To have a healthy resistance, you should not eat raw bell peppers and coriander.

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What is taboo about bell peppers? Bell peppers are incompatible with alcohol

What is taboo about bell peppers? The last thing you pay close attention to is the alcohol. Eating raw bell peppers and drinking alcohol together may create some toxic substances for the body. The reason is because:

Bell peppers contain a substance called Quercetin. This substance can react directly with alcohol to create some toxic substances such as Formaldehyde, Arcolein and Acetaldehyde. These substances, when entering the body, will directly harm the liver, kidneys and central nervous system. More dangerous is easy to form cancer.


Therefore, you absolutely do not drink alcohol and eat raw bell peppers.


Above is the article that answers the question what is taboo about bell peppers? but Dung Ha dried agricultural products I have shared details with readers. In particular, this article housewives need to read to know how to combine bell peppers properly to maintain the full nutritional value for themselves and those around them.

Hopefully, the useful information shared above will help everyone in preparing bell peppers properly, avoiding risks to their health. Hope you gain more useful knowledge about bell peppers and have many other delicious dishes from bell peppers.

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