Handbook of dishes from asparagus powder for baby weaning


Asparagus is a plant that contains a lot of nutrients that are good for the body. Although theprice of green asparagus isvery expensive, because it is delicious, it is becoming more and more popular to process many dishes on this product. Today, Dung Ha will bring youtips formakingdelicious dishes from asparagus powder for babies, for the elderly to recover the best health.

Bột măng tây cho bé yêu

1. Health benefits of cooking asparagus powder for babies to eat nutritious weaning food

Asparagus is a natural ingredient that contains a lot of good nutrients for the body. Estimated, in 100g asparagus contains: 12.9mg Carbohydrate, 202mg Cali, 20.7mg Calcium, 0.8mg Iron, 905IU Vitamin A, 6.9mg Vitamin C, 0.01mg Vitamin B6, 134ug Folic Acid, 1.8mg Fiber.

If parents cook asparagus powder for their baby to eat, they will receive health benefits such as:

  • Improve the immune system, resistance: Due to the weak immune system of young children, being attacked by viral and bacterial agents is inevitable. Using asparagus with Vitamin C Vitamin A is important for a healthy baby.
  • Support the digestive system: When processing asparagus into dishes, the amount of fiber and carbohydrates in the food helps support the intestinal digestive system, soften stools, and effectively treat intestinal diseases. Asparagus also contains a large amount of Prebiotics, increasing intestinal resistance.
  • Good for the urinary system: Being a natural diuretic, asparagus helps to remove salt and fluid from the body. As a result, adding asparagus powder for babies to eat solids helps prevent urinary tract infections in boys.
  • Enhance eyesight for eyes: Vitamin A and Vitamin D in asparagus will help reduce the risk of eye diseases such as night blindness, myopia, eye fatigue,,,.
  • Prevent malnutrition: The content of vitamins and minerals of groups A, K, C, E, B, iron, potassium, phosphorus, calcium,, abundant in asparagus turns this into an important food for baby’s physical development. Prevent stunting, malnutrition, growth retardation.


Besides being used for babies, asparagus powder is also very good for the elderly. Help them recover from illness. 

2. Suggestions, how to cook delicious asparagus powder for baby to eat weaning

Many parents are wondering and worried when they do not know what to combine with asparagus powder for babies ? In fact, asparagus can be processed into many delicious dishes: Stir-fried asparagus with beef , fried asparagus with garlic , fried asparagus with squash buds, asparagus salad,,, However, for children, the elderly the preparation Making snacks will save time and be extremely nutritious. 

Below, Dung Ha Agricultural Products will share some ways to cook delicious dishes with asparagus powder for babies to eat weaning:

  • Asparagus powder to cook crab/shrimp: First, we need to wash the rice and then simmer until cooked. Shrimp purchased for preliminary processing, washed, minced / pureed. Put the shrimp in the stew with the porridge, stir well until they are evenly mixed. Next, add a little asparagus powder and stir together for about 20 minutes. Pour into a bowl, wait for it to cool, and then give it to your baby to eat. 

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  • Asparagus powder cooked with beef: We need to wash the glutinous rice , put it in and cook until it’s soft. Purchased beef, washed and ground finely. Pour the mixture into the porridge and stir for about 15 minutes. Then, add a little seasoning to taste. Wait a few minutes for the porridge to boil, then turn off the stove, add a little cooking oil and can be scooped out for the baby to enjoy.

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  • Asparagus porridge cooked with pumpkin: Peel the pumpkin , wash and cut it into small pieces. Steamed asparagus and pumpkin. Then, put the pumpkin, asparagus with 200ml of water into the blender to puree. Pour the mixture into the pot, boil for about 15 minutes, then pour into a bowl for your baby to enjoy

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Above, are the 3 most common, easy to prepare and easy to make dishes from asparagus powder . It is rich in nutrients, helps children improve stunting, increase resistance, and effectively combat constipation. Let’s work together and change the daily diet for your baby to be less boring!

3 Places to buy and sell cheap, reputable asparagus powder in Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh

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asparagus powder

Asparagus powder products at Dung Ha are sold in boxes packed in boxes of 100g to 200g weight Prices range from 260,000 VND to 330,000 VND . This is evaluated as a completely natural product, 100% from the stem and sprouts of green thyme. The product has no additives, colorants, or harmful chemicals. Is a very good food for the body, can be preserved for 1 year.

In addition to asparagus powder , Dung Ha Development Company also provides additional materials, of natural origin, to protect food hygiene and safety. 

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