Hepatitis b sign? Causes of hepatitis


What are the signs of hepatitis b? This is probably a question that many people are interested in. Hepatitis b is known as the “silent killer”. When the disease goes to a bad stage, it will cause the liver’s functional organs to be severely damaged. When liver function is destroyed or impaired, people will gradually lose their health and lead to death. Today, Dung Ha Dry Food will answer your questions above!

1. Signs of hepatitis b? 


Hepatitis b often has no specific symptoms. Many people can have hepatitis B for decades without feeling ill. If so, there are usually very mild symptoms such as:
  • Fever
  • Tired
  • Anorexia, skipping meals
  • Stomachache
  • Diarrhea
  • Nausea
  • Dark urine
  • Pale stools
  • Joint pain, body aches
  • Yellow skin or eyes
  • Distention
  • Right lower quadrant pain
  • Bleeding under the skin
Usually in the early stages, the disease usually has very mild symptoms. That is what makes us subjective to our health. You should regularly go to the general examination every 6 months to control the liver in your body. If left untreated for a long time, it will lead to liver failure, cirrhosis and ascites, which is extremely life-threatening.

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2. Causes of hepatitis b

Hepatitis b is a chronic disease without any symptoms. It is caused by the hepatitis B virus (HBV). It is similar to HIV. However, the infection rate of this disease is 1000 times higher than that of HIV. Here are some causes of hepatitis b:

2.1 Bloodborne transmission

Blood sugar is the shortest way for hepatitis b to reach us. Some of the major blood pathways are:
  • Sharing needles and syringes. Especially those who use to inject drugs
  • Tattoos, piercings, razors, and nail supplies that are unsafe and contain harmful viral pathogens
  • Sharing personal items such as razors, toothbrushes, washcloths, etc. with an infected person
  • Receiving blood transfusions from people whose blood has pre-existing pathogens

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2.2 Transmission from mother to child

If a pregnant mother is infected with HBV, there is a high chance that her unborn baby will also be infected. The details of this phase are as follows:
  • Pregnant women get sick in the first 3 months. The rate of children infected is 1-2%.
  • During the 3 months between pregnancy. The incidence of the disease in children increases to about 10-12%.
  • For the last 3 months of pregnancy. The incidence of children peaks at 80-90%.

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Therefore, if a mother is infected with HBV virus, it is necessary to be examined regularly. Get advice from a doctor to have interventions to protect the health of the baby and after birth to always be healthy, not get sick.

2.3 Sexual transmission

Having unprotected sex with an infected person is often very susceptible to many sexually transmitted diseases such as gonorrhea, syphilis, cervicitis, genital warts, etc. The most important thing is that you must use safe sex practices. Sexually transmitted diseases are often difficult to cure. Need to clean genitals clean with natural essential oils or herbs. Protecting the genitals means protecting the happiness of the family and marriage. Absolutely do not have sex with strangers, do not have oral sex, …


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3. Treatment of acute hepatitis b
3.1 Is acute hepatitis b curable?

Acute hepatitis b is completely curable. According to statistics from the World Health Organization (WHO), up to 95% of patients with acute hepatitis b recover on their own without antiviral treatment. This is really an optimistic signal for people with acute hepatitis b. Most of the patients when at this stage, need to follow the advice from the doctor such as changing the eating habits, lifestyle, and resting properly, the disease will be relieved.

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3.2 Is acute hepatitis b contagious?

Acute hepatitis b is very contagious through a number of ways, such as:
  • Transmission of acute hepatitis b occurs between blood and body fluids containing the disease-causing bacteria. For example: Sharing needles, having unprotected sex, giving birth, sharing personal items, etc.
  • Hepatitis b is not spread by shaking hands, hugging, or kissing
  • HBV bacteria are found in saliva but are not harmful to people around. Unless spitting on someone else’s wounds and cuts

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3.3 Is acute hepatitis b dangerous?

Hepatitis b is known as the “silent killer”. That is why this disease is extremely dangerous to life. With the initial symptoms are extremely vague and will go away on their own. This will make the patient subjective and then the disease will develop into a more serious stage. About 10% of people with acute hepatitis B will develop chronic hepatitis B and cause serious liver complications, even death.


In infants and young children:
  • 80-90% of newborns in the first year of illness will progress to chronic hepatitis b
  • 25 – 30% of children infected before 6 years of age have chronic liver infection
In the elderly:
  • 8% of healthy adults with HBV infection will develop chronic hepatitis b
  • 20-35% of people with chronic hepatitis B will progress to cirrhosis/liver cancer

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It can be seen that if hepatitis b is dangerous, there is a way to treat it easily. Depending on economic conditions and the stage of disease development, we have different ways to treat hepatitis b such as:
  • Using specialized drugs to treat and prevent HBV bacterial cells from harming the body
  • Using new methods of modern medicine: Virus filtration, targeted therapy, ozone-carrying blood transfusion
  • Use herbal products to support liver treatment like tea products
  • Stay away from social evils, restrictions using alcohol beer

4. Conclusion

Above is the entire health article about hepatitis b signs? Causes of hepatitis b. Although, this is a disease, if diagnosed early, has the potential to save the patient’s life with a very high rate. But to do this, it is necessary to take the best measures to protect your health. Hepatitis b vaccination is the key to success to open the door and integrate with the world. Regular screening every 6 months will help us have short-term treatment directions for the disease. Also, the early stages are always easy to treat. If left for a long time, hepatitis B will turn into cirrhosis, from cirrhosis will turn to liver cancer.



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