What is Fatty Blood Disease? Symptoms and how to treat it


What is fatty blood disease is probably not too strange to us. Fatty blood or fatty blood is a “disease of the era” stemming from unscientific eating habits. This disease is difficult to detect in the early stages. So let’s go with Dung Ha Dry Food to find out what fatty blood disease is? Signs and the best effective treatment of fatty blood !

1. What is fatty blood disease?

Fatty blood is a disease related to the index of fat in the blood that exceeds the allowable limit. Everyone is a victim if they do not change their eating habits. Usually people from the age of 40 to over are very prone to fatty blood disease. We can diagnose fatty blood disease or not after using various blood tests to diagnose the disease. 


There is usually a certain percentage of fat in the blood that is always at a fixed level. When you have fatty blood disease, the percentage of fat in the blood increases noticeably. In particular, high cholesterol is the characteristic of dyslipidemia. 

Indexes of fat components in the blood:

  • Total cholesterol < 5.2 mmol/:
  • LDL cholesterol <3.3mmol/L
  • Triglycerides < 2.2mmol/L
  • HDL cholesterol > 1.3mmol/L

If the above indicators exceed the permissible level, it means that you are showing signs of blood fat. Depending on how high the index is, your condition is severe or mild. 

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2. Causes of disease

Fatty blood is common in middle-aged people. However, due to the influence of an unhealthy lifestyle, alcohol use, etc., obesity often shows signs of gradual rejuvenation. Causes of steatosis include: 

2.1 Unscientific diet

The use of too much fat in the diet is the leading cause of fatty blood disease. Beef , pork , eggs , milk, etc. are all foods that contain a lot of saturated fat. In addition, canned and ready-to-eat foods also contain large amounts of fat. If you are an addict to using these products, then the risk of you having high cholesterol is very high.

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2.2 Lazy exercise

Eating too much fat but being lazy to exercise makes the fat content in the body accumulate more and more. If you are inactive, the bad Lipoprotein content will increase sharply. The level of good cholesterol in the body will decrease rapidly. Therefore, being lazy to exercise, often lying and sitting in one place, the risk of disease is great.

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2.3 Obesity

Fat people are not necessarily healthy people. This is absolutely the right opinion. Fat people are often sedentary, eat as much as they can absorb. The amount of long-term excess fat will be concentrated in the abdomen instead of in the hips or thighs. When you have obesity, the level of good cholesterol in the blood suddenly decreases and increases the level of bad LDL cholesterol to a high level. People who are obese inside their bodies have a lot of dangerous diseases waiting. Usually, obese people can’t feel full no matter how much they eat. But the way they eat like that is that they are eating for the enemy hidden deep in the body.


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2.4 Due to pressure stress

Pressure and stress are also the causes of obesity. When your body is tired, you will tend to eat a lot to forget the sadness. Be less active because you want your body to rest and think. That is the deadly cause of your health going downhill. Sometimes, using alcohol, stimulants that create evil also cause cholesterol levels in the blood to exceed the allowable limit.

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2.5 Genetic factors

If you have a family member with high cholesterol, such as a parent or grandparent, you are also at higher risk of developing hyperlipidemia. Therefore, the blood test to screen the disease early will greatly shorten the treatment time.

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3. Symptoms of fatty blood

Normally, there is always a certain percentage of fat in the blood. This ratio is assessed through blood tests based on triglycerides and cholesterol. When you have fatty blood, the above indicators will be higher than normal. In particular, a high cholesterol index is a sign that you are suffering from dyslipidemia. 

Fatty blood has no specific symptoms, so the patient cannot recognize it. Many cases fall on their backs when they discover they have high blood pressure through routine examinations or when the patient has progressed to a severe stage. When newly diagnosed with fatty blood, the patient will show some specific symptoms such as:

  • Headache, Migraine
  • Dizziness, dizziness and nausea
  • Chest pain 
  • Heart beat fast, breathing fast

If the disease progresses to the end stage , there will be some more severe symptoms such as:

  • Unstable high blood pressure
  • Heart attack, stroke
  • Heart attack
  • Stroke
  • Atherosclerosis
  • On the skin appear blisters as big as fingertips

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4. Trị máu nhiễm mỡ tại nhà vừa hiệu quả lại an toàn

  • Drugs to treat blood fat are a must for patients. However, before using the drug, try to change your lifestyle to control your blood fat to see if it is effective!

    • Use good foods for yourself: Reduce saturated fat, limit the use of red meat. Eliminate fats and vegetable oils.
    • Eat foods rich in Omega-3 acids such as almonds , walnuts , herring , fish , and salmon .
    • Increase soluble fiber like oatmeal , apples , pears
    • Regular exercise such as running, cycling, soccer, etc.
    • Quit smoking, alcohol, stimulants that are harmful to your health
    • Change your own weight
    • Avoid eating dinner too late
    • Use herbal  teas
    • Mushrooms: Shiitake mushrooms , wood ear mushrooms


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5. Fatty blood disease should eat what?

Besides using drugs to balance blood fat. Their diet is also really different from the average person:

  • Bean sprouts: Bean sprouts are rich in fiber and high in vitamins. This is a product that will help your body eliminate bad cholesterol from the body. 
  • Cereal: Cereal is really a very good product for people with fat. With high fiber content, helping patients feel full for a long time, eat comfortably without fear of gaining weight. 
  • Green vegetables, fruits: Green vegetables and fruits are all foods rich in fiber that are good for the digestive system. Prevent diseases related to the digestive system. At the same time, good fiber will also help eliminate bad LDL cholesterol from the body. Fruit products will help your body load more nutrients and good LDL cholesterol into the body.
  • White meats: Chicken, duck meat , swan meat will help your body synthesize a lot of rich proteins into the body. These foods contain low cholesterol, so you can eat them without fear of blood and fat. 
  • Drink lots of water: Water is really important for the body. All your activities dehydrate your body. Therefore, water is a valuable source of nutrients. Drinking plenty of water will help your body flush out toxins through urine. 

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6. Conclusion

Above is the entire article about what is fatty blood disease? Hopefully this detailed article will help everyone’s health. Fatty blood disease is a relatively common disease. Currently, the disease is showing signs of rejuvenation when the number of young people going to the doctor for blood fat is increasing. To control the disease, it is necessary to have a scientific lifestyle. Eat enough nutrients. Do not abuse stimulant products that are harmful to health. Protecting yourself is your contribution to protecting your loved ones. 

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