Instructions on how to make yellow chrysanthemum tea at home is very simple

cách phơi hoa cúc vàng

Chrysanthemum tea is delicious and has many health benefits. Therefore, many people use chrysanthemum tea daily to enhance health, more comfortable spirit. However, the market has a lot of poor quality flower teas, which are harmful to users. So why don’t we make our own flower tea at home ? The following article, will guide you how to make yellow chrysanthemum tea simple, delicious, safe for health.

Step 1: Choose yellow chrysanthemums

To make chrysanthemum tea delicious, the stage of choosing fresh chrysanthemums is very important. Flowers used to make tea are not too picky. Choose fresh and clean chrysanthemums.

Bright yellow chrysanthemums are medium-sized daisies, petals are intact, not crushed, damaged. Autumn is the best time to choose chrysanthemums. This is the blooming season, you can also choose the flower buds that are about to bloom.


Not only flowers need to be fresh, cleanliness is also very important. If you are going to buy yellow chrysanthemums at the market, don’t. Because most of these flowers are sprayed with preservatives to keep them fresh longer and bloom more beautifully. Therefore, if using this flower, there is a high possibility of poisoning, adversely affecting health.

Therefore, you need to find a source of clean flowers, quality assurance, no pesticides and preservatives. Ideally, if your home has a large space, plant a few pots of yellow chrysanthemums, both for home decoration and convenient to use as tea without worry.

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Step 2: Preliminary processing

After you have selected the yellow chrysanthemum, you cut the flower close to the stem. Keep the cotton and discard the branches. Then, soak the flowers and wash them with water to remove all dirt and sand. 

In order for flowers not to be crushed, to keep the cotton when drying, you should soak the flowers thoroughly, then wash them gently. Thus, when making chrysanthemum tea , the new flower is beautiful and not broken or crushed.

Step 3: Dry

After preliminary processing of yellow chrysanthemum flowers, you can apply the method of making yellow chrysanthemum tea by manual drying method or a specialized dryer. Each method has its own advantages and disadvantages, you can choose accordingly.

For natural drying:

Advantages: Save money on buying machinery and equipment

Cons: Flowers take longer to dry, take longer, and are prone to dirt during drying

For drying with a dedicated dryer:

Advantages: Faster drying, more uniform drying quality, less dust when drying

Cons: expensive to buy equipment


If you use the natural drying method, you should arrange the flowers in mesh trays to dry, creating dryness on both the top and bottom, helping the flowers to dry faster. Besides, you should only put one layer of flowers on the tray, do not expose too thickly, it will make the flowers dry unevenly and longer. You should choose to make flower tea on hot days continuously. Usually, about 3 sun is the flower will dry.

If using a dryer, you can use a fruit dryer or a medicine dryer. Suitable drying conditions are 50 degrees Celsius, 50% humidity and drying for about 30 minutes. After 30 minutes, adjust the humidity to 25% and dry for about 1 hour.

Step 4: Preserve

Chrysanthemum tea after drying, the best way to preserve it is to put the tea in a glass jar and close the lid. If possible, you can add a moisture-proof pack.


In addition, you can also use plastic jars or plastic bags to store tea. This way can help preserve tea from 6 months to 1 year.

So you can see how to make yellow chrysanthemum tea at home is very simple, right? Hopefully with these instructions, you can make delicious cups of yellow chrysanthemum tea yourself for the whole family. Do not forget to follow the news section to update useful information.


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