Korean mixed vermicelli how many calories? How to make vermicelli to lose weight


Mixed vermicelli is a popular and familiar dish in many parts of the world. Each country, they have their own recipes for processing mixed vermicelli. But perhaps, Korean mixed vermicelli is a delicious, cool and nutritious dish used by many places around the world. Especially in Vietnam. So do you know how many calories in Korean mixed vermicelli? Eating mixed vermicelli is afraid of gaining weight? Let’s answer with Dung Ha Dry Food how many calories in Korean mixed vermicelli.

1. How many calories in Korean mixed vermicelli?

Korean mixed vermicelli is a favorite breakfast, fast food, favorite of many people. Not only used for breakfast, mixed vermicelli is also a very good dinner for the body.
Nutritionists recognize the Calories in Korean mixed vermicelli as:
  • A bowl of Korean mixed vermicelli contains about 380 Kcal. This is a pretty good amount of calories that you should add to your weight loss diet.


This amount of calories is very good for the body to maintain all body activities. When there is a lack of these calories, the body will fall into a state of fatigue, …
But to make Korean mixed vermicelli. The main ingredient that is vermicelli is indispensable. Let’s learn more about the calories in vermicelli and dishes made from this vermicelli.

1.1 How many calories in vermicelli?

Vermicelli can be made from many different ingredients such as: sweet potatoes, green beans, potatoes, … These ingredients all contain very little calories, so they are very often added to your weight loss diet menu. women sisters.
Nutritionists say:
  • 100g of vermicelli contains only 351 Kcal of minerals

This is a low calorie and necessary for the body. However, this amount of calories can be increased or decreased depending on how it is prepared and the ingredients included.

1.2 How many calories in dried vermicelli?

Dried dong vermicelli is made entirely from pure dong dong. To get quality rhubarb starch, you will have to go through a lot of stages that require many important factors. After being processed into dry vermicelli, the nutritional value of the vermicelli remains unchanged.
Researchers have shown that the calories in dried vermicelli include:
  • 100g of dried vermicelli contains about 332 Kcal
Besides, it also contains other nutrients such as: 82% of seaweed starch, 1.5 grams of fiber and 0.7 grams of protein.
Dried dong vermicelli is a familiar food of many Vietnamese families. Dried vermicelli belongs to the category of dry goods, so you can keep them for a long time without fear of mold damage. The calories of dried vermicelli can increase when you make them into cooked vermicelli.

1.3 How many calories are sweet potato noodles?

Sweet potato vermicelli is made from 100% sweet potato starch. Sweet potatoes are a very familiar food in the weight loss diet of women. The calories in sweet potato vermicelli are not too different from that of dried dong vermicelli. Specifically:

  • 100g of sweet potato vermicelli will provide about 332 Kcal for the body


Besides calories, sweet potato vermicelli also contains other valuable nutrients such as:

  • Fiber: 1.5g
  • Starch: 82gr
  • Protein: 0.7g
  • Minerals (Calcium, Potassium, Magnesium, Iron,..)

In particular, sweet potato vermicelli contains very little fat, so women are not too afraid to eat vermicelli for fear of gaining weight.

1.4 How many calories in rice vermicelli?

Besides mixed vermicelli, vermicelli, or sweet potato vermicelli. Rice vermicelli is also a product that many people love and sell extremely well in the market. The rice vermicelli fibers are made from 100% naturally dried starch, so they still retain their full nutritional value. Specifically:

  • 100g of dry rice vermicelli contains about 200-300 Kcal

The amount of calories in rice vermicelli is much lower than that of vermicelli, sweet potato vermicelli. This is really a suitable product for women on a diet to lose weight, to beat the fat accumulated in the body for a long time.

2. How to make Korean mixed vermicelli to lose weight and beat belly fat?

Currently, how to make Korean mixed vermicelli for weight loss is receiving a lot of attention from women. Depending on how it is processed, the amount of calories in Korean mixed vermicelli can increase or decrease. However, the best way to make Korean mixed vermicelli for weight loss, you should follow this recipe:

2.1 Ingredients

  • 200g Korean vermicelli
  • 100g beef
  • 1 cucumber
  • 50g dried wood ear fungus
  • 100g spinach
  • 2 green bell peppers
  • 2 chicken eggs
  • 100g enoki mushrooms
  • 1 carrot
  • Cooking oil, roasted sesame, pepper, soy sauce, chili sauce, sesame oil, sugar, garlic, onion,…


2.2 Instructions

  • Soak the vermicelli with cold water for 15 minutes to make the vermicelli soft and easy to prepare. Take out the vermicelli, drain the water, cut the vermicelli into enough pieces to eat
  • Put the vermicelli in a pot of boiling water, boil the vermicelli for about 10 minutes until the vermicelli is cooked enough, drain
  • Add sesame oil + soy sauce + sugar + pepper and mix well with the vermicelli
  • Beef washed, disinfected with salt, chopped enough to eat. Marinate beef with sugar + fish sauce + main noodles + 1 teaspoon minced garlic. Mix well together, leave for about 10 minutes
  • Onions are peeled, washed and finely chopped. Carrots are peeled, washed and grated. Cucumbers are peeled, halved, seeded, and thinly sliced. Fresh chili peppers, cut in half, remove seeds, and finely chop. Spinach, washed and cut into 4cm lengths
  • Blanch the vegetables + lightly cooked carrots. Marinate sesame oil + sugar + soy sauce and mix well
  • Wood ear mushrooms soaked in warm water for 5 minutes, thinly sliced. Cut the root of the needle mushroom, wash it. Marinate 2 types of mushrooms with soy sauce + sesame oil + garlic + sugar
  • Break the chicken eggs into a bowl, mix well, and then thinly coat the eggs until golden brown on both sides. When the eggs are cooked, pick them up, let them cool, and then cut them into long strips
  • Put the pan on the stove, add cooking oil, when the oil is hot, add the garlic + onion and saute until fragrant. Put the vegetables in and stir-fry until cooked
  • Finally, add the beef and stir-fry and season with a little seasoning to taste
  • Prepare a large bowl, put all the ingredients into the bowl. Add 1 tablespoon Korean chili sauce + sesame oil, mix well. Remove to a bowl, sprinkle with peanuts, mix well and enjoy

2.3 Finished products

Korean mixed vermicelli when eating you will clearly feel the characteristic mild spicy taste of the tongue. With most Korean dishes, spicy is an indispensable thing in Korean dishes.


With Korean mixed vermicelli and the above spices, it will provide your body with 1000 – 1205 Kcal. The human body needs to load about 2000 – 2200 Kcal to maintain all activities. From this amount of calories divided into 3 meals (breakfast – lunch – dinner), our body will receive 667-733 Kcal.
Therefore, eating 100g of Korean mixed vermicelli, you can rest assured that you are never afraid of fat. On the contrary, this amount of calories still helps women maintain all vital activities of the body.

3. Korean mixed vermicelli how many calories and how to eat vermicelli without worrying about gaining weight?

Above, we already know in detail about how many calories in Korean mixed vermicelli as well as how to make quick and effective weight loss vermicelli. But combined with that, we need to know how to eat vermicelli without worrying about gaining weight. You can refer to the following tips:

  • Change ingredients: You can replace high-calorie ingredients such as: beef, pork, salted eggs, … with vegetables such as carrots, kohlrabi, mushrooms, cucumbers, raw vegetables, Kale,…
  • Reduce the amount of noodles: avoid eating a lot of noodles. You can replace it with vegetables, vegetarian food
  • Use low-calorie condiments: Use spices such as garlic, sugar, onion, pepper, lemon, sesame, fish sauce, … instead of mayonnaise, soy sauce, …
  • Oil control: limit the use of grease. Can be replaced with olive oil, soy sauce, …
  • Eat slowly and with focus: Focus on eating and eat slowly so your body can process and feel full when you eat.
  • Increase physical activity: Regular exercise to burn calories
In short, to eat Korean mixed vermicelli without worrying about gaining weight, you need to control the ingredients, reduce the amount of noodles and cooking oil, and use low-calorie foods. In addition, regular exercise is the safest and healthiest way to lose weight.
Wish you have a balanced body, slim body that thousands of people love.

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4. Conclusion

Above is a detailed article that answers the question of how many calories in Korean mixed vermicelli that Dry Food wants to send to readers. Korean mixed vermicelli is a delicious, low-calorie dish, a weight loss dish that women should add to their diet menu. Hopefully with the useful information shared above will bring you a lot of useful information.


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