Millet and the effects of millet

tác dụng của hạt kê

Today, we are used to the voice every afternoon – “Who’s the daffodils, who’s the rice cakes?” of street vendors. Surely all of us have wondered, what is a cake? What is millet? Why is it called a rice cake? Today’s article, will answer your question about the word “Ke”. And what does the definition tell you of millet? What’s the use? To tell you first, millet is the name of a grain. It has many beneficial effects on health. Specialized for making cakes, cooking porridge, vegetarian. You can also bathe the baby. Let’s explore more about millet!

Origin of millet

Millet, also known as Coc Tu, Tieu Me, Toc Coc, Bach Luong Tuc… is grown mainly in the Northern Delta (Ninh Binh, Bac Ninh, Nam Dinh, Hanoi, Hai Duong…). Plants are sown in January and harvested around the fourth lunar month.
Millet originated in India, grown for its seeds as food and as fodder. The plant is very easy to grow, can grow on sandy soils in the plains and in the mountains.
Considered a by-product, millet is packed with nutrients. People often process millet into many delicious dishes. It can be cooked with millet porridge or served with rice paper – called rice paper. In the summer, you can cook millet tea to cool off. Not only used as food, but rich in medicinal properties, millet is used in the treatment of many diseases.
tác dụng của hạt kê
The effect of millet
According to a number of studies by scientists at the Indian Institute of Nutrition, millet is a kind of rich in medicinal properties. It has many effects such as preventing diarrhea, diabetes, diuretic effect, preventing kidney stones … Millet has soldering properties, sweet taste, has the effect of supplementing gas, except for thirst.
Millet porridge cures urination, cures thirst because of hot stomach. Millet has the effect of kidney tonic, detoxification, refreshment, abdominal pain vomiting, anti-dehydration when diarrhea. Millet contains a lot of melatonin, which has a calming effect and induces sleep.

Ingredients in millet

There are mainly 2 types: Golden millet, which is a small grain of glutinous rice, has a dark yellow color, and has a fragrant aroma when eaten. But glutinous millet is hot. The other type is pale yellow millet, larger, not as fragrant as glutinous millet, but it will be cooler to eat.
Nutritional composition of millet includes:
2% fat, 73% starch, 11.0% protein, 11% water and many nutrients, minerals and vitamins necessary for the human body.
In addition, there are hydrates of carbon, protein, lipid, Ca, P, Fe, sugars, vitamins of group B. The seeds are sweet, salty, cool; In the spleen, taste, and kidney, it is very good to clear body heat
Next, let’s take a look at some of the effects of millet

Miraculous health benefits of millet

Abundant source of nutrients for the body

Millet provides nutrients no less than fish meat. It can provide a full range of vitamins needed by the human body. In addition, it also provides minerals such as lime, phosphorus, iron, manganese, copper…. It also contains free lecithin and choline. It has the effect of nourishing the brain for those who work hard, use a lot of spirit and reason. Helps maintain brain cells, enhances memory and slows down the aging process.

cây kê

Millet is very good for the digestive system

Millet contains a lot of fiber. It has the effect of cleaning the intestines, creating conditions for food to enter the body easily. Nutrients are also more easily absorbed by the body.

Enhance human memory

Millet contains a compound called glutamic acid. This substance has the effect of enhancing memory, reducing stress and preventing memory loss diseases in the elderly.
The choline in millet has the property of preventing arteriosclerosis and regulating the yin and yang balance of the nervous system.

The function of preventing diabetes of millet

Science has proven, millet contains the mineral magnesium. This substance helps to increase the efficiency of insulin synthesis, preventing the development of diabetes. Regular consumption of millet will reduce the risk of type 2 diabetes by 30%.

Uses to reduce pimples for children

In folk medicine, effective remedies are handed down. Use millet to boil water for babies to treat skin rashes and reduce pimples.

ăn hạt kê có giảm cân không
Millet is low in calories

Supplement blood by eating millet

Millet contains the mineral iron in high levels. help replenish blood to your body. Therefore, it is very suitable for people who are anemic, need to supplement iron for the body. In addition, thanks to the vitamin C present in millet, it will promote the faster absorption of iron into the blood.

Strengthen bones with millet

The source of calcium in millet is very rich, so eating millet will help strengthen bones. Combined with vitamin D in millet to help strengthen bones, prevent osteoporosis…

Clean mouth, fight bad breath by eating millet

Those who suffer from stomach pain and indigestion should eat millet every day to improve their health. Millet seeds are also great for pregnant women. The amino acids and silicon contained in millet will help pregnant women reduce the risk of miscarriage, vomiting every morning.
Millet also has anti-fungal effects on the body. Millet works to slow down the growth of bacteria in the mouth. Therefore, it helps to clean the mouth and prevent bad breath.

Eating millet is very good for pregnant women

Pregnant women eat millet to help secure pregnancy, limit vomiting and morning sickness. Preventing conditioned fungi from attacking the body

Uses of millet for beauty

The effect of slowing down the aging process

Two types of amino acids present in millet, methionine and lysine, are responsible for creating collagen. This substance helps to keep the skin from darkening, healthy, helping to prevent wrinkles.

ăn hạt kê có béo không
Millet is very good for those who want to lose weight

Effective and safe weight loss at home with only millet

Millet is considered a cereal with high protein and fiber content. It helps the body reduce cravings, stay full for a long time. Thereby helping you limit weight gain, get back in good shape. You can lose weight with millet very effectively without worrying about lack of nutrients. Because in millet contains a lot of nutrients, full of energy for a day for you.

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Processing millet used in cuisine

The most common function of millet is a food source, used a lot in the processing of delicious dishes such as millet rice, millet tea, millet porridge, millet cake, etc. Has the effect of helping to cool the body and nourish the body. nutritional supplement.

Delicious dishes from millet

Dry Food brings you a number of dishes made from millet, guaranteed to be both delicious and easy to make.

Banh mi cake has the effect of cooling the intestines and liver and promoting health. It’s like an afternoon snack. The sweetness of millet, the fat of green beans and the crispiness of rice paper combine very well. Banh Da can be made from brown rice or white rice. Finely chopped green beans sprinkle on millet. Add a little bit of apricot sugar or white sugar.
Sticky rice millet: Remove the millet shell, cook millet sticky rice or sticky rice. This dish is suitable for women after giving birth, tuberculosis, people with physical weakness, postpartum women, long-term chronic diseases, malnourished children.
Millet porridge combined with sweet potato: 50g millet, 60g sweet potato. Grind millet seeds, remove skins, and slice potatoes and cook. This dish can be made as a breakfast dish. Very suitable for people with diabetes with weak spleen and stomach.
Millet porridge is very good for the elderly, eating indigestible, people who want to gain weight. Ingredients include 100g flour, 200g. Eat on an empty stomach, twice a day.
Millet rice: Millet is cooked into the form of sticky rice. You can eat every day, good for diabetics
Millet tea: ingredients include 100g of millet, 50g of rock sugar. Cook the porridge until it is cooked, then add the sugar, beat it, and boil it again to be able to use it. This dish is very cool to eat, can quench thirst, detoxify, suitable to eat in summer

How to use millet in cooking

Peel the millet kernels and wash them with water. Then it is processed into many dishes.
Note: Do not serve with almonds.

The best way to store millet

  • Seal the millet in a bag and keep it in a cool, dry place.
  • Cold storage in large quantities of millet
  • Put the millet in a vacuum bag to keep in a cool and dry place

Where to buy reputable millet?

Millet is more and more sought after and used by many people because of the wonderful effects of millet. Quickly grasping the increased demand, many food businesses are available to serve customers. It is not difficult for you to buy millet, but you need to consult and learn carefully. Choose to buy at a reputable address to ensure standard quality and safety.
Dung Ha Agricultural Products is confident to provide you with quality products that are suitable for the price. Purchase address: 683 Giai Phong street, Giap Bat ward, Hoang Mai district, HCMC. Hanoi, Tel. 1900986865 and No. 02/B Quarter 3, Trung My Tay 13 Street, District 12, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam (nearly 252 Trung My West 13), phone number 0869398658.
Hopefully the above useful information can help you understand more about millet. Try millet to see its magical effect!

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