Moma’s free website design solution

During a difficult business period, severely affecting the health of businesses, MOMA marketing’s free e-commerce solution for businesses has quickly taken effect, providing businesses with solutions. optimal marketing methods to be able to break through and overcome the pandemic. Free e-commerce solution with MOMA helps businesses enjoy a complete service, promoting their advertising ability to everyone, true to its role as a true communication and marketing channel. We invite you to learn about free website design with CEO Pham Xuan Ket.

Design a free website with Pham Xuan Ket?

With human and technological potential, MOMA Global is currently one of the first and only providers of free website design and free commercial website solutions in Vietnam for free for life. Always dedicated to serving the interests of customers, MOMA Global has also become a familiar name, the top choice of businesses whenever they need professional free website design. Currently, MOMA has 2 member units with more than 60 employees in Vietnam, serving more than 118,000 customers. Among them, there are many high-ranking partners who are large and potential businesses.

CEO Nguyen Xuan Ket’s programs have helped many businesses transform their business models successfully. Students participating in the program have made great leaps in their careers. Especially creating strong changes, thinking positively to achieve outstanding achievements, especially in the field of online business. As a free personal website creator.


With more than 18 years of experience in Technology and Marketing, Mr. Nguyen Xuan Ket has helped more than 108,000 entrepreneurs develop their businesses. Among them, we must mention some typical brands such as: Torano, Biluxury, Smartmen, Hiip, VNPay Getfly, VCcorp, bizfly, BNI,…


With great practical values, helping and promoting sustainable development for the Vietnamese business community, CEO Nguyen Xuan Ket has received worthy awards:

  • Honored at the National startup development event
  • Award for Contribution to business development during Covid-19,…

In the near future, with his investment and enthusiasm, CEO MOMA Globall is planning to conquer and help more customers from all over the country, with many industries and fields to contribute. Building a community of Vietnamese businesses and entrepreneurs to grow more and more prosperous.