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Dried squid is a popular dish in all regions, and Hanoians are no exception. However, finding the best place to buy the best quality dried squid can be a concern. Currently, there are many poor quality dried ink products on the market, making consumers feel anxious. Today, Tuoi Tre will share with you the uses and ways to preserve dried squid, as well as the most prestigious address to buy dried squid in Hanoi.

1. What is Dried Squid?

Dried squid, also known as dried squid, is a famous dish across all regions of Vietnam. The main ingredient to make this dish is squid. They are processed through the process of drying or drying in the sun. The dryness of the ink depends on the number of exposures, also known as the number of “sunshines”. Dried squid is considered squid that has undergone at least 2 sun exposure.


After being caught, the fresh squid will be cleaned and preliminarily processed before being heat-treated (dried or sun-dried) until it becomes hard and dry. Dried squid can be sold whole or shredded, depending on the user’s preference. Since it has gone through the drying process, the ink can be stored for a long time. In the seas, this dish is a favorite specialty of many people, can be enjoyed with beer or given as a very convenient gift.

2. Price of dried squid in Hanoi

Here is the price list of dried squid in Hanoi you can refer to:


Dried squid:
  • Type 1: About 7-10 fish/kg, price 1,200,000 VND/kg.
  • Type 2: About 12-15 pcs/kg, price 1,150,000 VND/kg.
  • Type 3: About 16-20 fish/kg, price 950,000 VND/kg.
Dried squid rake:
  • Type 1: About 10-12 fish/kg, price 1,150,000 VND/kg.
  • Type 2: About 14-17 fish/kg, price 950,000 VND/kg.
  • Type 3: About 20-26 fish/kg, price 700,000 VND/kg.
Note that prices may vary from time to time and from store to store. For specific information about the price of dried squid in Hanoi, you should consult reliable sources such as stores, supermarkets or online sales websites.
To order delicious, standard dried squid in Hanoi, you can buy it here

3. Address to buy dried squid in Hanoi with good price reputation?

Lam Son Food is the most prestigious place to buy dried squid in Hanoi. With a variety of dry inks, high quality and reasonable prices, along with excellent service style. Established in 2017, Lam Son Food has set its sights on enhancing the value of specialty products from across Vietnam, including dried squid. During the past 5 years, the store’s sales team has constantly researched and explored the seas across the country to find the best dried squid and bring it to consumers.


The dried squid here has a natural bright pink color, the squid meat is thick and firm, with no signs of moisture. In particular, Lam Son Food is committed not to use harmful chemicals that can affect consumers’ health.
Lam Son Food is committed to providing only the best quality products, the most reasonable prices and 100% refund if customers are not satisfied with the product or service. Since its establishment, Lam Son Food has served hundreds of thousands of customers nationwide, contributing to enhancing the value of Vietnamese specialty products.
Contact Info:
  • Address: No. 6, Lo Voi, Dong Xa, Van Don, Quang Ninh
  • Branch: 466 Hoang Hoa Tham Street, Tay Ho District, Hanoi
  • Hotline: 0862.23.8383
  • Website:
  • Fanpage:

4. The benefits of eating dried squid

Here is a summary of the potential effects of the ingredients in the dried squid you mentioned:
  • Selenium: The mineral selenium has antioxidant properties and prevents arthritis by controlling free radicals in the body.
  • Vitamin B2 (Riboflavin): Vitamin B2 may help relieve migraine symptoms.
  • Vitamins B12 and B6: Dried squid provides abundant vitamins B12 and B6. Vitamin B12 is needed for nerve health and blood health, while vitamin B6 has a role in protecting the heart from stroke.


  • Phosphorus: Dried squid also contains phosphorus, an important mineral that promotes bone and tooth health.
  • Iron and copper: Dried squid helps the body absorb iron and provides a large amount of copper, an important mineral for absorption and metabolism, as well as red blood cell formation.
  • Muscle and Nerve Relaxation: Dried squid can have a relaxing effect on muscles and nerves, helping to relieve stress and nervous tension.
In addition, according to traditional medicine, dried squid is said to be salty, slightly temperate, non-toxic, and has the effect of nourishing blood, nourishing the heart, clearing the liver, increasing intelligence. Squid is also said to have the effect of supporting the spleen, diuretic, and temperate zone, especially good for women.

5. Is it good to buy dried squid in Hanoi?

Hanoi dried squid is one of the most popular and appreciated dried squid because of its top quality and unique characteristics. One of the important factors that makes the difference for Hanoi dried squid is its toughness and deep sweetness that it brings. The land of Hanoi is located in a favorable position with good natural conditions for the development of dried squid. The abundant sunshine and fresh air of this land along with the typical scent of the sea create an ideal environment for squid to grow. The combination of these factors makes Hanoi dried squid have a unique and attractive taste, attracting the attention of many people.
Hanoi dried squid not only has a strong sweet taste but also has excellent toughness. This is achieved through elaborate processing and expert drying techniques. The ink drying process is carried out with meticulousness and delicacy, helping to keep the elasticity and softness of fresh ink. As a result, Hanoi dried squid has a firm, chewy structure and does not dry out.


Although the price of dried squid from Hanoi is higher than that of dried squid from other seas, many people still believe and love this product. This is because the prestige and quality of Hanoi dried squid has been affirmed for a long time.

6. How many types of dried squid in Hanoi?

Here is a detailed description of each type:
  • Fishing dried squid: This type of squid is made from live squid fished with a fishing rod. With thick squid body, beautiful skin and no scratches, dried squid retains the sweet and rich taste of fresh squid. This is a famous specialty of Thanh Hoa.
  • Dried squid rake: Squid is usually caught by nets and usually lives in concentration. Due to the process of pulling the net and coming into contact with other seafood, the squid has a thinner body and does not keep the sweetness like squid. The body of the ink scratches is imprinted with the mesh screen, which is easy to bend and not beautiful.


  • One sunny squid: One sunny squid is cleaned with sea water and then dried in a sunny day on the boat. This type of dried squid retains its sweet and salty flavor more intensely than other types. When grilled, the squid is chewy, crispy on the outside and soft and succulent on the inside.
  • Seasoned dried squid: Fresh squid is cut into thin slices, then marinated with spices such as chili, fish sauce and packed. This ink can be used directly without processing, suitable for those who want a quick and convenient dish. Usually used to
Depending on your personal preferences and intended use, you can choose the right dried squid to enjoy the special flavor of each type.

7. How to preserve dry ink to ensure quality?

7.1 How to store dried squid when there is no refrigerator


If you do not have a refrigerator or do not have enough space to store dried squid, you can apply the following methods to store dried squid:
  • Place the dried ink in a cool, clean, and moisture-free location. Avoid direct sunlight and keep away from areas where insects often appear.
  • Every week, take the dried squid outside to dry in strong sunlight to allow the water in the ink to evaporate and remove potential bacteria and mold. This helps maintain dry ink quality and prevents the growth of bacteria and mold.

7.2 How to store dried squid in the refrigerator?

For the best storage of dried squid, a refrigerator with a low temperature is ideal. Just put the dried ink you just bought in the refrigerator, you can use it gradually without worrying about mold or bacteria entering. However, dried squid has a strong smell, so to avoid the loss of unpleasant odors and affect other products, you need to do the following:
  • Wrap the dry ink bag with several layers of newspaper to ensure sturdiness. This helps keep the ink dry and prevents odors from escaping.
  • Wrap an extra bubble bag outside to make sure the smell can’t get out of the bag. Balloon bags are more resistant to odors and enhance odor isolation in the refrigerator.
  • Place the dried squid bag in the freezer compartment of the refrigerator. The freezer compartment usually has the lowest temperature in the refrigerator and will help maintain dry ink at a suitable temperature.


However, be aware that dried ink also has a shelf life. The longer food is stored in the refrigerator, the more flavor it loses. Therefore, only dried squid should be stored for a certain period of time, about 4 months. Please refer to how to store food in the refrigerator to ensure the safety and quality of other products in the refrigerator.

8. How to distinguish real and fake dried ink?

8.1 For Real Dried Squid

8.1.1 Attention to packaging:

Observing the dried ink packaging bag is also an important way to judge the quality of the product. When buying dried squid in Nghe An, you should choose dried squid packaging bags with intact packaging, not punctured, torn or deflated. Packaging bags need to be well preserved, do not expose dried ink to air and light.


In addition, pay attention to the information on the expiration date, production date and composition of the dried ink on the packaging. Make sure this information is legible and legible so you can check and track the shelf life of the product. By observing the dried ink packaging bags and choosing intact packages, you can ensure that the dried ink you purchase is quality and reliable.

8.1.2 Taste and toughness

When the squid is cooked, the real dried squid will give off a characteristic aroma, which is a sign that the squid has been properly processed and of good quality. When the real dried squid is cooked, you will feel the unique scent of sea squid, creating an interesting culinary experience.
Real dried squid also has clear flesh and is easy to shred. Squid meat has moderate toughness and is processed so that it is soft and fluffy, creating a delicious taste when enjoying. This allows you to enjoy the rich flavor and natural sweetness of Nghe An dried squid.

8.1.3 Dried ink shape


When buying dried ink, you can apply those suggestions to choose a good product.
  • For dried squid, you should choose squid with thin tails and close to the body. This shows that the squid has been properly processed and dried, helping to ensure its freshness and toughness.
  • As for dried squid, you should choose those with a spreading tail like a fish’s tail, dark black color and thick tail. These characteristics usually indicate that the ink has been carefully selected and of good quality.
Remember, when buying dried squid, in addition to paying attention to the shape and color, you should also consider other factors such as scent, freshness and preservation of the product.

8.2 For Fake Dried Squid

To avoid buying fake dried ink, you need to keep in mind the points you mentioned.


Fake dried squid is often made from harmful synthetic substances, which are harmful to health. When baked, fake dried squid will easily burn and emit a burning smell of plastic instead of the characteristic aroma of real dried squid. When you tear or pull the fake dried ink with your hands, it will have a great elasticity, like an elastic band, and it will be difficult to tear. When torn, squid meat will not be smooth, flat and not as fluffy as real dried squid. An important thing to recognize fake dried squid is that there is no midrib.
Also, to check the poor quality of fake dried squid, you can soak it in water for about 10 minutes. At this time, the powder covering the outside of the squid will be disintegrated, the ink will lose its color, pale and may show a thinly sliced rubber. Furthermore, avoid buying dried squid that has been torn off, as this ink is often easily mixed with fake dried squid.
To ensure quality and safety, purchase dried ink from trusted and reliable sources, and pay close attention to the characteristics and signs to identify real dried ink and avoid buying fake dried ink.

9. How to choose good dried squid


Indicators to evaluate the quality of dry ink include color, chalk layer on ink and sense of dryness and thickness of ink. Here’s how to choose delicious dried squid
  • Chalk layer on ink: Fresh dried squid often has a layer of white chalk evenly covering the whole body of the squid. The thicker the white chalk layer, the fresher the ink. Please pay attention to this feature when choosing to buy dried ink.
  • Color: Delicious dried squid usually has a bright color, not too dark like bright red and deep pink. The squid belly is white, the back of the squid is pale pink and has black dots. Avoid buying dried squid with red spots on the body and back, as well as light red spots on the sides of the eyes. This could be poor quality dried ink.


  • Feel the thickness of the squid: Choose to buy dried squid of medium size, straight body and thick flesh. Dried squid with thick meat when grilled will expand into cotton fibers, delicious, bold and easy to tear when eating.
  • Feel the dryness of the ink: Use your hand to touch the ink body and feel it. If it doesn’t stick to your hands, there’s no moisture and your hands are dry after touching the dried ink, and there’s still a slight scent left on your hands. Then it is delicious dried squid that is naturally dried in the sun.

10. Conclude

Above is the article that answers where to buy dried squid in Hanoi with good quality and good price that LamSonFood has shared. Hopefully, through this article, everyone will find the most reputable place to buy dried squid. In addition, some experiences in preserving dried ink and choosing the right dried ink are also shared by us in detail here.
Thank you for taking the time to read this article in its entirety.

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