Prestigious address to buy butterfly pea flowers in Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City

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For those who use butterfly pea flowers for the first time, finding a reputable butterfly pea flower shop is not easy. Moreover, using butterfly pea flower is not guaranteed to directly affect your health. So where to buy butterfly pea flowers? Immediately read the article below of the news column of

Solutions to help find and buy quality butterfly pea flowers?

You know, butterfly pea flower brings a lot of effects in human’s life. From health care, beauty, landscaping. Until the useful effects on women’s cooking. Therefore, the demand for it is increasing day by day. Many people come and use butterfly pea flowers. And where to buy butterfly pea flowers to ensure quality is always a concern of many consumers.

To be able to find the addresses that sell quality butterfly pea flowers, you can refer to some of the following tips:

  • First of all, you should consult information from people close to you. Those who used to use butterfly pea flower. When you learn through these objects, you not only have information about the effect, how to use it. But even where to buy butterfly pea flowers, where should not be bought is “revealed”. These subjects are the “firsts”. So there will be certain experiences to help you choose a reputable address as well as how to distinguish real – fake.
  • Second, should choose reputable and senior addresses. Surely you will agree that reputable, reputable selling addresses will last a long time. And get the trust and loyalty of customers. Therefore, you should choose reputable, quality addresses to send your health and family.
  • Third, do not buy goods floating on the sidewalk, on social networks. The role of the internet cannot be denied. However, you also have to be very careful and wise when choosing to buy things online. Especially those that affect health. Don’t be greedy and buy butterfly pea flowers on the roadside, on social networks. Because their quality and origin cannot be verified.

hoa dau biec

Where to buy butterfly pea flowers to ensure safety and quality?

What are some harms if using poor quality butterfly pea flowers?

Before solving the problem of where to buy butterfly pea flowers. You need to find out if using poor quality butterfly pea flowers will bring any harm? It may be:

  • The condition did not improve, but got worse and worse
  • Poor quality butterfly pea flowers often contain many impurities, which are not good for human health
  • May cause unwanted side effects

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So where to buy butterfly pea flowers?

Today, due to the increased demand for butterfly pea flowers. So the number of suppliers also increased. You can easily find and buy butterfly pea flowers anywhere without having to spend too much time and effort. However, be careful because not everywhere will be a reputable address for you.
One piece of advice for you is to go to reputable dry food stores with many years of experience like Dung Ha Agricultural Products. We have many years of experience in providing dry food, regional specialties, clean agricultural products, with clear origin.
Currently, the price of dried butterfly pea flowers of Dung Ha Agricultural Products is listed at 100,000 VND / 100g. This price does not include shipping charges. If customers are far away, they must ask for the support of the delivery unit.

When coming to Dung Ha, you will enjoy the following benefits:

  • The butterfly pea flowers are purchased with a clear origin, with a natural and characteristic fragrance. It is carefully processed and packaged to ensure food hygiene and safety.
    100% natural butterfly pea flower commitment. No preservatives. No impurities harmful to human health
    Buy butterfly pea flowers at the best price in the market
    Visit website or contact phone number 1900986865 for advice and order.
    And if you are far away, if you are wondering where to buy butterfly pea flowers, please contact us immediately. We’ll deliver quality, original products to your doorstep by mail.
    Price does not include shipping costs. If you buy an invoice of 200,000 VND or more, you will be supported with shipping. If you buy a bill of 500,000 VND or more, you will get free shipping

hoa dau biec kho

The miraculous effects of butterfly pea flower on health and cuisine

Talk about the effect of butterfly pea flower on human health. Surely you will not be able to miss the following great benefits:

  • Rich in antioxidants. Should be effective in preventing skin aging. Helps to keep the skin fresh, smooth and minimizes wrinkles.
  • Support to improve and enhance brain function
  • Support in the treatment of diabetes
  • Prevent and improve the condition of cancer
  • Helps the spirit to relax, feel comfortable, happy, reduce stress…

How are dried butterfly pea flowers preserved?

Because the characteristics of fresh flowers are difficult to preserve. So people often use dried butterfly pea flowers more. So how to preserve butterfly pea flowers?

  • If you do not use all of it, you need to tie the bag tightly or cover the jar. To avoid exposure to humid, moldy air.
  • Should be stored in a cool, dry place, away from direct sunlight
  • Seal and store in the refrigerator to prolong shelf life

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Delicious dishes from butterfly pea flowers. You already know?

Butterfly pea flowers are often used for food coloring. Both attractive, beautiful and safe for human health. You can refer to some ways to prepare dishes from butterfly pea flowers below:

Make butterfly pea flower sticky rice

Delicious, eye-catching green sticky rice will make you irresistible. How to make butterfly pea flower sticky rice is also very simple:

  • Soak about 8g dried butterfly pea flowers in hot water to get colored water.
  • Take about 500g of glutinous rice, wash and drain. Then soak with water color butterfly pea flowers overnight or soak for at least 8 hours.
  • Finally, cooking sticky rice as usual will help you have a blue sticky rice that is attractive to all eyes

Making jelly from butterfly pea flower

In hot summer days, the chewy jelly from butterfly pea flower will help you dispel the heat of the sweltering summer day and bring you wonderful moments of relaxation. Here’s how to do it:

  • Use about 12-14 dried butterfly pea flowers + 350ml of filtered water, boil until the flowers fade, then remove the flowers
  • Continue to add about 4g of jelly powder, stir with your hands until a thick mixture is formed, then turn off the heat.
  • Pour into the available box then put in the refrigerator, you will have delicious, cool jelly cups to cool off in the summer..

Make coconut jam from butterfly pea flower

In the days near Tet, you can make coconut jam for your family, which is both delicious and cheap, and ensures food hygiene and safety. Processing is as follows:

  • Use 2g of butterfly pea flower to boil with about 200ml of filtered water.
  • Wait for the flowers to turn color, then turn off the stove and let it cool. Continue to pour about 400g of young coconut, sliced into thin fibers, and soak it with butterfly pea flower water for about 3-4 hours.
  • Then, you take out the coconut, continue to soak with white diameter for about 3 hours until the coconut fiber is soft and clear, then remove the pan to dry. Wait until the sugar thickens and the coconut fiber is crispy.

The above information will be useful advice for you where to buy butterfly pea flowers and some ways to prepare dishes from butterfly pea flowers. If you are looking to buy quality and reputable butterfly pea flowers, visit the website of Dung Ha Agricultural Products or contact Hotline 1900 986865 to buy quality products.


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