Revealing the surprising uses of perilla leaf juice for children

công dụng của lá tía tô

Perilla leaves are a side vegetable, a spice for many Vietnamese dishes such as green dishes, stir-fried dishes, mannequins, etc. Perilla leaves are also used in the daily menu as a good medicine. Many people think that perilla leaves only work for adults in beauty and health improvement. But few people know that perilla also has great uses for children. Because of its benign nature, perilla leaves are suitable for use on babies. There are many effective folk remedies that are handed down by mothers. Let’s find out the benefits of perilla leaf juice!

1. Uses of perilla leaf juice for children’s cough

One of the popular uses of perilla leaves is to treat coughs in children. Instead of taking difficult-to-take Western medicine, you can refer to this method to apply to your baby. According to Oriental medicine, perilla leaves have the effect of reducing cough, tonic spleen, helping to loosen phlegm quickly. How to do it is very simple.

công dụng của lá tía tô
Uses of perilla leaves
Just prepare some ingredients:
5 grams of rock sugar
20g perilla leaves
5 grams of star fruit
5-10 grams of male papaya flowers
Method: Wash all ingredients and dry. Crush all or put in a blender for convenience, filter to get the juice. Then my mother added 5 grams of rock sugar and steamed it. Give it to your baby when it’s cooled down.
5 times a day, each time half a teaspoon (about 2.5ml). This method has an expectorant effect, reducing dry cough and severe cough in children. At the first time of use, the mother should let the baby drink slowly so that the baby gets used to it, a few drops at a time so that the essence is absorbed. Helps kill bacteria, relieve sore throat for babies.

2. Lower your baby’s fever with perilla leaf juice

Antipyretic is the best use of perilla leaves. Both adults and children can use it. Can be processed in many ways such as cooking water or cooking perilla porridge. The common way that mothers often apply is to cook perilla juice to drink or eat perilla porridge. Then give your baby a lot of milk before giving him a day of vaccination. By doing this, your baby will have less fever.

Nước tía tô hạ sốt
Reduce fever with perilla leaves
Perilla juice has the effect of stimulating perspiration and vasodilating the skin. When the baby is breastfed, which contains nutrients from perilla leaves, it will make the baby’s body warmer, regulate sweat, and eliminate toxins.
In addition, the mother should wear cool clothes for the baby, use a warm towel to wipe the baby’s body to keep the baby’s body dry and avoid catching a cold.

3. Treat heat rash with perilla leaves with babies

In the summer, when the weather is hot, babies often have rashes and rashes. Make your baby uncomfortable, cry easily and picky eaters.
In addition to the above uses, perilla leaves also work as an antibiotic to help kill bacteria. Therefore, mothers can cook perilla water for babies to bathe to treat heat rash for babies and young children. This method is completely natural – benign, so you can rest assured. Just bathing regularly for a week, your baby will immediately reduce itching and pimples.
How to do it: Mother prepares a sufficient amount of perilla leaves, soaked with salt and washed to remove all dirt and fluff on the leaves. Avoid irritating your baby’s sensitive skin. Mothers can leave the leaves to cook water for the baby to bathe or puree the leaves to get the juice and cook.

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4. Some notes when using perilla leaf juice to treat children’s diseases

Absolutely do not bathe your baby with perilla water when the baby’s skin is scratched, festering or sore.
It is recommended to test perilla leaf juice on a small area of skin before bathing your baby, to avoid allergies or other medical symptoms. Wash the perilla leaves thoroughly and boil them thoroughly to remove all dirt and bacteria before giving them to your baby.
The methods that NSDH suggested to the mother above are all folk remedies passed down by grandparents, both benign and effective. In case the baby has a more severe condition, the advice for mothers is to take the baby to a medical facility for the best diagnosis and treatment by a doctor.
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