[Secret] How to get wild honey for inexperienced people


How to get wild honey is a question that many beekeepers are interested in. Taking honey is extremely dangerous, it will require accompanying tools and experience. Just a small mistake can put you in a lot of danger to your life. Taking honey also means teasing the hive. By instinct, bees will attack to protect their nest. Today, let’s go with Dung Ha Dry Food to find a way to get wild honey for inexperienced people.

1. What is wild honey? What is raw honey? How to distinguish?

1.1 What is wild honey?

Wild honey is all-naturally harvested honey. The bees nest in the forests, without the influence or nurture from human hands. They are free to fly, sucking nectar to build their nest. With its survival instinct, the nutritional value of wild honey is extremely rich and quality. Wild honey is very widely used and popular. Many studies on wild honey have shown that this is honey that has many uses:


  • Natural antiseptic, has the ability to heal wounds, fade scars
  • Reduce bad cholesterol, protect the heart
  • High antioxidant, very good for people with unstable blood pressure
  • Wild honey combined with turmeric is an extremely effective remedy for stomach ailments
  • Cough treatment in children (Not for children under 1 year old)
  • Nourishes hair, makes hair strong and smooth
  • Exfoliate dead cells, fade dark spots, treat acne, tighten pores
  • Commonly used in culinary

Due to high demand and seasonal nesting of wild bees, people hunt a lot. Therefore, the supply of forest honey is scarce and difficult to find.

1.2 What is pure honey?

Pure honey is also known as natural honey, raw honey, farmed honey. This is honey taken directly from the honeycomb, not industrially processed, without sugar, flavorings or preservatives. In a nutshell, pure honey is real honey. This type of honey still contains pollen, beeswax, bee carcass, young bee pupae, … Because of keeping this nutritional composition, pure honey still contains a lot of vitamins, minerals and important nutrients. other important.
Today, pure honey has been raised by many families and has become very popular. Finding pure honey is no longer difficult. In terms of use, pure honey is not inferior to wild honey at all.
  • Rich antioxidants prevent the formation of cancer cells
  • Antibacterial and antifungal active ingredients
  • Honey soaked lemon peach + ginger + blueberry effectively treat cough
  • Good for the digestive system
  • Improve memory, good for the brain

Pure honey is being widely sold in the market. But because of bad purposes, honey is more and more adulterated, so sometimes it brings more bad sides than good ones. Shoppers should be very careful not to buy jagged, dirty honey.

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1.3 Distinguishing wild honey and pure honey?

Based on the two detailed concepts above, you have the best view of honey, right? Wild honey is a form of pure honey. However, it is not only wild honey that is pure. We also have another type of pure honey, which is farmed honey – honey that is tamed by human hands. This type of honey has not been industrially processed, so it still retains the full nutritional value of honey.
In summary, pure honey will include 2 main forms:
  • Home honey
  • Forest honey
However, among these two types of pure honey, wild honey is the most difficult to find and expensive. Wild honey is produced in a fixed season. Instead, you can raise domestic bees for honey, still ensure quality and have a fairly reasonable age.
The price of pure wild honey is usually sold on the market at the price of 1,500,000 VND/liter – 2,500,000 VND/liter. In addition, the price of pure wild honey can increase or decrease depending on the time of harvest. The main season will always have a slightly higher price than the off-season. As for home-grown honey, the price is cheaper, the price of house honey is about 280,000 VND – 400,000 VND / liter.

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2. How to get forest honey for inexperienced people?

Getting wild honey requires extremely skilled people. If there is just a little subjective negligence, it will meet bad things. By taking wild honey, we act to destroy the beehive. Instinctively, bees that see their nest destroyed will attack the person who destroyed the nest. If you do not have experience and specialized protective equipment, it is best not to do this.
The hive of forest bees will always be located in tall, leafy trees to avoid human disturbance. As for house honey, they will be nested with a certain location so that they can easily harvest honey. But whether it’s wild honey or house honey, you should prepare carefully.

2.1 How to get forest honey on trees simply

2.1.1 Tools to prepare honey:

  • Matchboxes: 1 pack
  • Forest knife: 1 piece
  • Backpack: 1 piece
  • Rope
  • Head net: 1 pc


2.1.2 Implementation steps:

Step 1: Climb the tree, tie the rope tightly and firmly from the tree to get honey
Step 2:   Take advantage of the dried branches bunched together. Above the torch, covered with a layer of fresh leaves
Step 3: Use a mesh to cover your face. Cling to the rope and climb near the honeycomb
Step 4: Using the prepared match, light the torch to make the fire light up
Step 5: Place a burning torch that smokes about 1.5m away from the hive (When the bees see the smoke, they will fly away, leaving the honeycomb. This is the way to lure the bees away from the hive)
Step 6: Using a knife, cut the beeswax to put it in the bag. Put your hand underneath, cut off the gallbladder and then slowly put it in the bag
Step 7: After completing the honey collection, continue to use the torch and then slowly slide down


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2.1.3 Note:

The number of wild bees is increasingly scarce. Therefore, you should note the following to have many more times to harvest wild honey:

  • Forest honey to be harvested in June or July every year is the best. Ripe honey has a darker yellow color than the beginning of the season
  • Do not use fire torches directly into the hive. Fire will cause the mother bee to die, losing its supply
  • If going to collect honey for 2 people, to ensure their lives, the people below need to stand about 50m away from the hive. The wild bee is very dangerous, it will attack people who go to break the nest to get honey. Wild bee venom is very scary. Mild, causing swelling, pain and swelling. If it’s heavy, die.
  • Honey and beeswax after being taken, should not be kept together. They will be sour, not tasty and do not keep for long
  • A single-storey pure forest honeycomb can get from 3-4 liters of honey

2.2 How to get simple home honey

2.2.1 Preparation tools:

  • Protective gear: 1 set
  • Knife: 1 pc

2.2.2 Implementation steps:

House bees harvesting time within 3 months is the best. At this time, the honey is thick and delicious.
Step 1: It is necessary to sweep and clean the space around the bee cage before harvesting
Step 2: Gently open the hive door
Step 3: Using a knife, gently push the bee aside and then gently cut the most honey
Step 4: Clean up the bee cage and seal it as before

2.2.3 Note:

  • In the process of taking honey, you must not get all the honey. If you take the same honey, the bees will leave and don’t stay in the cage
  • To get the best honey and keep it for the longest time. You should squeeze the honey, you need to remove the young and the nectar part is dark yellow, hard, not sweet and slightly sour
  • Honey is delicious or not depends on the experience of making cages + bee care + selection of bee varieties

3. Conclusion

Above is a detailed, meticulous article that fully answers the question of getting wild honey on trees that we want to bring to our readers. Wild bees are quality bees, they are very fastidious and this bee breed completely nests in the open air on trees from 30m to 90m high. The process of getting wild honey you have to be careful and cautious. One wrong step can be life-threatening.
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