Summary of delicious Vietnamese traditional Tet soup dishes


The traditional Vietnamese New Year soup is an indispensable thing. Besides stir-fried, boiled, steamed dishes,… a bowl of soup will help make the tray of rice more nutritious and delicious. So in the tray of rice on Tet holiday, which soup is most often used? Follow Dung Ha Dry Food to learn about Vietnamese traditional Tet soup dishes!

1. What kind of soup does Vietnamese traditional Tet include?

Soup does not appear only in the tray of rice on Tet holiday. Even on weekdays, bowl of soup is also an indispensable dish. With soup, the meal will become more delicious. For those who do not like to eat dry, soup is an indispensable friend. Having soup in the rice tray will help you eat easily, without choking or having digestive system related syndromes.


The daily tray of rice, the bowl of soup will be very simple and simple. Women often use vegetables such as water spinach, water spinach, bok choy, … boiled to get the broth. But on the occasion of Tet, the soup bowl is very different and extremely nutritious. They will be made from a lot of accompanying additive materials. Not only soup, Tet foods are also rich in nutritional value. So let’s take a look at some Vietnamese traditional Tet soup dishes:

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1.1 Ham hock bamboo shoot soup

First on this list is bamboo shoot soup. With 2 main ingredients, dried bamboo shoots and pork rinds. Yet they create a quality dish that everyone believes in. Bamboo shoots soup is very easy to eat and easy to prepare. You will feel the sweetness from the boiled pork leg juice. A bit of supple fragrance from bamboo shoots from nature.
The cost of these two materials is very cheap. They also bring to the user a lot of nutritional value. Therefore, households in the North, every Tet holiday, cook bamboo shoots soup. Not only on Tet, major holidays, and anniversary of the year, bamboo shoot soup is the number 1 choice of the people here. This soup will give you more choices. In addition to being used to cook rice, bamboo shoot soup can be eaten with extremely high quality vermicelli. A bowl of soup has up to 2 uses, no wonder why people in the North like to use this soup so much.
When using this dish, you will absorb the full value of the ingredients. Eating dried bamboo shoots will help keep your cardiovascular system stable. Rich in fiber is very good for the digestive system. Powerful antioxidants help you prevent the formation of harmful cancer cells. Eating dried bamboo shoots is also the weight loss solution that women aim for.

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1.2 Lotus seed mushroom soup

In the next soup menu it belongs to the lotus seed mushroom soup. On New Year’s Day, lotus seeds are sold extremely well in the market. It can be said that spring weather is the most beautiful weather of the year. It helps plants to grow, flourish, and everything around them to be invigorated. At this time, people go to harvest lotus seeds a lot. For the same reason, around the 26th and 27th of Tet, when going to the Tet market, people see a lot of people selling lotus seeds.
Lotus seeds can be preserved for a long time. They are very close to humans. Lotus seeds besides cooking soup, they are also used to cook porridge or cook summer refreshments very well. Even on ordinary days, you can cook vegetarian lotus seed soup and eat it. Nothing on New Year’s Day, wedding days, anniversaries, you can also see lotus seeds used in mixed soups. It can be seen that lotus seeds are very healthy, they can be combined with any ingredients but still produce the best quality soup.
Mushrooms are a product that most Vietnamese families use. Vegetarian mushroom soup is also very delicious. However, when combined with lotus seeds, it forms a bowl of soup with extremely high economic value. Fresh water from lotus seeds secreted, deliciousness from forest mushrooms. These two flavors combine to form a drink that everyone who eats will fall in love from the first time.

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1.3 New Year’s Eve soup: Drop ball soup

The next soup is the drop ball soup. Ball is a traditional dish of Vietnamese people. Ball soup is a dish in the list of “four pillars” indispensable in the tray: Ball, fins, bamboo shoots, vermicelli. The main material of the ball is made from pig skin (pork skin). The process of making the ball will be very picky and meticulous. But when it falls into the hands of mothers, an ordinary dish suddenly becomes a “National” dish that thousands of people love.


Ball soup will be combined with some vegetables to make the soup more beautiful. Common ingredients used include: broccoli, cauliflower, carrots, kohlrabi, shrimp, mushrooms. They will be decorated in a very eye-catching way. The aroma from the ingredients rose up into the nose, making the stomachs start to rumble.
Pick up the ball and taste it, the taste of the sweet water is like being caressed by the quintessential broth soaked in the ball overflowing. The ball is chewy, soft, and extremely mouth-watering. The scent of spring color lies entirely in the sweetness of the broth. Sweet bone broth, sweet shrimp, sweet winter fruits and vegetables. All create a bowl of soup with full of unforgettable flavors of Tet.

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1.4 Stuffed bitter melon soup

If the bowl of soup ball drop is the symbol for the rice tray of the people in the North. Southerners are the bowl of bitter melon soup as the main symbol. Southerners call bitter gourd bitter melon. In the north, they call bitter melon bitter melon. If transliterated according to the culture of the North, this is bitter melon soup stuffed with meat. This is a soup that is extremely loved and trusted by Southerners. The fresh, big and juicy bitter melons will be filtered and stuffed with meat inside.
Southerners call bitter melon “Bitter melon” because it has its connotations. With the hope that a year of hardship, hardship and hardship will pass smoothly. Welcome a new year of happiness, health, peace and joy. It can be seen that bitter melon soup stuffed with meat is a spiritual soup for Southerners. They eat this soup to pray for the well-being of everyone and all members of their family.
It is because of this symbolic spiritual dish. Stuffed bitter melon soup is also used by many families outside the North. Not merely appearing on the big holiday of the year. Even on a normal day, bitter melon soup is a dish you can use in the family tray. Let’s wish all Vietnamese people a miserable new year, the epidemic will pass peacefully.

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1.5 Pumpkin rib soup

Finally, on the menu of Tet soup, it is pumpkin rib soup. Speaking of this dish, the beginning of the aroma from the pork broth rushed straight to the noses of the rumbling stomachs. A quality pork chop paired with half a zucchini. Only close to that can create such delicious and quality food.
Noodle pork ribs to get water, mild sweetness, characteristic aroma from squash. Tasting 1 teaspoon of water for the first time, the taste is sweet and bold, making people eat it all the time and not get bored. Pumpkin rib soup is very good for pregnant women. This is also an extremely quality cooling soup for summer days. The thing that people are most attached to is not from squash or ribs. They come from the broth. The broth of sweet pumpkin rib soup comes from the secretions from the pork ribs, not from the main noodles. This soup is also used a lot in major holidays. Many pregnant women also like to use this soup in their menu.

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2. Conclusion

Above is the entire article detailing answers to questions about Tet soup dishes that readers can refer to. In general, the dishes above are very easy to make without any difficulty. To be able to make dishes like this. The factor of input materials is the first thing that women need to pay attention to. Quality input materials with full origin will determine up to 85% of the success of that dish. Food hygiene and safety issues of family members on Tet holiday need to be put on top. Do not be greedy for the health of your family.


Thank you for reading this article. Follow Dry Food to read more culinary articles and other great health news. Hopefully, you will have for yourself delicious, quality soup bowls that provide adequate nutrition for all members of your family. In addition, you can also create many other delicious soup bowls.

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