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Modern Tet dishes are one of the questions that many brides are interested in. New Year’s Day is a beautiful time for the family to sit together and eat the New Year’s Eve tray. Have fun talking to each other to see what we did last year and the next goal for the new year. Perhaps, the love during Tet for people to rub together is the delicious, nutritious rice trays. Today, let’s go with Dung Ha Dry Food to learn about modern Tet dishes of each region!

1. Modern New Year dishes of each region?

1.1 Western New Year dishes

Different from the North, Central and South. Western dishes are often bold, simple, rustic but still very elegant. All dishes here are made with familiar “homegrown” ingredients.


1.1.1 Banh Tet

Referring to the delicious dishes of the Western New Year, Tet cake is the first thing that appears on the rice tray. If the North has banh chung, the South has banh tet. The processing method of this type of cake in the South and the West is similar. But they differ only in shape.
Banh Tet in the West is different from banh tet in the South Central Coast and Saigon in that:
  • Banh Tet in the South Central Coast and Saigon when eaten will have a rich sweet taste
  • Sticky rice will be mixed with coconut milk or grated coconut to increase the aroma of the cake
  • As for the Western Tet cakes, they have the sweet and fatty taste of coconut mixed with pork belly. This is the special feature that makes the “Western Banh Tet” brand that everyone wants to taste once.

The ingredients to make western banh tet include: green beans, bacon, … and some other spices. Today, this cake has been refurbished to be very modern. They are also made of leaves, bananas, salted eggs, … extremely attractive.

1.1.2 Meat and Egg Stew

If the Tet tray of the Northern people has eastern meat, the West has braised pork belly. This dish in spring is also very easy to eat. They have a fatty, slightly sweet taste from the typical flavors of the Western people.
The main ingredients for this dish include: pork belly + chicken eggs (or quail eggs). To get delicious water, fresh coconut water is indispensable.
People in the west of the river are extremely fond of the taste of fresh coconut and water coconut. That is why in any dish we will encounter the raw material is coconut.
On Tet holiday, every house in this house has a pot of braised meat to use. The most special thing in this dish is that if left for a long time, simmered many times, the meat and eggs with coconut milk will be even more delicious and attractive.

1.1.3 Dried shrimp pods

Both the North and the South are very fond of pickled pickled tubers. But in the West, their favorite dish is dried shrimp and salted tubers. This is the typical dish of the people here. The main ingredients only include papaya tubers and dried shrimp. Materials are very simple, simple, rustic. Only that, but it is also a specialty that is used and sold a lot.
Kieu tubers will be soaked with chili garlic fish sauce, and some other spices to balance the sweet and spicy saltiness. The longer the tubers soak, the more delicious they are, and the food is not too sour. Just add a plate of lightly roasted dried shrimp to serve with the palanquin. This combination will definitely be an unforgettable dish.

1.1.4 Go Cong sauce

Referring to the delicious dishes of the Western New Year, but forgetting the divine dipping sauce, Mam Go Cong, is a big blame. If in other places in Vietnam, fish sauce is handmade with anchovy, herring or scad juice to produce a fragrant dark brown fish sauce, then Go Cong fish sauce has a recipe. different from.
Go Cong sauce – Tien Giang, whose main ingredients are shrimp and white wine. Accompanied by a little spice of sugar, garlic, salt, chili,… Shrimp will be marinated with the above spices to taste. After that, the shrimp will be filtered through a sieve to filter out the water. The shrimp meat will be pureed and then marinated with white wine and spices mentioned above for about 2 hours to form the finished product.
Go Cong fish sauce of the West will be rolled with salad vegetables to dip boiled meat, boiled chicken, … extremely quality. In addition, this fish sauce is also added to the hot pot to increase the deliciousness.

1.1.5 Sausage

Perhaps, sausage is the most popular and widely available dish in the West. Therefore, today’s sausages have been sold a lot in the market. Sausages with Westerners are bought to eat, make a tray, or use to entertain guests who come to play at home. Whenever I see sausages and spring rolls in the house, the Tet atmosphere is overflowing.
Currently, on the market, there are different types of bone sausages such as: dried, fresh, shrimp, fish,… Each type has its own flavor. If you want to eat good, quality sausages, you have to buy the original from the West.

1.1.6 Banana jam

When finished enjoying the main dishes. Westerners often make desserts with a variety of fruits. Desserts used to drink tea often include Banana Jam. This is a very popular dish.
Bananas will be marinated with ingredients such as: Ginger + sesame to increase the aroma. Then it will be pureed, fried with sugar to create the product’s plasticity. When the banana is flexible enough, the worker will let it cool and add peanuts to reduce the sweetness and increase the flavor of the dish.
Above is a tray of rice on Tet holiday of Westerners. With 5 main dishes and a side dish. In addition, there are many other delicious dishes that depend on the culture of each region.

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1.2 Food on Tet holiday in the Central region


1.2.1 Banh Tet

In the Tet tray of the Central people, banh tet is an indispensable dish. In the traditional Tet holiday, the custom of worshiping ancestors with cakes is a traditional beauty of Vietnamese people. If banh chung is a typical cake of the North, the Central and Western people are banh tet.
Banh Tet does not appear only on Tet holiday. Even on the 1st day of the lunar calendar, the monthly full moon cake is also popularly sold. Depending on each area, there are large, small, long, short or different fillings.

1.2.2 Pickles

Melon is the main dish that cannot be forgotten during Tet holiday in the Central region. Every time Tet comes to Spring, the family is busy preparing dishes such as pickles or palanquins to use during Tet. The main dish is the most effective “anti-boring” dish and is often served with banh tet or rice. Pickled dishes can be made from ingredients such as white radish, kohlrabi, carrots, … This dish should also be included in the meal when you eat a lot of greasy dishes on New Year’s Day.

1.2.3 Chicken

Boiled chicken has become a traditional traditional dish of all regions of the country. Cane chicken is golden yellow, white meat, very chewy and sweet. Combined with thinly sliced lemon leaves and dipped with spices, it has become a popular dish conquering all Vietnamese people. For the annual New Year’s Eve offering in all regions, raw chickens cannot be without. With chicken, the tray of rice to worship your family becomes beautiful and complete. Wishing the new year a lot of health and money.
In addition to boiling chicken, you can steam chicken with lemon leaves to enjoy.

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1.2.4 Green bean sticky rice

In addition to Tet cake, green bean sticky rice is also considered a traditional dish for the people here to offer to worship their ancestors. A full plate of sticky rice offered to the ancestors is like a wish of children and grandchildren for a prosperous, full, warm and happy new year. Depends on the family’s preferences. Some families eat green bean sticky rice with peanuts, sesame, shrimp, char siu, roasted or roasted meat.

1.2.5 Tr­e

Tre is a famous specialty dish of the Central people. Tre originated from Binh Dinh. Until now, this dish is still used a lot in the Tet tray of the people here. With main ingredients from pork skin, pork, and pork oil. All these ingredients will be mixed with the signature seasoning. This is a dish that encapsulates a rustic, familiar and extremely strange taste.

1.2.6 Ginger jam

Ginger jam is a dessert that appears in the modern Tet dishes of the people here. Ginger jam is used very often by the elderly. Eating ginger jam will help the chicken’s digestive system work better. Prevention of bloating, abdominal distension, abdominal pain caused by irregular eating.
To get quality delicious ginger jam. The first thing is that you have to choose for yourself a quality ginger. If you choose ginger that is too young, when making jam, it will not be firm and rich. If you eat old ginger root, it will contain a lot of fiber and sprinkle your teeth, the pungent taste on the nose is difficult to eat.

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1.3 Southern New Year dishes


1.3.1 Banh Tet

Banh Tet is the famous cake of the people in the South. If the North prefers to use banh chung with a square shape, the south uses banh tet with a long cylinder. Banh tet means caring for each other and being grateful to parents who were born and raised.
Banh Tet in the South is very flexible with many sweet and savory fillings such as beans, bananas, fatty meat, sausages, salted eggs, etc. Banh chung is wrapped with seaweed leaves, but only the southern banh tet. wrapped in banana leaves. They will be boiled before New Year’s Eve and eaten with other dishes.

1.3.2 Spring rolls

Spring rolls not only appear in the trays, on the party table. Spring rolls are also a modern Tet dish that people here use a lot. Spring rolls have the same meaning, sharing each other’s sweetness. The ingredients for making spring rolls are very simple, not too fussy. They only include: Ground pork, shrimp, black fungus, cassava root, fish sauce, ground pepper, traditional spices. Spring rolls are used to eat together with vermicelli and herbs and then dipped with a dipping sauce that is extremely mouth-watering and cool.

1.3.3 The scene of bitter melon stuffed with meat

In the tray of rice, having a bowl of soup will make it much easier to eat. Stuffed bitter melon soup is a dish used by many people. This bowl of soup, carried with the meaning of “wishing the suffering of the old year to pass quickly, to start a new year of happiness, smoothness, good and bad luck”. On New Year’s Day, many families prepare dishes that contain a lot of fat and fat. A bowl of bitter melon soup stuffed with meat will make it much easier to eat.

1.3.4 Boiled Chicken

Chicken is an object used to worship gods and ancestors. The chicken symbolizes the wish for good fortune, what to get. This is a dish that is “not allowed to be absent” in the New Year’s tray or on the occasion of anniversaries. Chickens will be boiled, incense will be burned on New Year’s Eve and the 1st. Chicken is offered to the elderly to show respect and solemn respect for the deceased. They also wish that they can also reunite at home to celebrate Tet together.

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1.3.5 Spring rolls

Spring rolls are an indispensable dish in the Tet tray. Silk spring rolls carry the meaning: Warm inside and outside, happiness is full of the house. If you want to make a delicious sausage dish, you must choose quality ingredients. For good quality pork sausages, pork must be purchased at reputable places of quality. Making sausage requires a lot of elements and materials. But on Tet holiday, many women who have free time make sausages at home. Working from home will ensure absolute food safety for all members of your family.
In order to get soft, smooth white pork rolls, the input materials you need to choose carefully!

1.4 Northern New Year dishes

1.4.1 Ball soup

Traditional soup of the Northern people for generations. Until now, ball soup is still used a lot. But the ingredients are becoming more diverse and attractive to people to eat a lot. The taste is ethereal and sweet from the bone broth. Perfect for the chilly northern weather. Tet rice tray is indispensable for this soup.
The main ingredients that make up this dish are very simple. They only include: Chicken broth, raw ham, fried quail eggs, kohlrabi, carrots, dried shrimp, shiitake mushrooms. That’s all, it’s a popular soup that every house has.

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1.4.2 Braised Tea

Every New Year to Spring, the dish of braised tea cannot be missed. With only 2 main ingredients, green beans and honey. A dish with a sweet and nutty flavor makes children who work for a long time away from home want to return to their mother’s arms very early. Enjoying braised tea with a cup of warm tea is a wonderful thing on the occasion of the Lunar New Year. A delicious dish, combined with a warm drink, will help your body dispel the cold in you.

1.4.3 Mixed fried vermicelli

Vermicelli is a familiar rustic dish of the Northern people. With a rustic taste, many ingredients can be combined together. Vermicelli is an indispensable dish in the Tet tray. Normally, vermicelli will be processed into a stir-fry dish with vegetables, shrimp, and seafood that is both delicious and nutritious.
Eating too much rice on Tet will make you bored quickly. A plate of fried vermicelli will change the menu to help you get bored.

1.4.4 Gac sticky rice

Gac sticky rice is not only a dish appearing in major holidays and important days of the North such as: weddings, questions, anniversaries, etc. Even on the occasion of the Lunar New Year, Gac sticky rice is an indispensable dish. With bright red color, everyone wishes to have a year of fortune, luck, and victory. Gac sticky rice has a flexible taste, passionate aroma from Gac seeds and sugar. A dish that will bring a lot of luck to the host family.

1.4.5 Braised beef

On Tet holiday, dishes from beef always provide a lot of nutrients for the body. Beef can be processed into many delicious, beautiful and strange dishes. But perhaps, Northerners often use braised beef mainly. Not only suitable for eating with hot rice. Braised beef is also a favorite drink of many men. A piece of spiced beef will completely change your taste buds.

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2. Conclusion

Above is the entire detailed article sharing about the question of popular modern Tet dishes of each region for readers. Each region they will have their own delicious dishes. If you are people from other regions living here, you can enjoy the above dishes to change your Tet taste. Hopefully with these Tet dishes, you will gain a lot of knowledge about the culture of each region on this S-shaped land.


Thank you for reading our article. Wish you and your family will have a lot of delicious and nutritious dishes on this Lunar New Year 2023! Wishing you and your family good health. Wishing you a happy and prosperous new year, all the best!



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