Summary of indispensable Vietnamese Christmas dishes in 2022


Christmas 2022 is almost here. Are you a Vietnamese living abroad? Or are you a foreigner coming to Vietnam to settle down? Do you know how to prepare food for your family for the coming Christmas Eve? The temperature forecast in Hanoi on Christmas Eve will be very low. There will be nothing more precious than family love when sitting together at the Christmas tray. So do you know what Vietnamese Christmas dishes include? Please take a few minutes to follow Dung Ha Dry Food and learn about the upcoming Vietnamese Christmas dishes!

1. Delicious and exotic Vietnamese Christmas dishes

It is a major holiday of the year for Christians. Therefore, Christmas is also an occasion for Catholics to pay great attention to the aesthetics and ideas of each dish. Including Vietnamese. Depending on the culture of each country and region, the Christmas Eve menu is a little different. But there are dishes that are popular and mandatory such as: Turkey, candy, tea, log cake,… To understand the meaning of delicious Vietnamese Christmas dishes, let’s explore with Dried Food. Check out the article below!

1.1 Delicious Christmas menu with warm baked goods

1.1.1 Grilled Turkey

A bland Christmas if you forget the Grilled Chicken. In the Vietnamese culture, on the days of the table, the death anniversary, or the big Tet holidays of the year, chicken is the dish used by many homeowners to entertain friends and family. Chicken can be made into countless delicious dishes such as: Boiled chicken with lemon leaves, fried chicken with lemongrass and chili, chicken stew with ginseng, chicken with red apple,… But perhaps, grilled chicken is the dish that you cannot. Missing on Christmas Eve.


When the grilled chicken is ready, the aroma spreads throughout the kitchen, making everyone quickly want to sit at the table. Chicken skin is golden brown, shiny like honey, hot and crispy. The inside is imbued with the accompanying spice aromas. The chicken was tender, succulent without being too dry. Take a bite that makes us fall in love with ecstasy.
With just a simple grilled turkey dish, they also make you hard to resist, right?

1.1.2 Grilled oysters with cheese

Changing up your Christmas menu with a bit of ocean flavor is also great. The next dish that cannot be missed on Vietnamese Christmas Eve is Grilled Oysters with Cheese. Grilled oysters are very familiar to Vietnamese people. This seafood is now selling extremely strongly at sidewalk food stores. Buying oysters is very easy. The process of making grilled oysters with cheese is extremely simple. Therefore, it is not difficult to see the image of grilled oysters on the Christmas Eve menu.
The pleasant aroma of grilled oysters when just cooked will surely make your family love it. With greasy oysters grilled with cheese and quail eggs look extremely attractive. The Christmas weather will be cold, enjoying this dish is really hard to resist.
What are you waiting for, let’s go to the kitchen to cook right away.

1.1.3 Grilled Pork Ribs with Spicy Sauce

Grilled dishes always bring users a very interesting experience. Perhaps, grilled pork ribs with spicy sauce is an indispensable dish on the menu. Each piece of ribs is cooked evenly, eye-catching red-orange color, attractive aroma. Pork ribs are marinated with a variety of spices before being grilled to bring out a characteristic aroma. The meat is tender and sweet, mixed with a rich spicy and sour sauce. The more you eat, the more the taste becomes more stimulating.
In particular, if you enjoy grilled pork ribs with spicy sauce along with grilled corn with onion fat, you will not be fed up. This dish should be eaten while it is still hot, when it cools it will lose its aroma and no longer be appetizing.

1.1.4 Herbal grilled beef ribs

Dubbed the “King of parties” – Herbal grilled beef ribs on the list of Christmas dishes is undeniable. If you are bored and tired of using grilled pork ribs, then grilled beef ribs is the most effective fire remedy you should think of.
Unlike pork ribs, the recipe for marinating beef ribs will be longer, with more ingredients, but the taste is not inferior at all. Just looking at the smooth sauce coating on the outside of the beef ribs, you can already feel how eye-catching and attractive the dish is. Soft, succulent beef ribs. Marinated for a long time, baked well so not too dry. In addition, a slight aroma of honey and herbs makes the dish more attractive than ever.

1.1.5 European style grilled lamb chops

If you are struggling to find a suitable dish for your family for Christmas Eve but are stuck? European-style grilled lamb chops is the first choice for you.
Lamb may sound strange, but the recipe for marinating grilled lamb is relatively simple. Lamb meat after buying must be cleaned. Then, the lamb will be marinated with: Olive vinegar, rosemary leaves, ground pepper, white salt, minced garlic,… Marinated for 30 – 45 minutes. After that, the lamb will be grilled on a charcoal stove for about 2 hours. Roast lamb is very fragrant. When enjoying, squeeze a little more lemon juice, mix it with vegetable salad and a glass of wine, it’s a godsend.

1.1.6 Fried rice with seafood and eggs

Young egg seafood fried rice is a simple rustic dish. But on Christmas, this is a dish that gives you a lot of unique flavors. Golden fried rice grains, hot and steamy. Combine with a little bit of super nutritious salmon roe. In particular, you can combine this fried rice with many other seafood such as: dried shrimp, squid, … to help you enjoy more variety.

1.2 Christmas Menu with Soups

1.2.1 Northern herb crab egg soup

The arrival of Christmas means that the cold at the end of the year begins to creep into each hamlet and house. And then, 1 cup of hot, fragrant and fragrant crab egg soup is the savior to help you warm up your stomach.


The outstanding color of the hot bowl of crab soup is evaporating. Combined with extremely diverse nutritious ingredients. These are sweet corn, crispy carrots, soft and chewy shiitake mushrooms, fragrant cilantro, and fatty quail eggs and eggs. Just looking at the ingredients, my stomach rumbled loudly.
This is sure to be a great appetizer for your family’s Christmas party!

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1.2.2 Northern herb egg oyster soup

Soup is an indispensable dish on a cold Christmas day. Depending on the culinary culture of each country, the ingredients for soup are different. In Vietnam, on Christmas Eve, you can choose to cook oyster soup with eggs to treat everyone. A cup of steaming hot soup with rich oysters and duck eggs will make you fall in love.

1.2.3 Mushroom chicken corn soup

In addition to the two soups mentioned above. You can also change the taste of your family’s meal plan with chicken corn and shiitake mushroom soup. Vietnamese people often love dishes made from chicken on Christmas Eve. Chicken is delicious, nutritious and can be used by anyone. The stews from chicken such as: chicken stewed with potatoes, stewed chicken with bamboo shoots, stewed chicken with vegetables, … are very good. Especially dishes made from stewed chicken are always the number 1 choice of pregnant women.
Mushroom chicken corn soup is becoming more and more popular in this 4.0 era. The chewy chicken served with fresh corn and shiitake mushrooms is delicious. In addition to shiitake mushrooms, you can combine with many other ingredients and vegetables. Each ingredient will give you its own unique feeling.

1.3 Vietnamese Christmas menu with Salads

1.3.1 Mixed Salad Mayonnaise

After a series of lists, the delicious grilled dishes and hot soup menus were listed. Adjust your family’s meal menu to add more nutrients that are good for the digestive system. A dish that cannot be missed in a meal or Christmas Eve is the Mayonnaise Salad.


Depending on the culture of each region, the ingredients for salad dressing are also different. A cool mixed salad with the freshness of crunchy greens and succulent cherry tomatoes. Next to it is a little sweet crunchy cucumber. Mixed together is the sweet and sour sauce of Mayonnaise sauce.
To double the delicious taste, you can serve salad with boiled eggs!

1.3.2 Christmas Eve Potato Salad

Instead of preparing a vegetable salad for a safe Christmas Eve, you can innovate with a Potato and Egg Salad. In just a few quick and super easy steps. You can now complete a delicious and nutritious potato salad.
The fatty taste of potatoes blends with the mild sourness of Mayonnaise sauce and apple cider vinegar with delicious soft boiled eggs. Add a little onion and cool celery to create a simple potato salad that is not fussy but still ensures enough nutrients for the body.

1.3.3 Apple and grape salad

The delicious and refreshing taste of apple and grape salad will stimulate the taste buds to make you eat all the time without getting bored. Grape apple salad is a very popular dish in Vietnam. Not only has a delicious taste, this is also a very good anti-aging and weight gain salad.
After meals using too much alcohol, grease,… This apple and grape salad will help you balance your appetite better.
Intense aroma of sweet and crunchy apples. A little sour taste of grapes will help you strange, eat without worry.

1.4 Vietnamese Christmas Hotpot

1.4.1 Vietnamese Christmas dishes – Thai hot pot

Hot pot is a popular dish in Vietnam when it is cold or rainy. On the cold Christmas day, the family gathers together at the banquet table and enjoys hotpot Thai.
Thai hot pot sauce is bold, fragrant, sour, salty, spicy, numbing the tongue, making it easy to eat forever. Combined with the aroma from lemongrass, ginger blends with seafood, fresh vegetables.
Put fresh vermicelli in a bowl, add raw vegetables. Chan Thai hot pot broth and eat it with nutritious seafood is a good idea. Let’s start making Thai hot pot right away!

1.4.2 Beef tail hot pot

Beef hot pot is a dish that many people know and appear in family and friends parties. In the cold weather of Christmas, hot pot is a companion to overcome the cold. The enchanting aroma of hot beef hot pot boiling on the stove makes everyone want to enjoy it right away. The hot pot broth is rich and sweet with each piece of tough and soft beef. The combination is a bit of sour and spicy taste from lemongrass and hot peppers.
Meanwhile, you need to prepare an extra plate of raw vegetables and some pho. Dung Ha dry food ensures this dish will be attractive and sold out immediately.

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1.5 Vietnamese Christmas Eve confectionery

1.5.1 Log cake

Christmas Eve is not complete without a log cake. The log cake is associated with ancient Scandinavian legends. The people here prepared a large log and burned it for 12 nights to welcome the return of the sun god. It is always believed that if the tree trunk is burned before the end of the festival, they will have bad luck. It was a tradition and it continues to this day. The log cake will replace the log to celebrate this ritual.

1.5.2 Gingerbread

Christmas weather is cold, eating a gingerbread will help your body become warm. Gingerbread is a popular Christmas dish in Vietnam. This cake is made from sugar, ginger, bread crop, almonds and fruit. According to their will, people give cakes many different shapes. You can also create your own Christmas cookies to reward your kids at the end of the year.

1.5.3 Mint lollipop

If the lantern is the symbol of the Vietnamese Mid-Autumn Festival, the mint candy is the symbol of a warm and peaceful Christmas. Mints are also known as candy canes. Because the shape resembles the stick of Santa Claus riding a reindeer. Previously, mint candy was only white, but due to human needs, gradually the color of candy has become much more diverse.

2. Summary

Above is a detailed article on a simple and easy-to-make Vietnamese Christmas menu. They also have similarities with Christmas holidays in many parts of the World. Grilled turkey, log cake, gingerbread, … are delicious dishes that are not lacking. These dishes contribute to making Christmas Eve more fun and meaningful. Above all, this is an opportunity for family members to gather together, share old year stories and welcome the new year.

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