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What is seasoning powder?

Seasoning powder is a familiar cooking spice that is indispensable in the kitchens of many Vietnamese families. Seasoning seeds can be easily found on the market with famous brands such as Aji-ngon seasoning seeds and Knorr seasoning seeds. You can also easily find seasoning powder made from pork bones, chicken or even vegetables.


Seasoning seeds often bring a rich sweetness to every dish. To have delicious, delicious dishes, ingredients such as spices, seasoning, MSG, and fish sauce are indispensable.

Most of the seasoning seeds you buy on the market are made from flavor enhancers, not from bones or meat as advertised. Because seasonings made from meat or bones are actually very perishable and difficult to preserve at room temperature.

However, eating a lot of seasoning seeds is not good for your health because they are made from flavor enhancers. But if you use a small enough amount, the dish becomes very delicious and full of flavor. To be able to have delicious, quality seasoning seeds that can be preserved for a long time without spoiling, you can make your own seasoning seeds at home with a very simple recipe. Below is a recipe for making seasoning from vegetables at home with 99% success.

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How to make seasoning from vegetables at home with 99% success?

Prepared ingredients

Step 1: Prepare vegetables

  • When you buy baro onions, cut off the roots and discard the rotten and withered leaves
  • Wash the baro onions, cut them into thin, round slices
  • When you buy celery, peel off all the outer skin
  • Wash the celery root under clean running water
  • Slice celery into thin slices
  • Cut off the stems from the carrots, scrape off the skin, and wash the carrots under clean water
  • Slice carrots into thin diagonal slices
  • Peel white onions and wash each bulb under clean water
  • Slice the white onion into thin rounds
  • Wash tomatoes, cut tomatoes into thin slices
  • White radish, cut off the stem, peel and wash the radish under clean water
  • Slice white radish into thin diagonal slices
  • You also wash each bell pepper with clean water
  • Slice bell peppers into thin rounds


Step 2: Prepare shiitake mushrooms

  • Soak shiitake mushrooms in warm water for 5 minutes
  • Using scissors, cut off the excess mushroom legs
  • Pick up the shiitake mushrooms and squeeze them firmly to remove water
  • Using scissors, cut the mushrooms into 2 or 3 depending on how big or small the mushrooms are


Step 3: Dry vegetables

  • Arrange all the vegetables and fruits just prepared above into the baking tray
  • Put the tray of vegetables in the oven
  • Adjust the temperature to 180 degrees Celsius and dry for 15 minutes
  • Dried fruits and vegetables will dry for enough time. Take the dried fruits and vegetables out of the oven and let them cool


Step 4: Grind vegetables finely

  • Put all the dried vegetables and fruits into the blender
  • Grind all ingredients together until smooth for 3 minutes


Note: Divide all the fruit and vegetable ingredients into several pieces to keep them smooth.

Step 5: Roast fruit and vegetable powder

  • Place the pan on the stove over high heat and heat the pan
  • When the pan is hot, pour all the finely ground vegetable powder + 1 spoon of sugar + 1 spoon of salt into the pan
  • Lower the heat and roast the vegetable and fruit seasoning powder for 2 hours
  • While roasting the seasoning powder, stir well so that the powder cooks, turns golden brown, and does not burn
  • The vegetable and fruit seasoning powder smells fragrant and turns yellow, which is satisfactory
  • Turn off the stove, let the vegetable seasoning seeds cool and then put them in a jar to preserve and use


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What should you keep in mind when making seasoning from vegetables at home?

How to make seasoning from vegetables at home is quite simple. But you also need to note the following things so that seasoning seeds have a delicious, rich flavor and long-term preservation:

  • Choose fresh ingredients: Fresh vegetables will help the seasoning to have the right rich flavor. You should choose vegetables with bright colors, not damaged, rotten, wilted, bruised, etc.
  • Prepare vegetables cleanly: Vegetables need to be prepared cleanly after being purchased. Need to be washed to remove dirt and soaked in diluted salt water.
  • Roasting with low heat: Vegetables need to be roasted with low heat so that they are tender and do not burn. You should roast vegetables evenly over low heat to avoid burning.
  • Store seasoning seeds properly: Seasoning seeds need to be stored in a dry, cool, clean place, away from sunlight. You can put seasoning seeds in glass jars or plastic jars with tight lids to keep the full flavor and best quality of seasoning seeds.

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Advantages/disadvantages of making seasoning from vegetables at home?

What are the advantages of making seasoning from vegetables at home?

Making seasoning from vegetables at home has some outstanding advantages compared to industrial seasoning such as:

  • Safe for health: Homemade seasoning powder is made from natural ingredients, without preservatives or toxic chemical additives. Therefore, homemade seasoning powder is considered 100% safe for users’ health. Especially for young children and the elderly with weak health.
  • Delicious, family-standard: Homemade seasoning powder is made from fresh ingredients, thoroughly marinated, so it has a delicious, richer flavor than industrial seasoning powder.
  • Cost savings: Homemade seasoning powder will be cheaper than industrial seasoning powder.
  • Freely adjust the flavor: When making your own seasoning powder at home, you can freely adjust the seasoning according to your family’s preferences, making the seasoning more delicious and flavorful.

Disadvantages of making seasoning from vegetables at home?

Making your own vegetable seasoning at home has the following disadvantages:

  • Time and effort: Making your own seasoning powder at home will take you a lot of time and effort compared to buying ready-made industrial seasoning powder to use. You will need to prepare ingredients, prepare, cook and preserve seasoning seeds
  • Lifespan: Homemade seasoning powder has a shorter lifespan compared to industrial seasoning seasoning
  • Not suitable for everyone: Homemade seasoning may not be suitable for people who are allergic to ingredients such as shrimp, crab, fish,…


With the above advantages and disadvantages, making seasoning from vegetables at home is a suitable choice for those who want to use safe, delicious and rich spices.


Above is a detailed article answering the question of how to make seasoning powder from vegetables at home with 99% success that I have shared with readers from Dried Agricultural Products. It can be seen that making seasoning at home is very simple, not too difficult or requires highly skilled experience. However, the time to prepare the ingredients will be a bit messy and take a little longer. But in return, you will always have quality, delicious seasoning seeds to your liking and especially they always ensure food hygiene and safety.

Hopefully, with the detailed information shared above, you will have for yourself quality seasoning seeds with the most nutritious meals.

Wishing you success always!!!

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