The amazing benefits of walnuts for the body


Walnuts are not too strange a name in the village of nutritious nuts. Walnuts not only have a delicious, fatty taste but are also a dry nut with many essential nutrients. Extremely nutritious for the body. This seed can be processed in many ways. Do you know all the benefits of walnuts? Please refer to the article “The amazing benefits of walnuts for the body” to discover all the benefits of walnuts!

What is a walnut?

Peach or pecans are two other names for walnuts. Walnut tree is a tall woody tree, when it bears fruit, it will produce this fruit. The plant is distributed all over the world with many different varieties. They are found from southeastern Canada to California, and from Eastern Europe to Japan. This is a food that contains a lot of nutrients, so its price is not cheap.


Characteristics of walnuts

Walnut trees are often perennial, with trees up to 20m tall. They shed their leaves in winter. The leaves are compound leaves, the veins are parallel and alternate. The bark of the trunk is grayish-white, with parallel cracks appearing.
Walnut flowers have a very special fragrance. They usually grow in slightly drooping, squirrel-shaped clusters. The fruit is round, with an inner compartment, about 3 – 4cm in size. After ripening, the skin of the fruit becomes more brittle and hard, turns brown and peels off on its own. Inside the fruit is a walnut kernel, because it contains antioxidants, walnuts are very difficult to be damaged. Therefore, the seeds can be stored for a long time.
You should not plant walnut trees with other plants. Because, in walnuts contain chemicals. When the fruit secretes these substances, it competes with other plants.
Do you wonder why it’s named walnut? It is because of the shape of the walnut. It is shaped very much like a brain, looks weird and quite fancy.

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Classification of walnuts

There are many types of walnut trees in the world, but only 3 types are most commonly consumed:
Black walnut: thick shell, hard to crack and has a pungent flavor.
English walnut: also known as Persian, the shell is thinner, so it is easier to break. This is the type of American walnut with the most nutrients, large fruit, easy to eat taste. So it is the most commonly used.
White walnut: has the highest amount of essential oil, sweeter taste. However, this white dog fruit is quite rare, a bit difficult to buy.

Where are walnuts grown?

According to statistics, the US is holding the second position with an annual output of about 294,000 tons. Behind China with 360,000 tons per year. In the United States, the majority of walnuts are replanted in the state of California, accounting for about 90%.


In China, walnuts are bred from many different varieties. Seeds are bred to suit the soil and climate characteristics of this country. Therefore, the quality and nutritional content of walnuts also varies by species. The American walnut, on the other hand, is more purebred, original from the old species. Walnut trees are grown and processed under strict procedures of the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA). Tested for quality through the HACCP food quality control program.

Nutritional composition of walnuts

Walnuts are a rich source of minerals. According to research, every 30g of walnuts contains the following nutrients:

  • 185 kcal Energy
  • 3.9 grams of carbs
  • 4.3 gr Protein
  • 18.5 gr Fat
  • 0.7 gr Sugar
  • 1.9 gr Fiber

Walnuts contain 15% protein and 65% fat. In addition, walnuts are also rich in vitamins. Especially vitamins E and B6. These two vitamins work to strengthen the immune system and improve nervous system health. Walnuts are also rich in copper, manganese, phosphorus and folic acid. These minerals have the ability to support the function of the nervous system, bones and limit birth defects in babies.

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Top outstanding uses of walnuts

Walnuts are very good for the cardiovascular system

Walnuts are a valuable food for the heart. Walnuts help keep the heart healthy. It is often added to the diet to protect heart health. According to research, walnuts have a positive effect on the response of blood vessels and circulatory system such as reducing aortic endothelin, lowering LDL cholesterol, improving endothelial cell function… In addition, Omega fatty acids 3 in walnuts have the function of preventing blood clots – the main cause of heart attacks.

Uses to limit the possibility of diabetes

Studies have shown that people with diabetes have a higher risk of cardiovascular disease than the general population. Therefore, walnuts are very good for patients with diabetes. Walnuts have the ability to produce insulin, which is not found in people with diabetes. In addition, the fat contained is unsaturated fat. Has the effect of preventing the risk of diabetes and is very good for patients with type 2 diabetes.


Walnuts are good for the brain

For the brain to work flexibly, it is necessary to supplement with substances such as Omega 3 fatty acids, high quality fats. Omega 3 in walnuts is very high. If supplemented with this substance regularly and reasonably, it will help the body stay alert and excited. At the same time, enhance memory, increase IQ, stimulate sharp thinking.

The effect of improving sleep of walnuts

Insomnia is caused by a decrease in the hormone Melatonin. Common in the elderly, people with work pressure… Walnuts contain Melatonin in relatively high concentrations. So, before going to bed eating a few walnuts will help improve sleep. Deeper and better sleep.

The function of protecting bones of walnuts

Walnuts contain a fatty acid called alpha linoleic acid. This acid has the ability to grow bones. If you eat walnuts every day, you will reduce the risk of osteoarthritis, weak bones or osteoporosis when you go home.

Walnuts are very good for pregnant women

Axit béo Omega 3 trong hạt óc chó cao hơn gấp 3 lần trong cá hồi. Ngoài ra hạt óc chó còn chứa vitamin E. Các chất này có chức năng thúc đẩy sự phát triển não bộ của thai nhi. Ăn hạt óc chó đều đặn trong 3 tháng cuối sẽ rất có ích cho mẹ và bé. Mẹ có làn da mịn màng, lưu thông máu, kích thích quá trình tổng hợp sữa, chống lão hóa. Em bé sau khi sinh sẽ thông minh, khỏe mạnh, xương rắn chắc…

Walnuts help prevent cancer

It can be said that walnuts are like a companion in the fight against cancer. People with prostate cancer and breast cancer should eat this nut even more. The antioxidant compound – ellagic acid strengthens the body’s immune system. During radiotherapy or chemotherapy, patients should eat walnuts to aid in the body’s recovery

Walnuts reduce stress

Walnuts are a good choice when you feel stressed or stressed
Thanks to the nutrients and essential oils found in walnuts, it helps support the body to respond well to stress. It is a rich source of unsaturated fatty acids, fiber, antioxidants and, omega-3 fatty acids, alpha linolenic acid. Walnuts have a calming effect on stress.

The anti-aging effect of walnuts

Vitamin B and antioxidants contained in walnuts have the effect of eliminating free radicals. So you will have a healthy skin, prevent wrinkles, skin aging …


Many businesses have invented beauty recipes from walnuts. Walnut oil is used to make hair smooth and strong. Leaves skin smooth and hydrated. Those with dry skin should not ignore this wonderful food.

Lose weight safely and effectively at home with walnuts

Losing weight at home is a beauty trend chosen by most women. Walnuts contain nutrients that reduce appetite. When you eat walnuts, you will quickly feel full and no longer want to eat anything else.
According to research, with 30g of walnuts, there will be 4g of protein, 2.5g of omega 3 fats, 2g of substances … enough to create a feeling of fullness, the body is still provided with enough nutrients
In order for walnuts to bring maximum health benefits, you need to choose a high-quality, safe fruit.

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