The Northwest fruit-soaked wines are easy to drink and nutritious


Fruit wine is a popular drink that many people choose. Fruit wine is made entirely from fruits that we eat every day. But perhaps, the fruits and vegetables of the Northwest are the most useful and used soaked things. So do you know what kinds of Northwest fruit-soaked wines are? Follow in the footsteps of Dung Ha Dry Food to learn about the Northwest fruit-soaked wines that are easy to drink and nourish the kidneys.

1. What is fruit-soaked wine?

The countries of Southeast Asia are the regions that grow the most fruits. Especially countries such as: Thailand, Laos, Cambodia, Vietnam, … Located in the tropical monsoon climate, the fruits here are extremely diverse with many designs and types. Roughly counting, there are hundreds of thousands of popular fruits. However, the fruits are not only used to eat but also used to make extremely high quality wine.
Fruit wine is also known as fruit wine. This is an alcoholic drink created by fermentation from the fruits and vegetables that we often eat.


Fruit wines are easy to use. They have a unique flavor of each fruit. But perhaps, the fruit that people buy a lot to soak in wine must include the Northwest fruits.
So, what are the types of easy-drinking Northwest fruit-soaked wines? Let’s find out right here.

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2. Northwest fruit-infused wines are easy to drink and nutritious

2.1 Dried cat apple – fresh (medlar fruit)

Northwest is a province located in the North of our country. This place is blessed with many rare products by Mother Nature. Referring to the Northwest, surely many people with foodies will immediately think of dishes such as: kitchen buffalo meat, kitchen pork, sturgeon hot pot, Thang Co, chestnut cake, … But not only Stop there, a fruit used to soak alcohol is very much sought after, which is dried cat apple, also known as medlar fruit.
Northwest dried apples used to soak in wine are definitely not about the deliciousness. There is no place that has a quality apple like the Northwest. Besides being used to soak in wine, fresh apples are also eaten with spices to sip wine. With the characteristics of fresh apples, they have a sour, and acrid taste. So fresh apples are also very few people use to soak in alcohol. When soaking fresh apples, drinking wine is often viscous, difficult to drink.
The current most favorite men are dried cat apples. Because the apples are dry, they have been processed as well as removed the acrid taste from the fresh apples. Dried apple cider is often soaked in crockery and porcelain jars. And the soaking time to use is from 4-6 months. Drinking apple cider vinegar has the following benefits:
  • Anti-arrhythmia
  • Antimicrobial
  • Enhance digestive function
  • Treatment of insomnia, body weakness
  • Treat sinusitis, nasal congestion, runny nose
  • Lose weight and obesity

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2.2 Dried longan

Longan is a familiar fruit for Vietnamese people. The largest longan growing area in Vietnam cannot fail to mention Hung Yen province. Hung Yen longan is a famous specialty and is bought by many people. Dried longan is the part of the longan that is dried to make snacks as well as alcohol-soaked food.
Dried longan has completely removed the inherent water content in the longan. Turn them from a crunchy fruit to a very chewy, mouth-watering fruit. In addition to being used to eat directly, longan is a product that men are looking to buy and buy a lot of alcohol.


According to your experience, dried longan has a sweet, average taste. As a blood tonic, beneficial for the mind, beneficial for the mind, and for the spleen. When soaked in wine, there are thousands of useful things such as:

  • Treating insomnia caused by thinking too much
  • Replenish blood for the body
  • Strong yang yang
  • Enhance male sexual function
  • Regulates a steady menstrual flow
  • Slowing down the aging process of the skin in the elderly

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2.3 Dried forest seed bananas

In addition to the vast vast forests, the waterfalls rumble as majestic as the roaring lake. What leaves us astounded is the Forest Banana Tree. Dried forest seed banana is a banana variety grown mainly in the Northwest and Central Highlands.
Each part of the forest banana tree has its own uses and features. But perhaps, the thing that is used most often to soak in alcohol is the forest seed banana. After harvesting, the forest seed bananas will be preliminarily processed, sliced and then dried.
When drinking forest banana wine, you will clearly feel the delicious taste of forest bananas. The wine has a light yellow color that looks very eye-catching. Using 1-2 glasses every night, banana wine gives you the following benefits:
  • Treatment of stomach related problems
  • Treatment of constipation in children
  • Treatment of kidney stones, bladder stones, urethra stones
  • Treatment of menstrual pain in women
  • Treatment of neck pain, rheumatism, back pain

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2.4 Arhats

Arhat fruit is certainly not too strange to us Vietnamese. The leaves are popularly used to cook refreshing drinks for the body, ginseng juice, dishes and as a traditional medicine. But not only stopping here, arhat fruit is also popularly used to soak alcohol and drink to improve health extremely effectively.
We humans are born with a preference for sweet foods. And sugar is the culprit that leads to all diseases such as diabetes, diabetes, high blood pressure, obesity, myopia, infertility and countless other diseases. Fortunately, arhat fruit is the product that cures most of the diseases mentioned above.
In the nutritional composition of the fruit, it is full of vitamins, minerals and extremely high antioxidants. Arhat fruit is also known as the fruit of longevity thanks to its nutritional value.
To be able to easily absorb the entire nutritional value as well as the benefits of arhat fruit. Many people have used arhat berries soaked in alcohol. Arhat wine has a dark brown color. Soaked for 3-5 months can be used. Liquor can treat diseases such as:
  • Treatment of heat in the body
  • Bronchitis diseases
  • Strengthen the body’s resistance
  • Antibacterial, prevent the formation and spread of tumors
  • Anti-aging skin, fade scars, pigmentation and freckles

2.5 Dried Areca Ginseng

Dried areca ginseng is called Tien Mao. This is the root part of the ginseng plant. Ginseng is a plant that grows wild. The most popular and sought-after ginseng plant is in the Northwest forests of our country. They grow up in the midst of nutrition from mother nature without the influence of humans.
It is a plant of the ginseng family. Therefore, the nutritional value that dried areca ginseng brings to people is infinite, something that cannot be counted. The uses of dried areca ginseng are many, they are placed in the same row as ginseng. But in order for ginseng to promote its full potential, the best remedy is to drink alcohol.


Ginseng areca wine has a sweet taste, is average, and the color of the water is red-brown. This is the right drink for men and women. Contains many phytonutrients beneficial to health. Therefore, the use of areca ginseng wine includes:

  • Replenish kidney, yang, strength
  • Treatment of physiological weakness, premature ejaculation, impotence
  • Strong bones
  • Treatment of postpartum depression
  • Balance female hormones
  • Increase sex drive
  • Treating body aches when the weather changes

3. What are the advantages/disadvantages of fruit-infused wines?

The benefits that fruit wine brings to human health are extremely good. However, regardless of the product, they have two sides to them. Here, let’s take a look at some of the advantages/disadvantages of fruit-infused wines:


  • The fruits are easy to find and buy in the market
  • Keep the full flavor of the fruit
  • The price of fruits and vegetables is cheap
  • Low alcohol content can be used by anyone


  • Low concentration, delicious taste, drinking a lot leads to drunkenness, loss of self-control
    Overdose will cause you headache, dizziness, vomiting, …
    Affects the intestines, liver, stomach
    Vulnerable to alcohol poisoning
    Spending a lot of time soaking in wine and finding ingredients


4. What kind of fruit-soaked wine should be noted?

Although it is a delicious drink made from 100% fruits. However, these fruit wines you must also be very careful because of the harmful effects they bring. Some notes when you choose fruit-infused wines such as:

  • Need to choose to buy fruits of clear origin
  • Choose a quality wine, avoid mixing too many impurities
  • The soaking process needs to ensure cleanliness, meeting food hygiene and safety standards
  • Find and buy fruit of origin, fully transparent papers. In particular, it does not contain plant protection residues
  • Soak wine with low alcohol content so as not to reduce the inherent vitamin content of the fruit
  • Soak the wine in a glass bottle, close the lid so it won’t affect your health
  • Store wine in a cool, dry place, away from sunlight
  • The wine is aged for at least 6 months before it can be used

Above is an article that answers questions about delicious and nutritious fruit-infused wines that you can check out. Not only that, we also provide you with the advantages, disadvantages and notes when soaking fruit wine so as not to cause side effects. Hope this information is useful to you readers.



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