The unexpected use of black bean powder is not known to everyone

bot dau den
Black bean powder is known as a food that is not too strange for Vietnamese people. However, you may not really understand the impressive health benefits of black bean powder. Through this article, let’s immediately find out the unexpected uses of black bean powder.
From there, you can properly process and use black bean flour to enjoy the full value of instant black bean flour.

What are the health benefits of black bean powder?

In folklore, black beans have an important role in the process of clearing heat and detoxifying the body.
In modern medicine, black beans are considered a kind of “superfood”. Become the cereal with the greatest nutritional value.
In particular, it is a great source of fiber, many essential vitamins (vitamins A, B1, B2, C…), iron, zinc, manganese, high antioxidants including polyphenols and anthocyanins…
Compared with white beans, black beans with white hearts are often preferred and preferred by many people. Because in addition to ensuring optimal nutrition. When processing black bean powder to drink, it also has a fleshy, delicious taste.
So what is the real use of black bean powder? The answer for you will be answered shortly.
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What are the uses of black bean powder?

1, The use of black bean powder to replenish blood

The amount of iron in the nutritional composition of black bean powder meets more than half of the body’s needs. This substance is responsible for participating in the regeneration of blood and plasma to feed the body.
Using food is a way to restore the weakened body for people with anemia due to stroke, women in the fastest menstrual period

2, Use to maintain a body full of vitality

The important vitamins in black bean powder will participate in the metabolism. Contributes to optimal resistance to health.
Black bean paste not only adds energy. It also has the effect of preventing diseases. Maintain the body full of vitality and health.

3, Black bean powder is good for nerves

The perfect functional combination of amino acids and molybdenum also helps black bean powder promote the function of ensuring the functioning of the nervous system. At the same time, it contributes to the correct balance of folic acid levels to keep the mind alert.

4, The effect of protecting pregnant women and supporting the development of the fetus

With a large source of natural fiber and beneficial minerals and vitamins in black bean powder. Black bean powder not only has the ability to eliminate constipation in pregnant women but also very good for blood. And yet, the high content of B vitamins and folic acid has the function of preventing birth defects. And promote the all-round development of the fetus

5, The sulfite detoxification effect of black bean powder

In modern life, the use of industrial foods inadvertently introduces toxins called sulfites into the body.
To get rid of this worry, use black bean paste regularly. Thanks to molybdenum – one of the oxidase enzymes that effectively detoxify the sulfates in black beans, it helps to promote the detoxification process.
bot dau den
Uses of black bean powder

6, Black bean powder has the effect of improving digestion

Derived from the function of fiber, a natural protein, black beans will maintain intestinal health, avoiding the accumulation of toxins so that the digestion process is always smooth.

7, Lose weight safely thanks to black bean powder

The components of black beans such as vitamins, minerals, and fiber are all involved in the body’s energy metabolism. Especially features against culprits causing weight gain include starch, fat to reduce cravings.

8, Uses to prevent cardiovascular disease and diabetes

One of the great advantages of drinking black bean powder is that black beans contain micronutrients. It has a good effect on metabolism, reducing the risk of cardiovascular disease and stroke.
Besides, foods rich in fiber will regulate blood sugar well. Prevent and support the treatment of diabetes.

9, The use of protecting bones and joints of black bean powder

The ingredients include calcium, phosphorus, iron, zinc… are abundant in black bean powder. They play an important role in the structure and elasticity of the skeletal system.

10, Anti-chemical use of black bean powder

Some studies have shown that the antioxidant content in black beans is 10 times higher than that of fruits such as blueberries, oranges, and strawberries.
Drinking black bean powder, the body will receive a source of antioxidants, a large amount of natural manganese. These substances have the function of successfully destroying free radicals.
That helps to preserve the youthful beauty of the body before the premature aging process and prevent cancer.

How to make instant black bean paste anyone can do

  • To make instant black bean paste, you must first choose a quality green bean with a glossy, round, dark color and no mold.
  • When you buy black beans, soak them in water to clean them. Remove seeds floating on the water surface because of broken, flat seeds.
  • Next, you wash the black beans, let them dry and then put them in a roasting pan on the stove.
  • When roasting black beans, you need to stir constantly, keep the heat low so as not to burn.
  • Roast the beans to see the peel is slightly separated, the aroma is okay. Turn off the heat, wait for the beans to cool, then put them in a blender and puree.
  • Storing the finished product in a clean glass container with a tight lid will keep the quality of black bean powder for a long time

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rang dau den
Make black bean paste

How to use black bean powder?

Successfully applying how to make black bean powder, each time you use it, take 2-3 spoons of bean powder. You will feel the obvious effect
How to use: put in a glass, add about 300ml of hot water, stir well and drink.
Want to stimulate the taste, you can add a little milk or sugar, a little ice to use.
Particularly for those who drink black bean powder to lose weight, they should drink it whole.
Do not add sugar and milk. Because it will be difficult to promote the desired weight control effect.

When is the best time to drink black bean powder?

  • When learning about the effects of drinking black bean powder, we often think that any use is the same.
  • But that’s not the case. Use the right drink. Right time brings optimal value.
  • Drinking black bean powder in the morning will ensure nutrition for the diet. Provides energy for the body to function all day long.
  • For women on a diet, it can be replaced with a cup of black bean powder and fruit instead of starch to help stimulate metabolism.
  • After main meal (30 minutes – 1 hour) or snack, drink black bean powder. This helps the body to fully absorb ideal nutrients from food.
  • Drink black bean powder in the evening. After eating and before going to bed 4-5 hours helps to enhance digestive function. Ensure quality sleep.

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Notes when using black bean powder

  • Any of us are satisfied with the health benefits of black bean powder.
  • However, when using it, you must not abuse it, drinking too much can cause bloating and gas.
  • It even limits the body’s ability to absorb nutrients from other foods.
  • Every day should only drink 1-2 cups of black bean powder is a reasonable dose is recommended.
  • Subjects in the group of cold body with loose stools, cold limbs, etc. should not drink black bean powder because it can make the disease worse.
  • People who are taking many medicines also avoid using black bean powder.
  • Because the ingredients of food when entering the body will form precipitates. Easy to cause side effects, reduce the effectiveness of medicines.
  • Young children and the elderly can drink black bean powder. However, the dose is less than adults to avoid severe digestive problems.
Wish you achieve great things from the health care and protection of black bean powder according to the detailed instructions that the above article reveals!
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