Top 5 herbs for smooth hair care for women

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With the popular chemical shampoo market today. People are more and more important about the origin of the product. Natural products are increasingly preferred. Because of those things, carpentry is the best. Let’s learn and review types of herbs from nature. The herbs that women are easy to find and easy to use!

1. Nourishing hair care 

Medicinal hair care is a type of shampoo or incubator with ingredients from natural medicinal plants. Plants such as basil, locust, … have many medicinal properties to clean dandruff and make hair strong. You can rest assured to use these herbs because they do not cause irritation, can be used for both children and pregnant women.

The way to process medicinal herbs into shampoo is not too fussy, simple but highly effective.

2. Medicinal herbs for hair care

2.1.Lotus – the magic potion for black hair

The locust fruit is probably not too strange to us. With ingredients that nourish hair and shine. In the results, the main components are aponaretin and flavonoizite. This is the active 2 substances that work to balance the activity of the glands on the scalp.

Not only that, nutrients such as: protein, calcium and necessary trace elements, … Also nourish and moisturize the hair. From there hair grows fast, flame, nourish hair soft. You will be see the quick results when Constant day wash start.

The resulting decoction inhibits certain types of fungal bacteria on the scalp. The problems of the pathological head can be clearly improved. Use shampoo to remove such as: seborrheic dermatitis, scalp fungus, …

Method: Wash the locust fruit. Then bake on persimmon to teach the smell. Puree , put in a filter bag. Boil in boiling water for 5 minutes, cool and use to wash directly on the head.

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2.2. The hair conditioner has a light scent

In the basil, there are components such as: resistance, value, very good value fungus. When using basil as a head treatment, you can get rid of the annoying problems from dandruff. Not only that, we also have the function of cutting hair, killing mushrooms. In particular, after washing your hair, you will have a pleasant scent. 

In addition, you can also use essential oils instead of fresh basil. Frankincense essential oil can also be used for steaming, relaxing the head, and reducing stress.

Method: Use a handful of incense like cotton washed. Drain the water, then cut it into small pieces and put it in hot water to soak. The essence in the basil dissolves, you use water to gently massage the scalp and hair roots. Then incubate for 30 minutes, then rinse with water.

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2.3. Lemongrass – a familiar herb to help strengthen hair

With aromatic properties, bitter characteristics, have good operating tools. In the composition of the radiation contains citral and geraliol that make the hair stronger and much more shiny. The scent is also very pleasant, helping us to feel refreshed after washing.

Method: Put the sliced ​​lemongrass in boiling water. For the essential oil to secrete, put it down to cool. Then you can use it to wash it directly

If you have hair loss, then you can combine and olive oil to activate hair. Use  olive oil to cook, cut into small pieces and cook. Let it cool, the refrigerator can be used gradually.

Sưu tầm

2.4. Grapefruit hair care

It is a type of tree attribute to the Vietnamese people. Grapefruit peel or grapefruit essential oil can be used for the design. Helps smooth black hair, shine and restore quickly. The book itself contains: pectin, naringin (a type of glucoside), vitamins A and C…

Therefore, grapefruit essential oil helps to fight bacteria and scalp inflammation. At the same time, grapefruit essential oil helps effective value. Promotes fast and healthy hair growth.

Method: Wash grapefruit peel, boil water and put in a pot. Wait for the grapefruit essence to come out (about 5 minutes), then turn off the stove. Pour water into the bowl, let it cool and then use it directly. 

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2.5.Green tea scent both relieves stress and smells natural

Not only for drinking water, green tea also has a very good hair care function. The ingredients in green tea help get rid of dandruff, fungus and make hair healthy. Using green tea regularly, the hair will fight bacteria.

Usage: washed is fresh tea, boiled to cool. Then, add 1 alcohol and vegetable oil. Uniformed and use the face mask . Incubate your hair for 2 hours, then wash it off with water. With regular use, you will notice a clear change in your hair.

Above are the top 5 natural medicines . That is why we are quite benign and do not cause the first application. Any age can use and use regularly.

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